Top Ten Celebrity Tattoos

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6. Paw Prints of Eve

Hip-hop artist and actress Eve has paw print tattoos on each of her breasts. These have become so famous that the same has been copied by several of her fans. They show her fashion sense and are mostly duplicated which shows her great fashion sense.


7. Tupac Shakur-Thug Life

This famous icon was most well known for his music, his tattoos and his tragic death. His Thug life tattoo was the most famous of all his tattoos. It symbolized his gangsta rap type of music. The tattoo showed how dedicated he was to the project by the same name. However his batch of songs bearing the same name was not released because it was considered to be very hardcore.


8. Tommy Lee-Mayhem

This American musician had a famous tattoo called “Mayhem”. It is one of the best recognized celebrity tattoos but not so great in originality or style.


9. Carey Hart

Hart who is an FMX rider is known for his popular tattoos all over his body. He took a love for this body art at the age of 18 and is still continuing to have new designs on his body. He has also started his own tattoo shop by name Hart & Huntington.


10. Facial tattoo of Mike Tyson

Tyson is a world renowned boxing champion who has displayed his warrior streak by means of a tattoo on his face. Though head and face tattoos are not accepted in the Tattoo world, many people pose tattoos on their face to look unique. Tyson’s tattoo seems to have derived its inspiration from the Maori fighters of New Zealand.

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