Top Ten Epidemics

Among the really sad ways of getting the human population on a simmer, is an epidemic. Countless people perish every year because of certain unstoppable diseases, since time immemorial. I am listing the names of around 10 diseases which have been a ban for mankind since the earliest if times.


1. HIV

The Human immunodeficiency virus, leads to a state of lack of immunity. The host tends to acquire immune deficiency syndrome, which naturally tends to crush a human upon slightest exposure. The disease seen a categorization in terms of a major epidemic. Though by itself, the virus has far more strength such that a large number of AIDS victims finally yield to death from an AIDS related deficiency.


2. Ebola

The virus had not been detected until around 3 decades ago. The Ebola leaves behind a fatality of around 90%. Recorded for equal damage to both humans and animal stocks, the Ebola is known to kill the victim within 6-7 days. Death would come from either multiple organ failure or hypovelmic shock. Sometime back a survey showed that there are companies which have created an effective vaccine which proved it self in tests carried on monkeys.



A big-time break out of the virus carried some big scare, a couple of years back. Although severe acute respiratory syndrome has not seen many outbreaks in middle Asia. Most of the time, the disease strikes in a viral form, which comes on a fatality rate of around 65-70% at least. The highest mortality range starts with people over the age of 65. It is said that the government and heath care of China came up with a vaccine which was supposedly effective in about 75% of the test operations.


4. Malaria

Malaria is a vector borne disease, with its claws dug mostly in third world countries. With a count of about 500 million people catching this disease, and around 1.5 million succumbing to its blow. However, with proper care, a patient of malaria may very much expect a full time recovery. Like many other diseases, Malaria does not have vaccine either.


5. Anthrax

Anthrax called currency as a name for biological warfare, which has been doing rounds for quite sometime now. A person inhaling anthrax will die due to the poisoning caused by the spores. In fact, a live stock affected by anthrax is likely to kill the person who ingests it. After contamination, the bacteria of anthrax are known to multiply at a high speed, eventually killing the host with by realizing two very poisonous toxic chemicals. The host may die immediately, or may live up to a month, with sharp breathing problems.


6. Cholera

A person is likely to get cholera from ingesting food which has been contaminated. Without proper care and treatment Cholera will rise from diarrhea to severe shock in about 12 hours and eventual death in a couple of days. Fortunately, orally able re-hydration techniques. Surviving cholera is quite possible if proper care is taken. Though, in a sharper form, cholera has a fatality rate of 3 hours. Proper sanitation is a must for keeping a check on the disease.


7. Bubonic plague

Transmitted through bacteria carrying fleas, Black Death is known to kill ¾ of its victims in a week’s time. The disease had a notorious reputation in the medieval ages, and is said to have killed around 25 million people in the medieval period. This disease is marked by a swelling in the lymph nodes. However, in the modern times, there have not been many outbreaks of this disease.


8. Influenza

Among the most frightening viruses, influenza is quite common to infect people of all ages and nations. Fortunately, the flu is not at all hard to be detected. Although, children and older people are quite likely to catch this flu. The Spanish strain of influenza is amongst the most famous and is said to have eliminated 5 percent of human population between the years 1918 to 1919.


9. Typhoid

Typhoid is among the lesser fatal diseases in our times, with a fatality rate of just 10-30% although the symptoms do not show until the popping of certain stages of which do not come up until three weeks. This disease has away of staying dormant in its host, even when the host has been cured of its effects. With a passage of time, the disease may get transferred and promoted to another host.


10. Small Pox

The virus of small pox has been detected in many forms, and has used a whole lot of vaccination in the past few decades. When hemorrhagic or flat, small pox is in its worse avatar, with a high fatality rate which leaves ten percent chance of survival. However, Chicken Pox is one of the few diseases which have been eliminated from ecological existence.

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