Top Ten Mythological Creatures

A mythological or mythical creature is a creation of folklore or such historic piece of fiction. The top 10 mythological creatures that have formed part of several tales and folk legends through the centuries have been:-


1. Griffin or Gryphon


The griffon or griffin or gryphon is a mythical creature that is believed to have the body of a lion and the wings and head of an eagle. The griffin was considered a very powerful creature owing to the fact that the lion is considered to be the king of the jungle and the eagle is considered to be the head of birds. Griffins were portrayed without wings in the 15th century.


2. Phoenix


The phoenix has often been considered as a sacred bird and is associated with fire in the way that it is born and dies from and in fire. The phoenix has a very colourful plumage and the colour of its tail has often been the point of contention. Some discussions about the tail of a phoenix say that the colours are blue, purple and green and then, others suggest that the colours are scarlet and gold.


3. The Unicorn


The unicorn has always been portrayed as a white horse with a horn on its head. The original myth had the unicorn having a goat’s beard, cloven hooves and a lion’s tail. The unicorn was considered to be a very gentle creature and had in no way, any negative connotations.


4. Satyr


The very first portrayal of Satyrs was as men, with an erect phallus. Later, in Roman mythology, they were shown as half-men and half-goats. The upper body was depicted as of a man and the lower half as of a goat. They were considered dangerous yet shy. Old Satyrs were shown with horns on their heads.


5. Minotaur


The Minotaur was a creation of the Greek Mythology. It was shown as a half-bull, half-man; the upper body of a bull and the lower body of a man. He was believed to live at the centre of the Cretan labyrinth. It was a maze like construction. An end was put to the Minotaur ultimately by Theseus.


6. Cyclops


Cyclops originated first in Greek mythology and then, the Roman mythology. It is considered to originate from a race of giants, each of whom is believed to have had a single round eye in the middle of the forehead.


7. Mermaid


The mermaid is an aquatic creature said to have the head and upper body of a female human but, instead of legs, is believed to have a tail. As per British myths, mermaids and mermen are considered to bear fore-warnings of impending doom.


8. Gorgon


Gorgons were creation of Greek mythology and were believed to be very evil women. These women had fangs and their hair was made of snakes. Myth says that if a person looks at the face of a Gorgon, he will turn into stone. The most famous Gorgon was named Medusa who was killed by Perseus while looking at the reflection of her face in his shield.


9. Banshee


The Banshee is a creation of Irish folklore and mythology. They were considered to be evil female spirits. They were believed to be omens of death and their appearance was considered to foretell impending death. In Scottish mythology, the Banshee is known as the Bean Shith. The origin of the Banshee is believed to be from fairies.


10. Giant


Giants are believed to have human form but, have enormous strength and are massive in size. They are also known as Monsters. They are shown to be in conflict with the gods and are said to have a wild kind of nature.

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