Ten Most Abused Drugs in the World

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6. MDMA (Ecstasy)


These are tablets that are easily available and are abused world over to promote positive feelings and extreme relaxation. These are also called the hug-drug or love-drug and are used by many for all night stimulations. Mostly used as a rape drug, it is popular in social parties to lure young girls to bed.


7. Crack (Cocaine)


Another drug widely abused is Crack (Cocaine) that can cause constricted blood vessels, increased temperatures, heart rate and blood pressure. There are also reports of chest pains, lung trauma and bleeding with prolonged abuse of this drug. One can easily get addicted to Cocaine and though illegal, it somehow finds its way into the average junkie’s hands.


8. Heroin


An illegal drug found everywhere and in powder form, this was originally used in the medical profession for pain remedies. Unfortunately it is now totally abused and used by one and all for cheap thrills and momentary gratifications.


9. Steroids


Known as dietary supplements for athletics and sports persons, this type of drug is used for promoting muscle growth. Unfortunately, it is abused with people using them in large quantities to improve physical appearance for body building and long-distance running. This drug can cause really harmful side-effects if taken without medical advice.


10. Inhalants


Causes sudden deaths, suffocation, asphyxia and hallucinations. However, most people do not become regular users of these inhalants since they come in forms of cleaning solutions, plastic cement, hair sprays and nail removers.

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