Top Ten Largest Carnivores

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6. Siberian Tiger

Siberian Tigers can weigh over 700 pounds and can stand at 9.5 feet. While their base color is orange, their stripes are black and they have white markings that are found on their faces. These carnivores are powerful hunters and are very territorial. The tiger has broad and soft pads which allows it to follow its prey silently.


7. Lion

The Lion belongs to the cat family and the genus Panthera. The males can weigh over 250 kilograms while the females weigh a little less. A majority of the Lion population resides in Africa and Asia while the species is almost extinct in India.


8. American Black Bear

The American Black Bear is native to North America and can adapt itself to a number of habitats and environments. The population of these bears is quite widespread and they are not in danger of getting extinct any time soon. This bear is said to have inspired “Winnie the Pooh”.


9. Giant Panda

The Giant Panda is native to large parts of China and is a part of the bear family. It has large black patches around its ears, eyes and all over its body which is generally round in shape. Even though it features under the list of the largest carnivores, its diet consists mostly of bamboos.


10. Spectacled Bear

This bear is also referred to as the Andean Bear and is found in South America. This bear’s fur is black and it has markings on its chest and face which are beige in color. While the males weigh at least 130 kilograms, the females can weigh 82 kilograms.

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