Ten Most Abused Drugs in the World

Drugs were discovered to cure people of their ailments; however we find that these days drugs are not just used, but actually abused to such an extent that it results in death or other life-threatening diseases. Drug abuse has become a common problem, so it is important to be aware of the kind of drugs that are abused. Here are the top 10 drugs most abused in the world.

1. Tobacco


Holds the top rank in abused drugs with more than 46.5 million smokers in the US alone. There are more than 400,000 deaths reported every year due to the use of tobacco with Nicotine being present to make health issues worse.


2. Alcohol


Though available legally and prepared with carbohydrates and yeast, it is quite beneficial if taken in smaller quantities as they are proven to reduce blood clots and protect the heart. Excessive usage could result in liver failures and other terminal diseases. Addictions are also quite common with regular abuse of alcohol and most fall victim to the relaxing effects that it gives.


3. Prescription Drugs


OTC (Over the Counter) Drugs are misused and the most commonly abused drugs are Opioid which is an analgesic and suppress physical pain. They are abused since they cause numbness, sedation and euphoria. Depressants such as Valium, Xanax and Librium are also abused since they are sedating and are often used to treat sleep disorders and anxiety. Stimulants like Ritalin, Dexedrine and Meridia are used for asthma patients, but abused since they give exhilaration and euphoria.


4. Methamphetamine


Is a stimulant that is very powerful and are used to treat obesity unfortunately by taking this medicine even in small quantities can lead to increased wakefulness, increased physical activity and convulsions that can lead to death.


5. Marijuana


Is the most illegal substance available all over the world and extensively used for out of the world experiences. Found as a plant that grows wild the plant is edible throughout including the buds, leaves and resin of the cannabis plant. Can cause addiction to such levels that people who are hooked can even kill themselves if they do not get the Marijuana on time.


6. MDMA (Ecstasy)


These are tablets that are easily available and are abused world over to promote positive feelings and extreme relaxation. These are also called the hug-drug or love-drug and are used by many for all night stimulations. Mostly used as a rape drug, it is popular in social parties to lure young girls to bed.


7. Crack (Cocaine)


Another drug widely abused is Crack (Cocaine) that can cause constricted blood vessels, increased temperatures, heart rate and blood pressure. There are also reports of chest pains, lung trauma and bleeding with prolonged abuse of this drug. One can easily get addicted to Cocaine and though illegal, it somehow finds its way into the average junkie’s hands.


8. Heroin


An illegal drug found everywhere and in powder form, this was originally used in the medical profession for pain remedies. Unfortunately it is now totally abused and used by one and all for cheap thrills and momentary gratifications.


9. Steroids


Known as dietary supplements for athletics and sports persons, this type of drug is used for promoting muscle growth. Unfortunately, it is abused with people using them in large quantities to improve physical appearance for body building and long-distance running. This drug can cause really harmful side-effects if taken without medical advice.


10. Inhalants


Causes sudden deaths, suffocation, asphyxia and hallucinations. However, most people do not become regular users of these inhalants since they come in forms of cleaning solutions, plastic cement, hair sprays and nail removers.

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9 Responses

  1. Julia

    Where did you get this information from???? I mean, where did you get that marihuana “can cause addiction to such levels that people who are hooked can even kill themselves if they do not get the Marijuana on time”????
    I have never ever ever ever in my life heard that before.

  2. Brandon

    Yeah that stuff you said about marijuana is not true. I smoke weed all the time and I am not an addict. I don’t get cravings for it like I used to with tobacco. And no one has ever killed them selves because they didn’t get any in time. You’re an idiot. Plus if that were true medical marijuana wouldn’t exist. Second it is not the most illegal substance in the world. It is being decriminalized in many countries around the world which will ultimately lead to legalization. In fact it is legal in Holland right now. Marijuana is the safest drug you can possibly ingest. No one in recorded history has overdosed on cannabis. Marijuana is completely safe and natural. So toke up everyone and legalize now.

  3. steve

    What about methadone ??? Maybe they dont say anything because it is such a helpfuldrug. It saved my life !

  4. Bill E

    Marijuana? Its Legal in some area’s with a Doctors permission, But whoever wrote this artical obviously is brain dead, or just a plane dumbass, Marijuana is not nearly as addicting than the rest of those other drugs on this list. Meth is the worst of all drugs period, but what about PSP/Angel Dust, What about LSD/Acid? Opium is another addicting drug. So obviously the person who wrote this article either has no knowledge at all about these drugs and asume that he or she knows everything because they dont or never took drugs before so in their eyes they believe that they are better than anyone who takes drugs and that their shit don’t stink which is not true. Their are alot of drugs that are worse than Marijuana, and another thing, Tobacco is legal to buy at store, and yes it is very addicting, but it is not a drug. I dont see what Tobacco has to do with most addicting drugs in the world list. So unless the person has a PHD in meddicine, Science etc… The auther of this list should go back to school and learn the facts before writing down Bullshit just because they think that they are right.

  5. Mark

    ” Can cause addiction to such levels that people who are hooked can even kill themselves if they do not get the Marijuana on time. ” Who ever made this article should be ashamed of themselves, it’s misleading and totally false.

  6. Mason c

    That stuff about marihuana is not true I’ve smoked weed I’m fine I haven’t smoked in months with no sucidal thoughts


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