Top Ten Internet Jokes

Here, we have for you, the top 10 jokes of all time. Based on a variety of ratings and reader demands, these are jokes from internet portals the world over.


1. The Jury

Lawyer: What do you think about the attorneys at defense?

Juror: I believe they should be drowned at their very birth.

Lawyer: In that case, you have a bias for the prosecution.

Juror: Not true Sir.  I believe prosecutors should be drowned at

Birth just as well.


2. Who will hit the ground first?

Q: Who among a blonde and brunette are more likely to hit the ground first if they fall of a building.
A: It would be the brunette – because the blonde shall stop for directions


3. Babble

A blonde asked someone the time and was told that it was 4:45. She had a puzzled look on her face as she replied.

Tell you something, I am kind of astonished, I have asked so many people the time, through the day, and have been getting different answers all day long.


4. Good Marketing

This guy went to the office one day and found a new blonde girl working the paint on the wall. She had a new coat and a leather jacket.

Thinking this was a little weird; he asked her.

She explained him the orders on the tin,

For best results, put on two coats.


5. Overtly Smart

Two guys are going back home late night. A mugger waylays them and pries them for cash. Both these people unwillingly take out their cash. The first guy swings around to the second, handing him some cash, says here’s the $20 that I borrowed from you.


6. 2 young blondes in the parking lot

There were 2 young blondes girls in a car parking lot, struggling with the stuck up door of their car using a hard wire.
Blonde one:

I am unable to pry the door no matter how hard I try

Blonde two:

You better speed up and do it. It’s opening to rain, while the roof top is down!


7. Thy Wing

The helper receives the order for pizza the order day. He asked the blonde if a six slot serve would be okay with her.

Quite surprisingly to his intellectual being, the woman told him that she would like to take a Six slot serve, for the reason that 12 would be too much for her capacity.


8. Keep Rolling

A woman is troubled at her husband’s memorial service. You have dressed him up in a green suit and I wished to see him in a black dress up.  The caretaker says that would not be a problem madam, and tells his helper Jack; -exchange the heads on three and five!


9. Very Bad Luck

The guy who killed Kennedy, Sirhan, goes into a parole case each year. He once told the parole board that if Kennedy was alive, he would speak in his favor and say let him go. Sad!! The one guy who would have sustained him, and he shot him.


10. Two for Trouble

I knew two of these twins. They shifted to England, so that the other person could drive.

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  1. Tasmanian Devil

    These are the least funny jokes I have ever heard. They read as though they were written by Lord Autumnbottom, a 19th century, Victorian industrialist. Funny 150 years ago, maybe. They remind me of the Family Guy skits with the 19th century englishman telling bad jokes to Stewie.


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