Top 10 Mozilla Firefox Extensions

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Firefox, the dream browser for countless number of internet users has become nothing less than a milestone. And the sole factor responsible for its huge demand remains the incalculable figures of extensions available which can be used to augment the functions of the browser. The competition becomes quite tricky with over 1500 extensions available on the internet. Here is a list of top 10 extensions for Firefox for improving your productivity.


1. Foxmarks/Xmarks

Standing as the winner in the list is the Foxmarks which is steadily re-identifying itself as Xmarks. Usually it becomes almost impossible to synchronize your bookmarks and passwords between browsers that are on different platforms. That’s when you need Foxmarks which stores all those information on a site which can be visited by any browser. It is also capable of storing information on your server.


2. Greasemonkey

Itsuser scripts have been developed by JavaScript-using tech savvy geeks who have been thinking of ways to provide more power to their favorite sites. It performs nothing by default when installed for the first time. Suppose, you don’t want to see the labels in your gmail messages, unless and until the cursor points to them or if you want YouTube to acknowledge the bandwidth and load high quality clips simultaneously; Greasemonkey is the kit with all solutions.


3. AdBlock Plus

For most of the internet user the most irritating experience while surfing the internet are the distracting ad windows suddenly popping up from somewhere out of the blue. AdBlock Plus comes with an ad-blocking feed subscription. The ads can also be brought back if it is hard to resist the curious mind.


4. Automatic Save Folder

This application however, is just experimental and not yet approved by Mozilla. But nonetheless, it has received much positive response from the users. It acts as a clever downloading companion while placing all the downloaded files in a particular folder in the system. This saving is done on the basis of the file extension or the site it has been grabbed from.


5. Tab Mix Plus

The tabs on the browser are the key ingredients to the multi tasking us all have become accustomed to and tab Mix Plus is like the master key to all different ideas which can be implemented using tabs. Its controls functions like the links to open a new tab, window or same window to an OCD-friendly level. Adding to it are features like undo a closed tab and italicizing the text on tabs which haven’t been viewed yet.


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