Top Ten Canyons Worldwide

As most of the canyons have terrible crags and crustal movement it is difficult to visit canyons generally. However, nowadays with great tour packages canyons are not the forbidden areas of visit any longer and occupy a prominent positions in tour destinations.

The following are the top 10 canyons the world over.


1. The Grand Canyon


The Grand Canyon is a very deep gorge which can be found in the state of Arizona, USA. Its sheer expanse can make it difficult for people to enjoy this place of visit. Its vastness can make it seem unreal or even flat. You can walk through the Canyon’s trails to enjoy this place. The two main trails that merge with and go into the Grand Canyon are the Bright Angel Trail and the Kaibab Trail.


2. The Bryce Canyon


Within the Bryce canyon National Park is the Bryce Canyon. Bryce is noted for its unique geological land forms called hoodoos. These are formed from water, ice erosion of the river and rock formations.


3. The Black Canyon


The Black Canyon is located on the Colorado River in the United States. In the middle of the Colorado river this canyon looks spectacular and is surrounded by the El Dorado Mountains, which were formed about 15 million years ago. The Black Canyon derives its name from the black volcanic rocks that are found throughout its place of location.


4. Antelope Canyon


The Antelope canyon is a scenic mountain slot canyon which lies in the American SouthWest. It is located near Page, Arizonad on Navajo land. It comprises of two slot canyon sections namely the Crack or the Upper Antelope Canyon and the Corkscrew or the Lower Antelope Canyon.


5. The Kings Canyon


This canyon is a part of Watarrka National Park in Northern Territory, Australia. It is located a few kilometers near Darwin and 323 Km southwest of Alice Springs. Its walls rise over 300 metres high, with Kings Creek at the bottom.


6. The Tara


The biggest canyon in Europe, the river Tara extends to a length of over 100 kilometers. It flows through the famous river through Montenegro. It is very deep descending to around 1000 meters in depth. In some places it reaches 1300 meters and is studded with several cascades, waterfalls and rapids.


7. Urique Canyon


One of the deepest canyons in Mexico and Chihuahua, this canyon is 1,880 meters deep. The most beautiful viewpoints are seen along these canyons. To its bottom is found the Urique River that is vastly surrounded by beautiful and rich vegetation.


8. The Yarlung Zangbo River Canyon

This canyon in China retains its original appearance in spite of its dangerous location. This canyon is the completely perpendicular which makes it very unique. The center of the canyon is also known as the last secret of the world as no body can go through this place. As it offers a natural defence, the Moto plateau has become a secluded place isolated from the world.


9. Taihang Mountain Canyon

This is truly a spectacular canyon in China. The mountains here have different appearances that are really worth a visit. These mountain views are worth investigation and they can compete with other traditional or popular mountains as well. The cliff there extends to 8 Kms and to a rises to a height of 800 meters.


10. Provo Canyon


This is a mountain type canyon located in Wasatch County, Utah. Provo Canyon lies between Mount Timpanogos on the north and Mount Cascade on the south. The canyon extends from Orem on the west end to Heber City on the east. A superb attraction in Provo Canyon is the Vivian Park.

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