Top 10 Grooming Mistakes You Should Avoid

If you have landed a nice job after passing out of college you will be all ready to take charge of the responsibilities given to you as a young and mature adult. However you must take care to avoid the grooming mistakes which young men generally make. The following are the top 10 common grooming mistakes.


1. Excess body hair


Though body hair is considered a sign of masculinity, too much of anything is bad. Hence you must ensure that the hair on your chest and other areas are trimmed to normal length. Especially when you wear open collar clothes, you must ensure that you have a neat look by trimming the hair on your body.


2. Too much facial hair


You must take care to maintain a clean and neat look by not letting your beard grow too long etc. So also too much hair on your head or any other part of the face will not leave a neat impression about you to others.


3. Ignoring ear and nose hair


Your first impression matters a lot. Overgrowth of hair on ears and nose can be quite ugly to look at. By using a small scissor, you can keep such hairs from making their outward appearance.


4. Ignoring thinning hair


You must not be careless about thinning of hair. In many people signs of thinning manifest itself when they are in their twenties. Through the proper hair cut you can remove balding spots. There are also many creams and serums that can slow down the process of balding and you can choose the right one after consulting a dermatologist.


5. Making use of too much hair gel


While choosing gels it is better to choose the lighter ones which can create definition and shape to your hair. You must be careful to use the proper gel that can give a natural look.


6. Using old razors


When you make use of disposable razors, you must ensure that you dispose them after a short duration. By using it for a longer time you can cause undue harm to the skin surface and your skin also bleed. In razors today you can see the indicator strip and know whether it has life or not.


7. Shaving on dry skin


You must shave only immediately after or during a shower because a dry shave can lead to rough or problem skin. This is mainly because after dry shaving men do not exfoliate or lubricate their skin which can cause ingrown hairs or razor burn. You can also minimize irritation and get maximum shave by using shaving gel and a proper or clean razor.


8. Uncut nails


You must see that your nails are cut and neat always. If you do not follow proper nail care routine you can become prone to bad fungal infections and improper nail growth. Your cuticles must be trimmed and nails must be filed regularly.


9. Not using moisturizer


You must make use of a good moisturizer which can ward off wrinkles and fine lines from appearing on your face. You may also suffer from skin irritation owing to shaving and by making use of a light moisturizer with less SPF you can replenish water content and keep your skin well hydrated.


10. Wearing too much cologne


You must not wear too much cologne which is a bad thing as far as good grooming is concerned. You just have to spray cologne two or three times in the appropriate places. You can sport cologne on areas such as back of the ears, pulse points etc.

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    All solid advice. The moisturizer and thinning hairs can be dispensed with, however.


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