Top 10 Guitarists Of All Time

An exceptional guitarist is one who is adventurous with his style, is open-minded and unafraid of going the extra mile. These guitarists make sure that their music is not just ‘good’, but beautiful as well.


1. Will Sergeant

Will Sergeant was part of “Echo and The Bunny” and is quit an under-rated guitarist. Some of the best and most innovative guitar playing of all time is featured in their album “Ocean Rain”. He was exceptional with the instrument and could play any kind of music, no matter how complicated the sound was. The best part was that his music was always his own and unique.


2. Noel Gallagher

Noel Gallagher’s solo in the track “Live Forever” may be simple but it is full of emotion and fits in perfectly with the rest of the song. In the song “D’Ya Know What I Mean”, his sound has been described as psychedelic as it was completely new. His guitar work in songs like “Columbia” and “Up in the Sky” is nothing if not hypnotic and it goes without saying that Gallagher knew what he had to do to make a song top the charts.


3. Jonny Greenwood

Jonny was a part of the well-known band “Radiohead” and tracks like “Paranoid Android” and “Just” are testaments to his talent. The way his fingers moved over the fret board was magical and he definitely goes down in history as one of the best guitarists of all time.


4. Kevin Shields

Kevin Shields was a part of “My Bloody Valentine”. His music was beautiful and it has been said that the sound of his music was a combination of volcano explosions and flowers. It was gentle and fiery at the same time and blew the listeners away every time.  Nobody has been able to imitate his style till date.


5. Jimmy Page

Jimmy Page has been called the “riff master” even though his music has been said to be queer. For him, the guitar was like a toy, one that he commanded with great ease and for which he will never be forgotten. His moves were mystical and he is definitely the best among the best.


6. John Squire

John Squire was a part of “The Stone Roses” and every single track featured in the album is peppered with his exceptional guitar-playing. His solos were nothing if not delightful and one could keep these songs on repeat for hours and hours.


7. Jimi Hendrix

Jimi Hendrix has set a number of standards for guitarists all over the world. His influence is wide-spread- every guitarist looks up to him and wishes to reach his level. Kevin Shield and Eric Clapton took inspiration from his music. This man is undoubtedly a legend.


8. Johnny Marr

If you were to listen to songs like “Heaven Knows I’m Miserable Now” and “This Charming Man”, you would understand Johnny Marr’s talent. His sound was always laced with pure melody and it complemented the eccentric lyrics created by Morrissey.


9. David Gilmour

David Gilmour was a part of the legendary band “Pink Floyd” and his sound was influenced by the late Syd Barrett who inserted psychedelic elements into his guitar-playing. David Gilmour understood this beautiful instrument like no other and the comfort with which he played it would make one think that it came naturally to him.


10. Keith Richards

Keith Richards wrote a part of the music for “Brown Sugar”, “Gimme Shelter” and was a prominent part of “Can’t You Hear Me Knocking”. His music was soulful, touching and raw- he made his music sound haunting. The guitar was a part of him and he a part of the guitar.

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8 Responses

  1. KG

    I’m sorry, but this isn’t even close. Where’s Joe Satriani? Where’s Steve Vai? Where’s Michael Romeo? Where’s Yngwie Malmsteen? Come on now.

  2. Jeff Condie

    Who? no I recognize my #1, Hendricks, Page belongs in there, Eddie VanHalen is fast but he’s got no soul. Steve Morse is very talented but again nothing sets him apart.There is a gaggle of super fast,clean, technically profficient ax men out there, but to be great you should also be distinguishable. Like Hendricks, Ritchie Blackmore, Page, Tony Iommi. How many have heard of Dave Weckl, how aout John Bonham, Weckl was voted best drummer Bonham seventy something. Neal Peart could’nt crack the top ten skilled drummers. Define great.

  3. RolotheYid

    There have been many great guitarists over the years so I am going to name a few that very rarely or never get a mention, in no particular order. Richard Thompson Fairport Convention. Bert Jansch Pentangle. John Renbourn also Pentangle. Davey Graham. Frank Zappa for Watermelon in Easterhay. Pete Townshend for his complete way of playing – It should not work but it does – you dont always need a long solo to get the lyrics across. Jorma Kaukonen Jefferson Airplane – a genius of psychedelia. From Robert Johnson onwards, some fashionable, most not, there have been some superb players, yes Jimi Hendrix was the man, but then so was Burt Weedon. Peter Green original Fleetwood Mac, such a delicate touch, his playing was pure and so sweet. Hope I have given some insight, I could write on for hours. But my personal favourite, Big T himself on stage the master, his playing and his lyrics, The Who, The Best, Pete Townshend The Governor.

  4. Christian Lutro

    1.James Hetfield
    2.John Petrucci
    3.Gary Moore
    4.Dave Murray
    5.Dimebag Darrel
    6.Saul Hudson
    7.Dave Mustaine
    8.Randy Rhoads
    9.Brain Gates
    10.Thomas Youngblood

  5. Jordan Harden

    Anyone who thinks James Hetfield is the greatest guitarist ever, has problems.

  6. Ray B

    Gary Moore…definitely. Listen to some of his earlier stuff, Empty Rooms…most of the songs on Corridors of Power. Sahweet.

  7. Chuck Gordon

    not even close, as music is opinionated but my list is much more accurate.
    1. Jimi Hendrix
    2. Jimmy Page
    3. Eric Clapton
    4. Jeff Beck
    5. Eddie Van Halen
    6. Joe Satraini
    7. Stevie Ray Vaughn
    8. Eric Johnson
    9. Steve Howe
    10.Chuck Berry


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