Top 10 Serial Killers You Would Never Want To Meet

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6. Moses Sithole


Moses Sithole was born in 1964 in a poor neighborhood in Africa. His father died when he was 5, and his mother abandoned him and his siblings. The next three years were spent in an orphanage home. Sithole began raping women in his twenties. When he was put to prison, he was sexually assaulted by other prisoners. Sithole would pretend to be a businessman, pretending to work for a charity organization, and offering people work. He would then bring them to a quiet, unseen area, and strangle, rape, and kill his victims. By 1995, he had over 30 victims. Sithole was charged with 2,410 years in prison for no chances of parole. From 2000, he has been suffering from AIDS.


7. Gary Ridgeway


Ridgway was an active Bible reader, but had a troubled childhood. At one point he was a witness of a violent argument between his parents. Relatives described his mother as being forceful. This was presumably what led to his crimes. He was known as the “Green River Killer.” He first brought his second wife to the Green River to have sex with her. There, they had a son, born in 1975. Ridgway then began to bring prostitutes to the destination where he removed all their clothes and strangled them to death. Police questioned him but he convinced them that he was not the person of interest. Ridgway would continue doing the same crimes for 2 decades until 2001, when police had enough evidence that Ridgway was the one responsible for the killings. He was sentenced for 48 years in prison with chances of parole and a life sentence to be served accordingly. Ridgway was convicted of killing 48 women, confessed of 71, and believed to have killed 90 and more women.


8. John Wayne Gacy


John Wayne Gacy was at the crime scene from 1972 to 1978. Gacy was convicted of rape, torture, and murder of 33 men. He was known has “Killer Clown” for the reason that his job was entertaining children as “Pogo The Clown.” Gacy’s troubles began after 2 failed marriages and prison. He was actively looking for homosexual young men and bringing them to his home. He would lure them, torture and then kill them. Police found 29 bodies of young men, aged 9 to mid 20’s. Gacy would dump them in a nearby river. Gacy was convicted of murder in 1980. While in prison, he would tell authorities different versions of his stories in order to stay alive. However, in May 1994, Gacy was lethally injected by authorities.


9. Dean Corll


Corll was a 33 year old electrician who kidnapped, tortured, raped, and murdered over 27 young boys in the 1970’s. His parents were divorced when he was a young boy, but he seemed to adjust well to the change. Corll was always well behaved and well mannered. Corll’s group of friends were odd, having befriended two young boys, ages 14 and 15. It was with these youngsters that Corll committed his crimes. Corll was murdered by his own partner in crime, Elmer Henley. His other partner was David Brooks. In 1976, Henley was sentenced to six 99 year terms in prison, while Brooks was sentenced to life in prison.


10. Wayne Williams


Williams was a well educated young boy, having both parents as teachers. He had a great interest in Radio and Journalism, and eventually conducted his own radio station. However, Williams killed 29 children in Atlanta, Georgia from 1979 to 1981. He was sentenced to two consecutive life terms, even though he claims his innocence until this day.


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