Top 10 Fastest Bikes 2010

If you are passionate about bikes and dream about driving so fast that your bones rattle- this list is made for you!


1. Suzuki Hayabusa

This bike is considered to be the most powerful and fastest bike worldwide. It was first introduced in 1999 and the name roughly translates to “black bird”. In the year 2000, the bike recorded over 200 miles per hour. 1350cc, 4-cylinder, 4-stroke and 16 valve are some features that describe this bike’s engine.


2. Kawasaki Ninja ZX-14

This bike was introduced in 2006 and the response it received world-wide was remarkable, if not overwhelming. It tried to compete with the Suzuki Hayabusa and recorded over 180 miles per hour. The engine is liquid-cooled, every cylinder has four valves and other features like 1352 cc four-stroke, DOHC deserve mention as well.


3. Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R

This bike entered the market during the second half of 2004 and the design was modified in 2005. While the bike is extremely fast, it is light, it is fuel efficient and the engine is very strong. Features like 4-stroke, liquid-cooling, 998 cc, 4 valve cylinders and DOHC deserve to be mentioned when describing this extraordinary engine.


4. Suzuki GSX-R1000

This bike was introduced 9 years ago and this exceptional model gained instant popularity due to its engine power. The highest speed of the Suzuki GSX-R1000 was recorded at 178 miles per hour.


5. Yamaha YZF-R1

Yamaha entered this bike into the market during the latter half of the 1990s. The design of the bike as well the engine has been modified over the years, especially during 2002 till 2009. The newest model of the Yamaha YZF-R1 is beautiful in terms of appearance but when it comes to performance, the 2001 model was much better. Its maximum speed has been estimated at 177 miles per hour.


6. MV Augusta F4 R312

The MV Augusta F4 R312 was introduced in 1994 and features like Euro 3 engine and 185 HP at 18000 rotations find mention when describing this bike. The characteristics of a Moto GP bike are also included in this bike, making it all the more desirable and appealing. The speed of the MV Augusta F4 R312 has been estimated at 176 miles per hour.


7. Honda CBR1000 RR

The Honda CBR1000 RR entered the markets in 2004 and was basically created for those who were interested in Moto GP races. The design of the bike was completely fresh and impressed the competitors in the market as well. The stroke and bore dimensions were new and unique and standards were set for upcoming models. The speed of the Honda CBR1000 RR has been estimated at 172 miles per hour.


8. Ducati 1098S

This bike is very popular and a favorite amongst hard-core bikers. This Italian bike is also known as the Ducati ten, nine, eight. It created ripples in the industry and changed the format of street biking as well as biking championships. The engine is extremely powerful and the speed of the bike has been estimated at 172 miles per hour.


9. Suzuki GSX-R750

This racing bike was a first of its kind during the 1980s and created a revolution among the manufacturers and competitors. The engine allowed the biker to ride at a speed of 168 miles per hour and is immensely popular even today.


10. BMW K1200S

Even though BMV creates beautiful cars, it has not been all that successful when it comes to fast bikes. Nonetheless, the fastest models’ speed has been estimated at 167 miles per hour.

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20 Responses

  1. Lukman Pratin

    Yup, what about the S1000RR??

    Well, actually I reposted this article, I read this first on mademan. However, how could you posted incorrect picture of Ninja ZX-14? And, what about the same pictures for the Suzuki Hayabusa and GSX1000??? Not mention, you posted the previous CBR 1000.

  2. SJ

    You r wrong.the fastest bike in the world is MTT Y2K with a speed of 402 km/hr,320 hp, 60000rpm,rols royce 250-C20 turboshaft engine

  3. danial

    its not enough to read the information about bikes we need to know something more facts and intresting about bikes

  4. Logan

    Yes. The MTT 2YK is the fastest bike in the world according geniuse book of records. It have the engine of a helicopter.

  5. Aaron Mc Phee

    This list is truly laughable, in so many ways – e.g. why are “4 valve cylinders and DOHC” notable on the Kwaka, when every other bike there has these features?

    Just off the top of my head, you need to add the BMW S1000RR, the Ducati 1198R, the Aprilia RSV4 Factory and remove the GSXR 750and the BMW K1200S.

  6. Michael

    Im not much of a bike expert or person but the only bike i have is the hayabusa and the top speed is 204mph.

  7. kenneth raff

    This list is put together rather poorly the person who did this list did no more then 5 min. of research because the hayabusa is no longer the fastest bike and yes the MTT Y2K but quote me on this (can just anybody buy one)? and also who cares about a car motorcycle thats just impractical. Look at the specs on a mv agusta F4 2010 100 pounds lighter 15 more horsepower then the hayabusa and people still think that POS is the best way to buy into a brand rather then research

  8. gixer

    please change gsx-r 1000 picture! instead of 1000er you showed hayabusa.. thx.. 🙂

  9. Biily

    This list crap. The Y2K is not a full production bike so is not even worth mentioning. The Busa is the fastest production streetbike in the world hands down. Deal with it. The GSXR 750 should not be on this list, nor the BMW.
    Whoever wrote this list has no real knowledge of motorcycles and looks to be someone who wants to be involved but lazy in thier research, and no real knowledge of bikes. We usually call these type of people Squids.

  10. Scott

    So many things worng here, its funny. First off all who said a Busa will do 202 that would only be a fist year only – the speed has been limited to 187 now electronically.

    The article says Hayabusa means Blackbird. It doesn’t., it means Falcon which was a slam on Hondas Blackbird which was previously the worlds fastest production bike. You need to add the new BMW and don’t forget the New Kawi 2011 Zx10. Basically do some homework and do the whole list over with some good info.

  11. yash

    world’s fastest bike is not MTT y2K, worlds fastest bike is Dodge Tomahawk….500 bhp with Viper Engine V 10,48 cylnder – This concept Bike can touch 300 mph

  12. idiot-of-the-day

    where is the bmw s1000rr ? and yea just to remind you that the y2k is not a legal bike.

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