Top 10 Famous Transgendered People

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6. Denis Smith

Dorothy Lawrence decided to go undercover as a male reporter during the first World War. She reached the front lines as Denis Smith but soon after revealed her true sex and was arrested. Dorothy was forced to sign an affidavit which compelled her to keep her story a secret. She died in an asylum in 1964.


7. Jennifer Finney Boylan:

A Professor at Colby College was made famous in her appearance on Oprah and All My Children as an identified transgendered person. Boylan was born James Richard Boylan Jr. Once married with 2 children, Boylan could not hide his identity any longer. In 2000, Boylan announced his plans to his wife and began the transformation process as a result. At age 42, the transformation was complete. Both kids and ex-wife are accepting of Boylan for who she now is.


8. James Barry

Margaret Bulkley became James Barry in order to become a doctor as women at the time were not allowed to practice medicine. Her true sex was revealed during her funeral in 1865.


9. Chevalier d’Eon

Chevalier d’Eon’s father decided to raise her as a son in order to inherit money. She then became a spy and soon after, fought during the Seven Years’ war. A negotiation allowed her to come back to France and live the rest of her life as a woman.


10. Billy Tipton

Dorothy Lucille was an exceptional musician. She started playing in small bars and came to be known as Billy. She adopted three sons with a woman and was said to be a loving father. After her death in 1989, her sex was revealed.

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