Top 10 Fast Foods List

Fast food is fast only in technique. Otherwise are more than a hundred reason why we should have all detailed, nice and slow descriptions to follow and see why some of our favorite fast food is so good, and what makes it batter than the other.


1. Burger King’s

No kidding. Burger King’s Whopper, which comes with bacon and cheese, deserves the first position for sure. Its nice to see that an equation drawn on votes showed that people across the world, preferred the simple in food, over everything else. This being one reason why the Whopper came up as the king. Cheese toppings raked to a perfect crisp, lettuce, together with a pretty fragile mixture of mayonnaise and ketchup.


2. Taco Bell Beef Burrito

“Yo quiero Taco Bell” is the punch line, with which this cheesy Mexican came up. Though as the good nice Chihuahua showed its face and went backstage, the burrito decided to stay. Taco Bell antennary got votes on the higher end of it.


3. Cheese Pizza from Papa John

In case you appreciate the delight visually, and then you may like to see a huge load of liquid cheese and juicy tomato syrup on a really fine crust. Next, Papa John’s makes sure that you are surrounded from all angles. Handed out hot out of the oven, the cheese will never be up until its too late, and will keep your taste buds very much on the edge.


4. A Big Bacon Classic from Wendy’s

There is a sound reason why Wendy’s has maintained a high rank on voter and non voter accounts. Let’s believe that Dave Thomas has a lot of love for his daughter Wendy. His notice of customer tastes and careful stress on novelty is the reason Wendy’s had the uppermost number of entries on the Top 25 items. The Kahuna from Team Wendy’s was never supposed to be any different from the Big Bacon Classic which comes with Cheese.


5. Chicken Wings, the Buffalo Style

Apart from anchoring parties, Chicken wings go down pretty good at parties as well.  They are known to be moist irrespective of their mild or spicy packing. Since everyone had an equal share, and almost none of the eating places stood out from the disorder and the votes cast were uneven, we are convinced that chicken wings in a wide-ranging market may come like a first runner-up through and through.


6. McDonald’s Big Mac

What comes out, upon the combination of two lovely pieces of beef, splashed with individual sauce, lettuce toppings, cheese rolling, pickles galore, and the onions chops with a seed bun? No, we aren’t preparing a bum for the St. Louis Cardinals. Of all the things known to us, this particular credential shall go to the one and alone super star – the Big Mac.


7. KFC’s Original Chicken

Not to forget Kentucky Fried Chicken.  It is without doubt, one of the most popular foods with and without votes, as per all our readers.


8. Roast Beef Sandwich from Arby

Coming from the kitchen of those who thoroughly believe in being original – the roasted beef sandwich was the debutant item from the restaurant when it opened small time. By our days standard, Abby is almost everywhere with a lot many offers which few others could pop from their kitchens.


9. The Subway Steak and Cheese

Between you and me, who is going to say no to a Submarine sandwich? None of us. Not when they make it in front of you and top it the ways you desire to see get topped. The joint had on its plate more than enough votes to get its submarine in the lime light.


10. Pepperoni Pizza from the Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut ran the race quite strong, and was clicked for all its cheese and pizzas with stuffed crusts and nice baked tops. Though it was the Pepperoni pie, which pulled double the votes any other item from the joint could possibly have.

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