Top 10 Serial Killers You Would Never Want To Meet

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A serial killer is a murderer of more than three people over a period of time, repeatedly committing the crime and the motivation behind all this being just the sense of satisfaction of elation he gets from the killings. More than not, a feeling of sexual gratification is also experienced by the serial killer while committing these crimes.

The top 10 serial killers in the world are:-


1. Pedro Alonso Lopez


Pedro Alonso Lopez was born to a prostitute in a Columbian environment, where crime was evolved. As a young boy, he was approached by a man who felt sorry for his situation, but then molested the boy. When he was 12, Lopez was molested by a male teacher. After that, he stole some money and lived in the streets. Lopez decided to get revenge by raping and killing. He has been one of the most dangerous serial killers ever. With a victim count of more than 300, children at most, he was infamously known as the monster of Andes. By 1978, he had killed about 100 tribal women in Peru. After 20 years of solitary confinement, Lopez was set free in 1998, even though he promised to kill again and again. Reasons being is that Peru did not have enough money for Justice. Lopez’s present whereabouts are unknown.


2. Henry Lee Lucas


Henry Lee Curtis was born to an abusive mother. She would dress him up as a girl and curl his hair. Then she would make him go to school like that. By the time Lucas was thirteen years old, he was introduced to sex and animal torture by his older half brother. He committed his first crime when he strangled a seventeen year old female for resisting his efforts to rape her. At eighteen years old, Lucas spent six years in prison for burglary, and in 1959, he stabbed his seventy four year old mother to death. Charged for a second degree murder, he received forty years in prison. Lucas was released ten years later, even though he did not want to leave prison, but after only eighteen months of freedom, was back again for molesting two teenagers. All together, the number of victims Lucas had ranged from 189 to 600 between the years 1960 to 1983. Henry Lee Lucas died in 2001 in prison of heart failure at the age of 64.


3. Bruno Ludke


Ludke was arrested in 1943, after a body of a 51 year old female was found near his home, strangled. Ludke admitted to have killed at least 85 more women, dating back to 1928. Each time he killed, he had sex with the corpses. It was unclear whether Ludke really did commit the murders as therhe was no evidence, such as fingerprints. It was at some point believed that Kriminalkommissar Franz used to clear up his unresolved cases, and hand them over to Ludke. It was also very unusual that Ludke could get away with murder for over 20 years, yet could get caught stealing something like chicken. Ludke was put in Vietnamese hospital instead of prison to have him experimented. He died in 1944 after an injection during an experiment.


4. Andrei Chikatilo


Russia would never have a criminal in the country until this man’s crimes came to life. Chikatilo was a good husband and father, and only his wife and two children saw the gentle and calm side of him. Chikatilo was a very troubled man, and was seen as sociopathic to the ones around him. At the time that the crimes began, Russia was still a communist country. Therefore, the crimes he committed would unnoticeable. Chikatilo, a former teacher, would sexually abuse both boys and girls. The amount of killings came to such amount that the crimes could no longer be avoided. Chikatilo chose his victims by the “undesirables”, those who were seen as a lower class to him, such as prostitutes. Chikatilo was convicted of crime, and and sentenced to death. In 1994, he was instructed to stare at the wall and not look anywhere else. He was shot in the head.


5. Gerald Stanos


Stano was an adopted child of Eugene and Norma Stano, who were unable to have their own children. Stano’s biological mother had three children whom she put up for adoption. She then had a girl who suffered a brain damage, and the girl was the only one whom she decided to keep. Statno was believed to be neglected, both physically and emotionally. Gerarld, who was first known as Paul, was considered to be unadoptable as a result of severe neglect. Even after Norma and Eugene adopted him, Statno had to be examined by physician, psychologists, and social workers. It was his adoption that seemingly led to Stano crimes. Stano killed over 40 women, including 17 year old hitchhiker, Cathy Lee Scharft. On March 23, 1998, he was put into an electric chair in Florida State Prison.


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