Top 10 Most Scenic Routes

You can take a relaxed break from your hectic schedule by driving through several scenic spots. The following are some of the scenic drives around the world which can surely leave you very energized and relaxed.


1. Western Desert, Egypt

While you go from Cairo to Egypt you can see this scenic place. The desert will remind you about the vital part water has in our lives. You can also see some of the beautiful oases such as Dhakla, Kharga and Siwa while traveling in this part of the world. As the desert is seen running along river Nile the scenic beauty is increased manifold. You can take along a backpack with tents etc to spend a beautiful night in this fantastic desert.

The Western Desert is one of the driest areas in the Sahara. The last significant rain fell six years ago which caused natural vegetation to remain green for just two years. Desert Locust hopper bands and adults swarms formed and were controlled three months after the rains in the spring of 1995. Since then, there has been an increase in the number of reports of grasshoppers and locusts from newly established agricultural schemes at Sharq Oweinat and Tushka.

Travel kilometers upon kilometers of golden dunes. See the stunning rock formations and rest at precious oases- take a safari into the Western Desert. The Western Desert is 262, 000 square miles of dunes, canyons, oases, mountainous plateaus, and valleys that  the west of the Nile Valley. Once you reach the White Desert, sand and black rocks give way to the awe inspiring sight of a magical landscape full of strange limestone concretions that take the form of giant mushrooms, fjords and icebergs.


2. The Seward Highway

You can see the superb beauty of Alaska as you go along the Seward Highway. You can come across beautiful waterfalls, lush vegetation comprising rare flora and fauna as you go along this highway. You can also see sheep and mountain goats along this path. You can enjoy fishing and camping on this place.

The Seward Highway is also an important route as it provides access to: Girdwood and Alyeska ski resort via the Alyeska Highway; Whittier and Portage Glacier via the Whittier/Portage Road; Hope via the Hope Highway; and Exit Glacier recreation via Herman Leirer Road.

The first 10 miles of the highway are called the “New” Seward Highway, a major Anchorage thoroughfare (4-lane divided freeway) connecting South Anchorage with downtown. You simply cannot miss this on your trip.


3. Transfagarasan Road, Romania

This road is not only famous for its vampire history but is full of verdant vegetation and lofty mountains which will make you have a fun filled holiday in this scenic spot.

The road is quite peaceful road and is a great way to see snow in August, breath fresh air and escape from the dusty polluted cities, and highly recommended. It is highly recommended for the extreme outdoors lovers.


4. Icefields Parkway, Alberta, Canada

The beauty of the Ice fields parkway has to be seen to be believed. White snow, colossal mountains and green vegetation make the route all the more captivating. You can also come across amazing flora and fauna comprising of bears, moose, elks and the blue waters and waterfalls will leave you mesmerized.


5. Alsace Wine Route, France

If you happen to b a wine lover you have to traverse the Alsace Wine route in France. This route is replete with rustic sights such as the Rhenan plains, the majestic Vosges Mountains, the beautiful villages with their traditional culture and customs and lots more. Taking a drive along this path can leave you everlasting memories of this place.


6. The Cabot Trail, Nova Scotia

This trail will help you see a combination of sea and sky. You can see snow clad peaks and lush green vegetation as you drive on this beautiful route. You can be mesmerized by the Atlantic Ocean and can also enjoy the sight of whales playing in the cold waters. Other wonderful sights in this area include Cape Breton Islands National Park and Margaree Valley.

This is the most Scenic Drive. Best Island! Greatest Summer Escape! So many superlatives, so little time. This is where breathtaking  adventures was invented. No matter how long you’re able to stay, it can never be long enough.


7. Grossglocknerstrasse, Austria

The Grossglockner Mountain is the highest in the Alpine mountain range and can be a truly glorious sight for everyone. You can take a ride towards the lofty mountain range. You can travel through some of the most beautiful meadows and vegetation comprising flora and fauna.


8. The Vermont Route, Newport, Vermont

The Vermont Route is another scenic location. There are virtually no traffic signals in this route so you can enjoy your comfortable ride through and through. You can enjoy the lush green beauty of the Green Mountain National Forest. You can also hang out in small shop and inns along this route.


9. Highway 94, New Zealand

This is another scenic route which helps you reach Milford through Fiordland. Through this highway you can go closer to the lofty mountains that emerge from the water. You can be moved by the attractive waterfalls and fern varieties that are found along this route.


10. Munnar Road, Kerala

You can be drawn towards this hill station the route to which is simply beautiful. You can smeel the fragrance of tea leaves throughout your travel to Munnar, a sleepy place in Kerala, India. You can also come across plenty of rare flora and fauna. You will love to see the mist covered hill tops and mountains along this route.

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