Top Ten Artificial Canals

These man-made waterways are all extremely beautiful and this list consists of the top 10 artificial canals from all over the world.


1. Oxford Canal

The Oxford Canal is found in England and runs through two country sides, namely, Oxford and Coventry. This beautiful canal cascades through 70 miles of scenic beauty- which has managed to escape development projects and remains as pure as it was centuries ago.


2. The Canal du Centre

This canal is found in France and was initially called the Canal du Charollais. It runs from Chalon-sur-Saône to Digoin. From 1792, this canal has made the passing of boats easier from Northern France to Southern France. It runs for over 112 kilometers.


3. Aller Canal

The Aller Canal is found in Lower Saxony which is a state in Germany. The main purpose of this canal was to prevent Aller from flooding the land. It runs for about 11 miles between Gifhorn and Wolfsburg.


4. Wesel-Datteln Canal

This canal is found in Germany as well and runs over 60 kilometers. It meanders between two areas, one near Wesel and the other near Datteln. This canal was constructed in 1930 and it runs across a river called Lippe.


5. Kennet and Avon Canal

This canal is nothing if not beautiful and meanders between Bristol Avon and Thames. It passes West Berkshire which boasts natural beauty. The area around the canal is rich with flora and fauna and one can explore the entire area either by bike, boat or on foot. It will not be an exaggeration to say that the Kennel and Avon canal is among the favorite canals of England.


6. An Chanáil Ríoga

An Chanáil Ríoga or the Royal Canal is found in Ireland and was initially built to help transport freight from Dublin’s river Liffey to County Longford’s river Shannon. Over the years, it became difficult to maintain this canal but work is going on at the moment to ensure that it becomes fit for navigation once again.


7. The Augusta Canal

This canal is historic in nature and is found in Georgia in the United States of America. It was initially constructed for the purpose of helping mills distribute drinking water to cities and towns. It has been said that the Augusta Canal is still being used for the same purpose, making it the only one of its kind in the world to do so.


8. The Cape May Canal

This canal is found in New Jersey in the United States of America and runs for 3 miles between Delaware Bay and Cape May Harbor. The canal was constructed during the World War II by the Army Corps of Engineers of the United States of America. The wartime emergency made it necessary to built The Cape May Canal.


9. Lancaster Canal

This canal is beautiful and runs for 41 miles. It has no locks and one can see the Forest of Bowland, Wyre’s countryside and Silverdale coast from this canal. In the past it used to carry cargoes from Lancaster and Preston and recently a restoration scheme has been initiated for the purpose of reopening a part of this canal. The best part about this canal is that a waterbus in the summer months allows tourists to view the beautiful attractions that surround the canal.


10. Canal du Midi

This canal runs for 150 miles and is found in the Southern part of France. It meanders from Canal Latéral à la Garonne to Séte. It is undoubtedly stunning and has over 90 locks.

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