Top 10 Most Sought After Gifts

May it be a festival, an anniversary or any other occasion, presenting your loved ones with gifts is a very common practice. Gifts are for people of all ages and groups. Some of the items have been quite popular amongst the crowd and comes to our mind as the first choice when it comes to gift someone something special. Here is a list of top 10 items which have proved to be the most sought after gifts this year.


1. Nintendo Wii

Topping the list as the world’s most sought after gift is Nintendo Wii. This gaming system has been designed for people of all ages. The popular game titles such as “Wii Fit” are a do-it-yourself game simulation. Its popularity can be estimated by the fact that it has been rated as the most searched item on Google. The famous “MarioKart Wii”, can also be played using Wii. The Nintendo Wii has been priced at $250.


2. Wii Fit

Standing on the second spot is Wii Fit. This product is most searched for and is an ideal gift for anyone. The best thing about this video game is that helps players not to become couch potatoes as all the games are based on motion sensing technology. Apart from the “Wii Fit “disc comes a balancing board. While staring at the television you can perform various exercises like yoga and aerobics on the balance board.


3. IPod Touch

This is the latest offering by Apple and just like any other Apple product it has become the favorite among the crowds in no time. IPod Touch has become an outstanding alternative for those who like their existing phone or don’t want to pay heavy price for AT&T’s data plan. With a 32 gigabyte hard drive, it is the third most preferred gift.


4. Xbox 360

What do you think would make even a videogame nerd squeal? Xbox 360 Pro. The ultimate gaming equipment stands fourth on the list. The base model comes with a 60 GB hard drive and 500MHz graphics processor. With the Xbox Live you can even play online with your friend on the other side of the world. For those who are crazier about Xbox, there is Xbox 360 Elite which is much more powerful and also $100 more costly.


5. Nintendo DS

The Nintendo DS is part of an all new continuation in the original Game Boy systems, which have been the most popular handheld gaming systems. The Nintendo DS is quite different from its predecessors as it is equipped with a crisp color graphics and a battery life of at least of 6 to 7 hours. Along with this, the product also has a built-in wireless mode allowing players to chat and share games online.


6. IPod Nano

From the day of its launch, IPod Nano still remains one of the most popular choices among the crowd. The fact that it is small, cheap and has the same 8GB capacity from its basic models magnetizes all tech savvy people. Its storage capacity suffices for about 2000 songs, 8 straight hours of video and over 7000 photos. Also available in the 16 GB version, it is handy enough for the fussiest user.


7. Ugg Boots

Just trailing after IPod Nano on the list are, the sheepskin boots which seem to once again gaining popularity among the crowds. These boots, also known as Ugg Boots, were once quite popular in Australia and just after a decade were also in demand in America. After celebrities like Leonardo DiCaprio were spotted in these boots, it has become one of the most searched-for gifts this year.


8. Nikon D90

This is the only camera which is featured in the top 10 list. The 12.9 megapixel SLR camera has a brilliant resolution of 4288 by 2848 pixels in size. It is also capable of recording video clips. Though a device of professional level, it is in huge demand. The only drawback faced was that the D90 costs almost as much as all the top seven items combined.


9. Zune

As an answer to Apple’s IPod, Microsoft launched its own toy, Zune. Catering to the likes of geeks with abundant collection of music is sure to like the massive space available on the Zune. It is accompanied with a built-in FM tuner and also lets you share files wirelessly with other Zune users. The 80GB model is priced at $230.


10. Digital Picture Frame

Last on the list is Sony’s Digital Picture Frame which relieves from worrying about faded photographs. The frame is of 7 inch in size and has 256 megabytes of internal memory which is enough for 100 high resolution photographs which are swapped instantly. You can either choose one picture to be displayed for a while or put it on a slide show mode for variety.

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