Top 10 Most Powerful Countries

A number of political science surveys have said that the following countries are the most powerful today:

1. The United States of America

This country is the largest economy today and has the strongest army as well as a very powerful democracy. It is also said to be a superpower and its media is very influential as well. It has built itself and its power ever since it gained independence and is only getting more powerful. The country controls international relations and is a part of a number of influential bodies.


2. Russian Federation

The Russian Federation has the second most powerful army and controls a number of states in the Central Asian area. It has a very large population and immense world area. These factors allow it to stay independent and prevent external forces from meddling in the political, economic and financial issues of the country. Because of its size, Russia has the resources to become a superpower.


3. Peoples Republic of China

Peoples Republic of China is said to have the 4th largest GNP in the world. It has gained supremacy only recently over Britain and France. It has a large army and immense potential to become the most powerful country in the world.


4. France

France is a part of the UN Security Council and is said to be the fifth most powerful country in the world. It is a great nuclear power and influences many African nations. The French have a large army which helps in maintaining law and order. It is a G7 economy and part of the European Union.


5. Britain

Britain is part of the UN Security Council as well. It has powerful nuclear weapons and the democracy is considered to be the most stable as well. As a G7 economy and as a leading country in areas like music, films and media, the country has immense influence when it comes to world politics. It is a part of the European Union as well.


6. Japan

Japan has an extremely large economy and is a leading democratic power. The population of the country is large but since the competition is intense, it features below USA, China, France and Britain.


7. Republic of India

India is very populous and has a well-known democracy which gains its power from the detailed Constitution of India. The economy is growing at a staggering rate and the nuclear weapons are becoming more and more powerful.


8. Federal Republic of Germany

Germany has the third largest economy in the world and features in the list of the most powerful European Union members. However, it was greatly affected during the two World Wars which hampered its influence over the world.


9. Republic of Pakistan

Pakistan has a very large Muslim population and powerful nuclear weapons. It is a united country but since it spends a hefty sum on military dictatorship, it has not become truly powerful. In addition to that, even though it has good resources, the battles with India have made the country very weak in these terms as well. Therefore, if it can replenish these resources and find a way to balance its political standing, it will be able to become more powerful.


10. Republic of Brazil

The Republic of Brazil is very large and is part of Latin America. It is said to hold the largest Portuguese speaking population in the world. In addition to that, the media of the country is quite stable and its relations with the rest of the world are quite secure.

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  1. forlan

    What a pile of rubbish. How can you put india above germany? and how can you put france above britain? Great britain is a founding member of the united nations and NATO. It is the head of the commonwealth which incorperates many G20 countries such as Canada and Australia. Britain is definately more powerful than france. it is just that the french presidents have an inferiority complex on the world stage so they always try to appear as more powerful than they are. For instance, Nicolas Sarkozy refused to take part in NATO meetings if he didnt get a seat next to Obama. What a compex. As for you puting india before Germany – Well thats just rediculous. Far to say india are rising in economic status and will be big players in the future.

  2. steve

    there is no way france is stronger then the uk and india and pakastan shoudent even be on the list

  3. Dylan

    Hahaha stop it my british friends…5 France 6 The UK..what is the difference ? It really hurts you to see france above the UK ?

    France has a bigger economy than the UK. France has the biggest military budget in Europe. France has also the biggest nuclear power in the european union. France is a leading member with germany of the european union which is the first economic power.

    I think that the place of france is justified.

  4. Don

    For Gods sake ,please display the correct Indian flag.An Indian flag has only a wheel, popularly called the “Ashok chakra” with 24 spokes in it in the middle of the flag.There is no such symbol in the wheel as displayed here. Do not create your own versions of the flag and call it an Indian flag.

  5. Ahmad

    Mr alexander Turkey could be strong but not stronger than Pakistan u can search on the internet thanx!!

  6. Qamar

    I think PAKISTAN is the 4th powerful country by its forces, weapons quality and the quality of fight. So, PAKISTAN is the 4th powerful country.

  7. Qamar

    Is it a joke that India is the 7th powerful country. Are you count only forces strength. Are you crazy to do like this.

  8. Abid AzadKashmir

    Good to See Pakistan is Stand in Top Ten World, Like Other’s

  9. Abdullah

    I am a Pakistani but still i want to say that india should be ranked 4 and Pakistan 7 or atleast 8th…its my personal opinion no offence to any one.and the reason behind is that India and Pakistan ithink can kick Japan’s and britain’s asses and this rankin is not authentic!

  10. kapoor

    I am a indian but i want to say that india should be ranked 8th or 9th and Pakistan 7th atleast because pakistan defeat india in two major wars.

  11. Chris

    With India and China the two biggest population nations, we are lucky they are not more powerfull than they are.

    If the US did not push to have the cheaper materials and labor we would not even see those countries on the listings.

  12. Johnson

    Is this a Joke?

    Pakistan is on the List but not Turkey? Made me Laugh. 😀 Pakistan isn’t more powerful than Turkey..

  13. tariq khan

    pakistan shoud be no three or four I think. you know pakistan defeated India two times in three wars.

  14. nishant

    @ tariq …plz stop spreading rumors…Everyone knows that India had defeated pakistan badly in 3 wars..namely the 1965,1971,1999 wars.Look at the condition of
    Pakistan. U people still BEG in front of U.S.A for food and money.Technically, Pakistan is one of the poorest country of the world and known for its terrorism
    spreading policy. I am sure that all the other nationals will strongly agree with my points…

  15. JCrank

    Long as USA is number 1. And yall r idiots. This isnt a list based on military. its evengly distributed over things like economies, military, population, and positions in world organizations…etc.

  16. Nadeem

    I can see some people are worry Why Pakistan is here in this list.

    Nishant I would like to ask something, r u stupid or what??? please get your facts right before giving such statements about any country. Actually India was badly defeated by Pakistan in 1965 and Tashkent declaration led india alive otherwise what was happened all knows and i think there is no need to say any thing abour it. as far as Kargil war in 1999, Pakistan occupied alsmost all kashmir territories. It was America who saves ur nerves otherwise there were 100 of thousands indian army causualties.

    And all the world knows that Pakistan is strongest army in the muslim world as well as one of the best army Globally.

    Pakistan deserve to be a head of India & Japan, may be at 6th Spot….

    Pakistan Paindabad

  17. Nadeem

    In continuation of my above statement, if i would make list, i would go as following:

    1 – USA
    2 – Russia
    3 – China
    4 – France / UK
    5 – UK / France
    6 – Germany
    7 – Pakistan
    8 – India
    9 – Japan
    10 – Brazil

  18. Ravi

    India, is now increasing his power day by day and a time will when India become the 1st country in the world.

  19. Nadeem

    Mr. Johnson,

    Being Pakistani i have a lot of respect for Turkey infact every Pakistani respects Turkey being our dearest brother and one of the strongest country in the muslim world. But my brother when it comes to the most strongest country in muslim world, then all will agree that Pakistan deserve to be on the top spot, reason being having one of the best army, greatly supported by pride of our nation our air force, very best navy force and last but not the least, our nulcear capability even far more stronger than our neighbour. which makes Pakistan one of strongest country globally as well …

    In any case we love Turkey and turkish nation and INSHALLAH this would be continued in future as well.

    Pakistan Paindabad

  20. nittooran

    its very very shame full to see pakisthan in this list.. because every one knows its just a faild nation.thery are begging for foods from americans & middile est to survive…they are in 1st rank to spred the rumers..nothing more than that.

  21. Indian

    1 – USA
    2 – china
    3 – india
    4 – russia
    5 – france
    6 – uk
    7 – turkey
    8 – germany
    9 – japan
    10 – pakistan

    This is the right.. list… pakistan have lost many battles with india .. direct or indirect both so they dnt have power to fight straight anymore. India rules..and india hold a important position to the world thats why usa wants india to be thier side. and russia too china feel jealous from india. and its strong economy

  22. Pulak

    1- USA
    2 – Russia
    3 – People’s republic of china
    4 – India
    5- britain
    this is right way of top five pakistan ki maa ki chut

  23. abhishek

    pakistanis when did u defeat india? india defeated pakistan everytime….. in 1947,1965,1971,1999…..
    in 1971 us also were on pakistan side…. even then pakistan lost…….

  24. Nadeem

    you bloody indians are just jealuous of Pakistan’s power.

    ALl the world kknows that Paksitan is far more powerful than india. India is peace of cake for Pakistan. India even does not haves nukes to explode..they have only one shakti which is under construction…indian miniter himself says that Pakistan is far a head of india in nuclear divices…

    Pulak salay teri maa kay boobs mai say milk nikal kay saray Pakistan ki tea party kerwaoon…dam hai tum indians mai pakistan say flight kernay ka …saloo dunia ki dust ho tum….1 billion hijroon ki country hai india….

    Abishkel get your facts right… in 1965 & 1999, india was badly defeated by Pakistan… salay tum log hamesha jab bi haartay ho apni sisters to paish ker detay ho americans ya phir russians kay aagahy…. In 1965 you were prevented by Russia & in 1999 by USA….salooo tum mai itna dam hi nani hai…. 1 billion honay kay bawjood only 140 million population say nahi fight ker saktay….

    i think India’s nick name should be gay’s country, all the gays are living in india…. india should never be in this list….


  25. Pulak

    nadeem brother my name is used in this my neighboor do this forgive me i think soon Pakistan and India Will be become good good good friends in future

  26. raj thakur

    i dont want to explain which country is powerful between india and pakistan.
    becuse we all know which one.if india and pakistan come together then both r in the top of the list.

  27. shanker

    i see. this list after this I’am very confuse becoz why called pakistan in this list. i think pakistan is very poor country in the world and last number is pakistan no.(end of the world)…….pakistan chor hein

  28. jackson

    I think, Pakistan should be at no. 1 but as strongest terrorist producing country where Miltary is always engaged in producing terrorist all over the world.

  29. American

    Who the …. cares. Everyone knows the USA can kick anyone’s ass, and the ones we can’t we get with Britain and China and make them wish they were never born

  30. zeddy zed

    i see people seemed to be shocked to see pakistan on the list , in regards to army pakistan should be in the top ten, the following is my list,

    1. USA
    2. China
    4. Russia

    I understand that pakistan is not doing very good economically and has internal problems as well but don’t forget that pakistan is still a nuclear power and are further developing their nuclear arsenal. In addition to this they have started making indigenous weapons aswell, such as the al khaild tanks, and the jf-17 thunder fighter jets which they developed in partnership with china. Which will be on display on the Farnborough Air Show 2010. Pakistan have further developed their ballistic missiles aswell,and are developing all aspects of their army. Turkey is not a nuclear power!Pakistan also as a lot of influence on the muslim world, as it is the only muslim country to have nuclear weapons.

    Another thing india and pakistan are in different leagues. India is aspiring to dominate the region and there for developing their military, where as pakistan is developing their military to defend it self from enemies/ attacks. Its stupid to compare the two, india is almost 4 times bigger then pakistan ,twice as much population, therefore bigger army , more money to spend on weapons, and its economy is more stable. However it has to be noted pakistan army is better trained, look at the PAF airforce, the pakistani pilots are rated above indian pilots.

  31. king kashif

    2- CHINA
    3- USA
    4- UK
    5- FRANCE
    6- RUSSIA
    7- GERMANY
    8- BRAZIL
    9- JAPAN
    10- INDIA

  32. jackson

    To always lose a war with India is the fovourite hobbey of Pakistan. Pakistan lost to India in 1948,1965,1971 and Kargil and now again is ready to lose further.

  33. hindustani


  34. stephen


  35. stephen

    usa is the powerfull country in the world..the only threat to usa is russia,china and india.but usa has the capablility of finishing these countries easily…

  36. roberto

    ooohh come on lam italian but turkey is more than power pakistanian,turkey has good econmy and good life strong soldier to l live in istanbul

  37. 0O00O00O0

    Israel not strong at all..small has powerful aircraft/tank/weapon but they got low amount of them..they want to invade Iran, failed..Baghdad, what?..and yes..those list are truly rubbish..forlan said the come Britain below France?..

  38. slim

    israel how can u talk about Israel when talking about top 10 powerful countries hizibullah beaten the sh*t out of israel in 2006 and it not even a country and Ur talking about israel .israel is nothing if u can say its a state of USA other. some ppl take Russia down ,if we come to army and weapons russia is the strongest country ,russian soldiers are brave unlike Americans (pu*sy)

  39. Tony

    I think USA-1 russia-2 china-3 uk-4 germany-5 france-6 india-7 japan-8 isreal-9 pakistan-100

  40. vinu

    pakistan must not be on the list
    dont know who have made this list
    pakistan dont deserve to be there
    someone tell them to erase pakistan details from there

  41. abhi

    i surely agree with what nishant said you pakistani beg in front of USA for almost everything an what nadeem has written is all false and it seems to me that he dont have any knowledge about global relations and indo-pak war histories
    for your kind info india has beaten pakistan in every war and in kargil war you cheated us and trespassed in our nation like terrorists

  42. nadeem

    sorry abhi you oppened my eyes and you r right that i dont know anything about global relations afterall i m only in 10th class….


  43. xXtremexX

    For all Indians…
    Indai cant even make a missile properly how can the be in this list.
    If every1 remembers indias missile failed couple of months before..
    And pakistan is and nuclear and atomic state
    if it was a weak country america or any other count could have taken over itt..
    so how can u say that it is a weak country..
    Pakistan air force used to train the United Arab Emirates air force
    PAkistan army is in Africa to help the victims…
    Pakistan have the suppourt of China and Iran
    And Iran should be in this list
    because even america is scared of them.,……………..
    Thats why for me this should be the list
    9-Korea(south and north)

  44. Abhi

    Sorry to you too nadeem.
    I have seen this video… where indian minister said that Pakistan is far ahead of India in nuclear missiles and devices. Infact india shuld not be in this list if we are talking about misssiles or nuclear technology. many times india failed to explode its devices… i totally agree india should not be in this list..

  45. Ebad

    Why some Of you Idiots think Pakistan should Not be in the List
    You People know nothing and Open Your Mouths Against Pakistan
    Yes there are some Problems But Those Problems Would be solved
    Very soon……….

    Why some of your compare Pakistan And India
    As India is 23times bigger and 8times greater in Population Than Pakistan?
    And Please Think 100 times before Speaking…..Thanks…….Always Think Positive….

  46. rumman

    indian and pakistani both not logical.
    they don’t understand what is a powerfull nation

  47. ture indian

    first win the cricket match against india and then talk about wars

  48. anny

    according to me
    1. USA
    2. Russia
    3. China
    4. India
    5. England
    6. Japan
    7. Germany
    8. France
    9. Brazil

  49. Rumman

    USA is not a powerful country. Because, they always attack’s on the weak & poor country.

  50. Aafaq

    Well all the well wishers of India should know some of the Basics of a Powerful Country…..
    Well a powerful country should have one of the best armed forces, should be one of the wealthiest, economically strong, technically advanced and others aspects like this.
    Well you can’t judge any country if she beats the other in a cricket match would be more powerful. Surely India knocked out Pakistan in World T20 in 2007 but what had happened to India in 2009. Was she not Enough Powerful to suppress Pakistan by winning the T20 WORLD CUP 2009…….. Surely we can’t recognize any country powerful on the basics of beating a cricket match.
    Point # 2. Japan was not an atomic power when America crushed japan with 2 Atomic Bombs on Heroshemma and Nagasakki. But they raised from Ashes and even there in the list. If powerful countries r judged by wars held between them then surely this list provider is a bloody sick placing Japan name’s in the world’s most Powerful Countries in the World.
    Point#03. Now if we talk about best armed forces everyone knows India has one of the largest army in the World but that doesn’t mean that it is strong too. Strong armed forces are capable of maintaining a level of success in calculated period of time. Well Pakistani army is being successful in United Nations Peacekeeping Missions and also in different operations taken domestically.

    Well not to talk all in favor I admit that one the main positive aspect of India is their great uprising economy which makes it stand in the list.
    Point#03. Also Pakistan is advanced than India in building High targeted Nuclear weapons and missile systems.

    Point#04. U Indians all know that u r also suffering from your inter regional crisis and your’s so-called “INTIHAA-PASAND JAMAAETAIN” i.e. “MR.SHIV SEENA” etc and people like this. So is that not ur poor side.

    Point#05. If Pakistan is not begging for food. It is just an Aid action for the poor and needy people affected by the recent floods leaked by INDIA…
    If u call this begging than in every 3 r 4 Months your PM Manmohan Singh goes out for a trip to US to strengthen your Nuclear weapon and also the same statement is raised by ur Pm in he 36th G8 conference…. Is this not a big begging for a bad cause if our’s is for good cause to overcome a bad cause created by u,……

    FEEL the SHAME,,,,,



    India never invaded any country in her last 100000 years of history.

    India exports software to 90 countries.

    The world’s first university was established in Takshila in 700 BC. More than 10,500 students from all over the world studied more than 60 subjects.

    Chess was invented in India.

    Algebra, Trigonometry and Calculus are studies, which originated in India.


    Martial Arts were first created in India, and later spread to Asia by Buddhist missionaries.

    Sushruta is regarded as the Father of Surgery. Over2600 years ago Sushrata & his team conducted complicated surgeries like cataract, artificial limbs, cesareans, fractures, urinary stones, plastic surgery and brain surgeries.



    India provides safety for more than 300,000 refugees originally from Sri Lanka, Tibet, Bhutan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh, who escaped to flee religious and political persecution.



  55. Nadeem

    @ True Indian

    You said that first Pakistan win cricket match and then talk about war..

    I want to ask you, you are stupid or what let me update your information…Pakistan have 70% win record against India.

    Pakistan have produced more number of superstarts than any country in the world…

    Pakistan Paindabad


    India is one of the few countries in the World, which gained independence without violence.
    India has the second largest pool of Scientists and Engineers in the World.
    India is the largest English speaking nation in the world.
    India is the only country other than US and Japan, to have built a super computer indigenously.

  57. true indian

    who said pakistan has a 70% win record against india for your kind info go and see the ICC cricket records its all vice versa
    pakistani people always win cricket match by cheating Example: Ball tampering, match fixing, doping , sledging etc

  58. aimal khan watan yar

    i am pashtoon which has history in the world but now if they are not this page because all the world trying to destroy and divide the bravest pashtoon because they know if they became one and than their will be no other nation in the world

  59. Rumman

    India & Pakistan biggest custmer for purchansing different type of weapon, like Fighterplan, Tank, Missile etc.

    So, Western country’s don’t want India & Pakistan become freind, becuase if they are freind. Western country’s based weapon selling work down.

    and this is affected to Western Economy.

  60. xXtremexX

    Guys… Guys….Guys…..
    Man pakistan and India cant be friends until there is politic games and corruption in our countries…..
    Why are we indo-pak fighting.
    Man we are neighbours we should be like a family just because of our polititions there is fighting between us

    DWIJEN VYAS algebra and all the maths terms were invented by greeks or arabs
    if u dont believe me go to wikipedia
    and over 2000 years pakistan and india were one country so how can u tell that india invented it..
    if its that then even i can say moghul empire is from pakistan,the taj mahal is made by pakisatanis.
    so just dont take all the credit for india
    all the things were introduced by indo-pak which lead to european invasion so…………..

  61. xXtremexX

    exactly thats what i am saying…..
    that dont say india invented everything 2000 years ago
    when both countries were one…..

  62. Ebad

    Please no more fighting in between Pakistan and India
    Lets make friendship and think for the betterment of both countries
    This is our weakness
    As we know
    How British Empire Ruled us For 200 years through the Game of
    ”Divide And Rule”

    Now if any one other than Pak and Ind commented any wrong statement
    then we all should Answer them
    And fuck them out of Here

    Do any one agree with me

  63. american

    i agree with this least except for pakistan i know what your all saying they have millitary power but they begg us ( im from the united states ) for money all the time we just donated 500,000,000 millions dolloars in aid added on to the billions more we already donated. they shouldnt be put on the list because they have millitary power ( wich the united states doesnt approve of and wishes she would get rid of there nuclear weapons) in this countrie we consider pakistan
    a 3rd world countrie. and inoticed some of you made your own list saying that usa was below russia and chine first of all russias a strong countrie but usa millitary is much stronger that goes the same for chine the may have the most troops in the world but we out number them on tech. ships and are weapons are much stronger and more advanced but we would never goto war with these countries because a super power facing a super power could cause horribley disaster that would destroy much smaller countires like haiti in the proses and we are both equiped with nukes wish would…… well i think you guys no what would happen.
    here is my list

    1. usa
    3. china
    4. uk
    6. germany
    7. india
    8. japan
    9. brazile
    10. turkey

  64. prathap

    everything is okay…..why pakistan is in powerfull countries list…….it should be in worlds wierd countries list……..pakistan s*cks

  65. Ebad

    You American Idiots
    Ask the one who is expert and listed here the Powerful Countries

    Every American think he is the only Powerful Man in the universe and sitting in the home and Making his own lists according to his own choice

    (Barking Dogs Seldom Bite)

  66. Rumman

    Mr. American if US is most Powerful in country in the world, so why US done this :-

    1. Why they use First & Last Nuclear Attack, against any country (JAPAN).

    2. Why they Created Taliban against Russia (USSR).

    3. Why they attack on IRAQ ? Becuase your president was sad that, Iraq developing the Nuclear BOMB and also developing the Chemical BOMB etc. IF they developed it, so where is, this types of weapon in IRAQ.

  67. Nadeem

    All Amercians are just idiots…

    If they say they have stronger army then why they failed in Afghanistan… Everything has done by Pakistan army.

    And some bloody idiots says Pakistan should not be in this list.. From those people i would like to ask, r u stopid or what???…you just have to learn first, how to explode a messile.. experiment many times but failed to explode…go to some wetern countries and learn or come to Pakistan we will teach you how to explode nukes….

    Why Pakistan should not be in this list… when our neighbour accepts that Pakistan is far a head of us in nuclear warheads…

    And i do agree with some of comments that Pakistan & India is huge market for Westenrns to sell their weapons.. If Pakistan & India would become freinds (Which is not possible), western would starting eating grass…

    We would like to live in peace and also want our neibghours to be in peace… in any case Pakistan is ready to fight with any of his enemy…

    Hence, Pakistan is one of the most powerfull countries on Universe….

    Pakistan Paindabad

  68. Indian

    those who doubt India’s progress have very little or no knowledge of countries other than their own…but soon they will know about it when India will become a superpower…

  69. Mohamed haris

    As per latest information , india is in 4th can check in web . And pakistan is the one of failed nation among 4, other countries are afghanistan , congo and somalia,
    once check and see…

  70. lokesh bhakri

    i totally believe in above stats


    uk should be above france and russia

  71. Bpb

    1.USA – leading world superpower, no dispute here.
    2. China – huge population, manpower, production and economy. Possibly most independant nation.
    3. Germany – suprising but true. Probably the largest force in Europe, millitarily and finantially. The wars have not held them back much, they were over 50 years ago now. Strange that so many overlook this country, the heart of Europe.
    4. United Kingdom – small area however a central global economy. Centre for media and arts, still has a fairly strong navy, relative to powers below, is a nuclear power however nukes don’t really matter, now we have SDI and nukes are a last resort weapon… Also very good foreign affairs, links to austrailia and Canada as well as the USA, not to mention part of European union.
    5. France – same reasons as UK really, better in some areas, worse in others.
    6. India – population, production, finances, millitary. A strong country.
    7. Russia – why so low? Thing is nukes don’t really count in today’s world, how often do you see nukes used today? Or ever? They are a backwards country and a spent force, large land counts for nothing, most of it is forest and swamp and tundra, not very useful.
    8. Japan – large Asian power, slightly declining but still powerful, good industry finance and a very modern country with a democracy and stable foundings.

    I don’t want disputes for 9 and 10. Those are my top 8 but after that it gets too close to call really. Close up are Pakistan, Spain, brazil, possibly turkey but turkeys economy is so unstable it’s barely worth it.

    However it’s all pointless really as these countries will never match against each other. Is china really gonna send huge amounts of troops over to France in boats?!? It would never work. These days there are so few wars compared to historical times, and all for the better really.

  72. ali

    i am amazed to see pakistan in this list.please correct this list because a country which is all his history just serviving from aid and begging how could be in this list.

  73. Mukti(rkl)

    This is my list 1.USA ,2.INDIA, 3.CHINA, 4.RUSSIA, 5.FRANCE, 6.UK, 7.JAPAN, 8.GERMANY, 9PAKISTAN, 10.BRAZIL I think all are agree for this list,in this list pakistan has no chance for stay in this list if it happens because their for nuclear bomb,here i want to clear that never says that compairsion between india and pakistan beacuse only india will comparision with USA and CHINA,lets see all of the world after 8 to 12 years india push back the USA and india keep the No.1 position and remember worlds people “This Century will know as indian century”

  74. Iqbal

    instead of fighting India and Pakistan, You should reunite there is no India and Pakistan in fact. Main continent is India and people should combine as a unity to become a superpower …….

  75. karthik

    analysis of both military and economic powers by order
    These countries were stable in economic and rising military strenth daybyday.

  76. aftab khan

    what’s wrong with u id**ts and specially with those indians , indians are strong economically but only limited to some states only , internally most of their people are hungry , while some of their people which thy call neech zaat eat rats to survive , their missle tachnology is weaker then pakistan , and yes specially for american ya we ask for money but not begging , the reason why american’s r paying for their own interest only , in order to keep an eye on china and iran closely , also to fulfill their illegal means in afghanistan ,cause they r failed! so now they are paying pakistan army to cover their failure , so whats the big deal if americans are paying , paying for what ? for their own intrest , amazing ! u all id**ts doesnt know the history behind wat happens now in pakistan , is just because of india , russia , isreal and usa .

  77. Nadeem

    Rightly said aftab,,,,,

    75% indian population does not earning bread of even one time per day.
    Bumbai have the most largest slums in the world and 60% population spenting thier nights on footpaths… shame on you indians first give roofs, and food to those 75% hunger population and then talk about becoming superpower…

    indians are day dreamer, how you can become super power when you even does not know how to explode a messile… r u crazy?? or what??

    Pakistan is far maore stronger than india, yes indian economy is on rise at the moment, but it does not mean that you will become super power… tell me on which basis you will become superpower??? on ur lazy army or your nukes.which you evern cannot explode… colse ur eyes and wake up india…. you are lacking far behind in power game….

    Pakistan Paindabad

  78. bilal

    hi every body i am a pakistani i think pakistan is a 3rd largest
    country in the world not sevan position bez this time pakistani
    people are very powerful in the world

  79. INDIAN

    no my friend nadeem you must wright the name of pakistan instead of INDIA
    we are not illiterate like you pakistanis are
    we are not poor like you all pakistanis are
    we dont beg for money in front of other nations like you people do
    we dont have t@liban and @l-quid* in our country like your country has
    we dont harvest affeem (drug crops) in our fields
    our PM and President dont run from the nations after their 5 years are finished
    our nation have equality in the society for mens and womens which you people dont have
    INDIA is the world’s largest democracy and you pakistanis are still following the backward military rule system
    Its not we its you bl**dy pakistanis who live below poverty line
    you dont have employment in your country
    so the young generation of yours is turning towards t*liban and all such things
    and how many times you bl**dy peoples will talk about your missiles , do you have anything other than that better than us

  80. MINK007

    HELLO pakistani gys ….. plz corret ur history boys u said indo-pak fighting 3 times an pak have won 2time is a big joke and u also said india army is lazy and ur army brave tell which country army surender 90 thousand in front of indian army so correct ur history boys.. india is great.

  81. Rz

    1. Russia
    2. China
    3. USA
    4. Britian
    5. Germany
    6. Iran
    7. India
    8. Japan
    9. Pakistan
    10. Isreal

    i think this are THE strongest countries at the moment
    i didn’t see Iran in the other list..
    Don’t forget how strong they are!
    At THE moment THE king of middle east.. And that is a strong and rich place..
    And They have also 100% russia and China behind them..
    If Iran was not strong isreal, USA, uk and eu had attakked them Like 4 years ago..

  82. djmo

    why are people going on about usa isnt powerful. usa is obviously the most powerful nation in the world although china is starting to catchup. russia is slowly declining. uk and france are on the same level and it looks lie their not gonna move anywhere. india pakistan and brazil are also increasing but not as fast as china. so this is my opinion

    1. usa
    2. china
    3. russia
    4. france or uk
    5. france or uk
    6. germany
    7. japan
    8. india
    9. pakistan
    10. brazil

    i would have put iran above japan but their economy international relation is very low to the other countries.i also dont know about their military power all i know is that they have nuclear power im not sure about their politics aswell

  83. INDIAN

    you must have gone m@d Mr.djmo germany , france are no more stronger than India.

  84. PAUL

    I dont understand why Pakistan is on the list
    if having t@liban and @l-quid@ in ones country means power to you Then pakistan , afganistan , Iran , iraq must be on the top of the list

  85. bader

    let me tell you what everyone knows that pakistan has to be on the top whenever pakistan had a war with india pakistan power was half of the indians power but the result is always pakistan wins all the time except 1971 war and that happend because they did not had that much airforce on east pakistan side thats why that was really hard to control two sides at the same time
    but now i can bet on it that india will never try to mess with pakistan because of our nuclear weapons.
    indians should be thanked to pakistan because if they want pakistan can take over at india at any time.
    and the proof that pakistan is more powerful then india is the indian airforce jet that is in the meuseam.
    pakistan zindabad
    hindustan murdabad
    the last thing i would like to say is never try to mess up with pakistan.

  86. INDIAN

    Mr.bader you must be kid, m i right?
    I came to know that the way you wrote the above comment
    shut your @ss and study your nation badly needs literacy

  87. MINK007

    Maderchod salo pakistani india ke ek state ke braber ho or puri india ki brabari kertye ho mader chodo .ja ke apni history kuyn nhi sudherte salo maderchodo 3 bar pele hai or agye bhi palenge apni pakistan ke barye mai socho samjye mader chodo lodo tumhri maaki agye khabhi INDIA ke barye mai lihka tho phir thumari MAA KO CHODEGAYE SAMJ GAYE PADOSI KI BACCHO…INDIA JINDABAAD HAI.. JINDA BAAD THA.. OR JINDABAAD RHEGA…

  88. josh

    woah! why is RUSSIA #2? i swear people dont look at the facts. russia’s in complete shambles. their economy is trash and their government is corrupted. they should be #9 based on land and population. they could barely keep its occupation of the country of Georgia. and why is brazil #10? if they ever threatened or attacked 1 of the US or CHINA’S allies they would immediatly surrender. if anything #2 and #3 should be China (#2) and North Korea (#3) if pakistan is even on the list thats like saying canada is more powerful than The US. 1 more thing if you are basing this on nukes than let me tell you that kasakistan is the 3rd ranking nuclear power in the world most people dont know where that is. my travel agent cant find it! lol

  89. asif

    In dont know what is the basis of this categorisation…… my view

    pakistani at 200+……..

    proud to be an INDIAN.

  90. gary

    WTF this list is retarded.

    N. KOREA


  91. Angelina

    After floods in pakistan , she is out of the list …shame on pakistanis ..using internaltional aid for strengthening army than its civil society …pakistan indeed a poor country ..I would urge Top 10 List to kick pakitan out from the list ….ofcourse , you can put her on the top of the list of poverty…pakistan is a slave of America ..We are feeding her like a dog … and fail state indeed.

  92. ricky

    the persons from pakistan who r favouring pakistan have lack of knowledge and they not litrate.they r behaving like kids as they r trying to say anything like a child what comes in their mind , without confirming the truth. so i advised them to confirm the truth and then say anything. india is independent nation. and wants peace. thats why india not attacking pakistan. but u people thinking that india is weak. that is wrong, it is the greatnesss of india that india is not attacking pakistan.

  93. Nadeem

    This forum is named most powerful countries in the world.

    And you stupid indians cannot understand… you are day dreaming of becoming super power. every one knows that China will be next super power. India first have to beat Pakistan in power game, P

  94. Nadeem

    Indians cannot understand that if u want peice, the same is not possible without power. In today’s world, you have to be powerful in Economny, Militry, must have nukes, which you can explode as well (Not like you shameful indians that even does not know how to fire a messile & every time failed in doing that). Yes Pakistan’s economy is weak than India because Pakistan is managing to control the biggest enemies than any country of the world. And they are, America, Israil, Russia, at the same time india, so Pakistan have to spent resources to strenthen its army. but this is not the case with india. All world should be proud on Pakistan managing such big enemies at the same time. Can india do that?? despite of having huge enemies Pakistan still can kick on india’s bloody shit ass if india ever try to mess with Great nation like Pakistan.

    So my sincere advice to all indians that yes your economy is rising, just concentrate on that only and dont mess with Pakistan in power game….

    Pakistan Paindabad

  95. ricky

    mr nadeem, pls mind ur language that u r using against india and indian people. if u feel proud on pakistan . than this is ur opinion. and its ok. because pakistan is ur country. but u have to give respect to other nation also. but u r using very bad language for indian people in your
    previous articles. if u want respect then first u have to give respect.

  96. roy

    mr.nadeem the idiot first learn the correct spelling. u illiterate pakistanis.
    it is not messile it is missile. and for your kind information india is the fastest developing country in asia after china.

  97. Nadeem

    Mr. Ricky,

    My intention was not to underestimate india… but i have read some articles from indians against pakistan you also can notice above.. you will appreciate that i did not denying the rising economy of india. which is true….

    We respect india and in return need respect, we dont need comments like u can see in the entire article above that mostly ur indians using very bad language against Pakistan. so how u can expect from us to respect you?? do u think its fair or justifiable that we gives respect and in return receiving harsh answers?? no way…

    roy…r u bastered or what??? if so then i think there is no need to answer you??

    Pakistan Paindabad



  99. vince

    im not from one of the countries,my opinion is most equitable
    my top 7 is definitely right,pls dont change it anymore
    8,9,10 would be india,pakistan,brazil,turkey,spain
    whatever,they are out of top 7



  101. Mr C

    Here is the correct ranking..
    1)USA, 2)China, 3)Russia, 4) India, 5)UK, 6)France, 7) Germany, 8) Brazil, 9)Japan, 10)Turkey, 11)Israel, 12)South Korea, 13)Italy, 14)Indonesia, 15) Pakistan, 16)Taiwan, 17)Egypt, 18)Iran, 19)Mexico, 20) North Korea

    Source of this info is:

  102. Rohit

    India and Pakistan should not be in the list
    Here is the correct ranking

  103. MINK007


  104. Ricky

    i m comparing india and pakistan in some aspects

    total population 1,147,995,904 172,800,048
    military man power available 584,141,225 82,747,782
    fit for military service 467,795,073 63,822,970
    reaching military age yearly 22,229,373 3,998,981
    active military personnel 1,325,000 650,000
    active military reserves 1,155,000 528,000
    active paramilitary 1,293,300 302,000
    total air based weapons 1,007 710
    total land based weapons 10,340 3,919
    total naval units 143 33
    total artillery systems 4,175 3,952
    merchent marine strength 501 14
    major ports and terminals 9 2
    aircraft carriers 1 0
    destroyers 8 0
    frigates 16 9
    submarines 18 not know
    patrol coastel craft 43 8
    mine welfare craft 12 3
    amphibious operations craft 7 0
    defence budget 32,350,000,000 dollars 4,260,000,000 dollars
    foreign reserves 275,000,000,000 dollars 15,690,000,000 dollar
    purchasing power 2966,000,000,000 dollars 411,900,000,000
    oil production 810,000 bbl 62,000 bbl
    oil consumption 2,438,000 bbl 345,000 bbl
    proven oil reserves 5,700,000,000 bbl 376,800,000 bbl
    total labour force 516,400,000 48,230,000
    roadway coverage 3,316,452 km 259,758 km
    railway coverage 63,221 km 8,163 km
    waterway coverage 14,500 km 25,220 km
    coastline coverage 7,000 km 1,046 km
    major serviceable airports 346 146
    square land area 3,287,590 km 803,940 km

    from above aspects , it is clear that india is more powerful country.

  105. Ricky


  106. INDIAN

    fuck your @ss Mr. vince
    UK , France ,germany ,japan are noway more stronger than INDIA

  107. xxxXXXxxxtrem

    nadeem aftab tumhari maaki chood.more than 99.9 percent indian earn there food honestly less than 00.1 died from starvation. but pakistanis are beggar.

  108. Nadeem


    I think u r still a kid….

    u can not determine the strognest country by numbers… according to the above facts…. do u think india have more stable economy than france or UK??? do india have more nukes than uk & france??? do uk & france have more land or more number of troops???

    just think before giving any statement…

    you cannot trapps people by giving foolish & unlogical statements…

    Indeed Pakistan is far more strong than India….

    Pakistan Paindabad

  109. Mr C

    Dear friend

    here is what I found about economic strenght. Powerfull does not need to be one who has better arms and so on. In current world, it is also about economic strength.

    We should have a post for 10 happiest countries in the world


    India is one of only three countries that makes supercomputers (the US and Japan are the other two).
    India is one of six countries that launches satellites.

    India was one of the richest countries till the time of British rule in the early 17th Century. Christopher Columbus, attracted by India’s wealth, had come looking for a sea route to India when he discovered America by mistake

  111. Ricky

    mr nadeem , here i m comparing india by pakistan but not by france and uk. india is better in all way regarding economy, number of soldiers , number of weapons, and in lot of other things. u can check in the list. in this way i m telling u that u r kid. i m not. u r kid as well as foolish who is not able to understand difference between pakistan and france. here i m talking about india and pakistan but u r using name of france and uk instead of pakistan for my list.

  112. Ricky

    mr nadeem, the persons who r favouring india r giving strong facts which r true and the whole world knows that and u can also check it by searching the net. but u r giving unlogical and meaningless statements without any base.
    u just want to say anything that comes in your mind. and that type of attitude is really very strange. u want to run away from truth.
    just see the lot of previous statements in which people r talking about lot of acheivements of india,important discoveries of india. if u have any doubt then u can also clear your doubt by searching the net.
    but u do not want to understand the truth.
    if u think that ur country is more superior then tell me ur acheivements. ur discoveries.

  113. INDIAN

    abe yaar ricky wo(nadeem) kya bataega unki acheivements.
    hogi to bataega na.
    in logo ke pass sirf 1 acheivement he aur wo t@lib@n

  114. Mr C

    It looks like people are passionate about their countries and speaking without fact. It is a good thing. Everyone’s country is the best. But here are some hard facts:

    All countries with nuke have enough nuke to destroy world multiple times. It does not matter the one who can destroy 1000times is better than one who can destroy 100 times. Though France & UK have more nukes have more. It doesn’t matter.

    China and Russia are almost equal in power. China pips Russia slightly due to economic power.

    Here is the rank of Economic Superpowers:
    1) USA, 2) China, 3) Japan, 4) India, 5) Germany, 6) UK, 7) Russia, 8) France, 9) Brazil 10)Italy

    I do not see Pak in this list. It is torn by war and … with crumbling economy. Lack of basic amenities. It could do better if it gets out of the crumbling economy where it is totally dependant on foreign funds.



  116. Auzer

    Well most of you guys are Id**ts…First thing,Why in the hell are you comparing Indian and Pakistani Millitary..Both Millitaries are very very Strong.India is 8th times larger than Pakistan so have stronger millitary.India is stronger country than Pakistan.But It have no influence on Pakistan because Pakistan is not Taiwan or something.French over U.K or U.K over French..WHO CARES??? The Fact is E.U Rules :).Now,What surprises me is Pakistan.How on Earth ,Pakistan made his way in top 10 Powerful countries???I agree that Turkey is much more Power,Economicaly Stronger and stronger in Millitary(Conventional).The ONLY thing that puts Pakistan Ahead of Turkey is it’s Nuclear Strike Forces.Pakistan shouldn’t be in the list,I am not against Pakistan…They are great Country but are in Trouble. So Turkey or Even Iran can replace Pakistan.

  117. Auzer

    and by the way Author writes that”and (USA) only getting stronger” What???Did he really say that??
    USA is less stronger than it was in 1980’s.China is has challenged USA in every field.China simply Destroyed USA in Exports.The two wars and Specially Iraq war just exhausted US Economy.Iran is continuing his Nuclear programme .Muslim world is against US.Muslim Countries like Malaysia etc hate US.Pakistanis are just pissed off from US too..So bottom line in ..US is not getting stronger.they are becoming weaker and weaker but still US is most powerful country on Planet Earth.

  118. Batman

    Pakistan is an economicalyy backward country hw could it ever make in top 10 countries list by the way ezio lorenzo ur right india is a very powerful countryy

  119. ricky

    interesting facts about india
    1,india never invaded any country in last 100000 years
    2,chess was invented in india
    3,algebra,trignometry,calculas are sudies that r invented in india
    4,the “place value system” and “decimal system “were developed in india
    5,india is the largest democracy in the world,the sixth largest country in the world,and one of the most ancient civilizations.
    6, india has largest number of post offices in the world.
    7, the first university of world was established in india named takshila in 700 bc. and more than 10500 students from whole world studied more than 60 subjects in this university.
    8, ayurveda was earliest school of medicine known to mankind
    given by india 2500 years ago.
    9, india was one of the richest countries till the time of british rule in early 17th century. christopher columbus attracted by india,s wealth , had come looking for a sea route to india when he discovered america by mistake.
    10,barkaracharya an indian rightly calculated the time taken by earth to orbit the sun hundred of years before the astronomer smart.according to his calculation the earth orbit the sun in 365.258756484 days.
    11,the value of “pi” system was first calculated by indian mathematician named named budhayana and he expalained the concept of pythagorean theorem . he discovered this in the sixth century , long before the european mathematics.
    12,untill 1896 , india was the only source of diamonds in the world.
    13, sushruta is regarding as father of surgery. he was the first man in world who started surgical operations 2600 years ago.
    14,usage of anaesthesia was well known in ancient indian madicines.
    15,india exports software to more than 90 countries.
    16,india provides safety for more than 300,000 refugee originally from srilnka, tibet, bhutan,and bangladesh , who escaped from free religiousand political persecution.
    17,martial arts were first created in india,and later spread to asia by buddhist missionaries.
    17,yoga has originated in india and has existed for over 5,000 years.
    18, the art of navigation wasborn in india 6000 years ago.

  120. Auzer

    Well India is Great Country.But This very Attitude of You guys just SUCK..!! You try to prove that you are very great etc..But why don’t give Credit to others.Have you ever studied a subject named”Historical Geo-politics” at University level???
    The Answer is NO..!! Ok here is a Challenge for you..Which are the 4,5 “Martial Civilizations” that had shaped the Planet Earth in a way it is Present today?????
    You need alot of Study my friend.Indians(NOT INDIA) made Great contributions BUT THEY ARE NOT A MARTIAL CIVILIZATION.This is a recorded Fact.There are the Civilizations that Contributed MOST in our Lives.
    1-Greek/Roman Civilizations
    2-Islamic Civilization (also known as Islamic Golden Age or Muslim Golden age Whatever)
    3-Early European Civilization(The most modern one)
    Now can you see any “Indian Civilization” here???
    Indians made great contributions but their Contributions are not like the Jews.(Jews are part of European civilization you can’t Separate them).
    Algebra was invented by Arabs not Indians OK.Just read the word “AL-Gebra” …’Al’ is an Arabic Prefix.Who in the said you the information about “Pi”.Mister Greeks Invented “Pi”.They used it for years n years.Yeah you said it right that before 17th century India was richest country but you forget to mention THE(Idiots) Muslim invaders that Conquer and ruled India for nearly 1000 years.They were called something similar to Mangolas(I did study the history of India but right now I am forgetting their name).Those Muslim rulers made India a superpower but They were cruel and more over they were not INDIANS.So This is also a Myth that India was a superpower.If USA conquers Cuba and rule it ,We can’t say that Cuba is a Superpower.

  121. ricky

    mr auzer, u dont know anything about india. u just want to spread the rumors. just search in google and write down there as “important facts about india”. u will get the answer that who invented algebra, pi system and lot of other things that u dont want to beleive. u just feel jaelous from india and indian people.
    u people just want to give wrong arguement on indian acheivements. why u people do not concentrate on your acheivements instead of giving wrong arguments about india and indian people. i can understand your problem because u dont have any acheivements. if u people r so intelligent and knowledegable as u show, then why ur name is not taking into consideration in terms of litracy and technology. again i want to say one thing, we, people of india want to give any statement with facts . i even used the names of the person that who invented what? but u kid again want to say anything that comes into ur mind without any fact. i m trying to show the acheivements of india, because that is true. i also appreciate the acheivements of people of other nation also who provide lot of things to world. because that is also true. But u people always try to use the name of other nations , instead of your country. if u have doubt then see the previous articles. where i used name of india and pakistan to give u the answer of your question. and u people start compare india with uk and france.
    mr auzer , india gives software to more than 90 country and may be your country also comes under this category and hence may be u r also using our software when u r online. and u r giving argument on acheivements of india.
    india zindabaad.

  122. Auzer

    mr Ricky..You are just making me Pissed off now.First thing I am not a teenager like you who uses google to find his “Wanted” Information.I have studied and I talk with proofs .Fist thing Google is a Search engine you will Find whatever you want to find.Suppose If there are Religion X .I write on Google that X is the Greatest Religion etc I WILL FIND THE ARTICLES SUPPOURTING MY SEARCH..So First You don’t have the Idea how internet works.Secondly I do Accept the Achievements of Indians but When you represent thing the way you are doing ,I just can’t digest it.No one Invented Algebra because it is a natural instinct encoded in our genetics… it is our ability to reason out quantities that produce algebra.In fact, many ancient civilizations developed some algebraic methods of solving problems, as far back as the Babylonians, but al-Khwarizmi is considered by many to be the “father of algebra” because some of his techniques on solving quadratic equations are still in use today. (Others point to the works of the Greek mathematician Diophantus.)Indians did contributed in Algebra like All previous civilization but Al khawarzimi is the Only person in History that can be called “The Inventor” of Algebra because he was the first to teach algebra in an elementary form.And As I am a Neutral Person(Unlike you) and not favouring any Civilization or country,I accept that Al-khawarzimi had great influence of Indian Mathematics but this doesn’t take his credit as “Father of Algebra”.So It is a Logical and Scientific Proof that India didn’t Invent Algebra.And dude I’m not jealous of India.I am in US and Fully admits that you South Asians(Indian.Pakistani etc) just owned Americans in Mathematics most of time.But I have courage to accept things unlike you.And what the heck I will do by seeing your Indian/Pakistani Achievement chart? I didn’t get that..!!And India is an IT giant I never said anything about it ,So why are to telling me that you give us soft wares??

  123. Auzer

    By the way By giving names you don’t prove anything dude.Americans can give you names,Muslims can give you names,Europeans can,Chinese can…So what is your point??Everyone of us is Human and so we all did contribute in this world.But as I said,You Indians think that you have done so much but their are other Civilizations that have done far much you guys.The Civilizations that shaped the Planet Earth.And I have told you their names before.India is not their because there exists nothing like “Indian Civilization” etc.I also agree that Indian mathematicians are not given their due respect world wide.You contributed a lot.But still stop thinking the myth that you are best or you invented this and that and this and that…

  124. lucky

    what i think is india is there in top ten but how can pakistan be there on the list tis is rater a bullshit….and who is this kapoor, sale kaun se war mei india ko pakistan nei defeat kara hai…same on u on being an indian..come in front of me i’ll kick ur ass.

  125. INDIAN

    @ Auzer
    we all contribute to this world in diffrent ways
    INDIA contributes the world in the sense of IT sectors
    and pakistanis destroy the world in the sense TERR0RISM
    HINDUSTAN jaind@bad
    PAKISTAN M00rd@b@d

  126. dil

    according to me

    1 – USA
    2 – china
    3 – india
    4 – russia
    5 – france
    6 – uk
    7 – turkey
    8 – germany
    9 – japan
    10 – pakistan

    This is the right.. list… pakistan have lost many battles with india .. direct or indirect both so they dnt have power to fight straight anymore. India rules..and india hold a important position to the world thats why usa wants india to be thier side. and russia too china feel jealous from india. and its strong economy

  127. Auzer

    Well here you go Indians.Ricky this is an practical example.Mr dil is putting India Ahead of Russia in list of Most powerful countries..LMFAO.Dude you all stop giving your lists you Indian (Experts).This list is given after several surveys.So India is on 7th spot and rightly placed so.

  128. ricky

    mr auzer i never gave any argue on the list . in your first comment to me u told that algebra was invented in arabs, and in your second comment u r now telling that no one invented algebra because it is a natural instinct encoded in our genetics. as u r from america, and u r telling that u commit right and wrong, i want to ask u some questions . why america attacked afganistan and iraq. as i know the reasons to attacked afghanistan was terrorism and reasons to attacked iraq was nuclear and chemical weapons. terrorism is still there in far as iraq is concerned, where are the nuclear and chemical weapons due to which US attacked iraq.
    . as US giving money to pakistan, everyone knows that they r using that money against india to get strong. there r lot of poor countries in the world also. then why us giving money to pakistan . kashmir is the internal matter of india and pakistan then why US is interfering in this matter. in case US gets angry on any country, it never discuss with any other country , what to do? . direct giving a warning and gets ready for war. but in case of two other countries US always gets ready to come in between 2 countries to stop the war. what is the reason for this two different types of attitude.
    i will wait for your satisfactory answers.

  129. Auzer

    Mr Ricky(As you don’t know english,Name is always in upper case)Yeah Algebra was never invented but I have further written in my post that the “ONLY” person that “CAN BE” called as the “inventor” of Algebra is Al khawarizmi…So I think you understand English and you know what I meant…The problem with me is that I have studied and know far more than you guys…When you represent India as greatest nation than it annoys my butt …You take the credit of things that you never done and more over you forgets that there are other civilizations that have done wonders more than you the way ,by the way I just got something..Why you compare India and Pakistan???Because analogy of Indus civilization tells me that Pakistanis are “Indians” right??Looking forward for your answer
    And yeah you never gave any list but you fellow Indians did…and They are Placing India Ahead of Japan,France and in some case Russia too…and this is an example of Your “Dreamy Indian Attitude”.If you want me to open my mouth,I can.Mr Ricky India even doesn’t have any Influence on Pakistan.Pakistanis never hear what you say.So You are not even a “Single” Regional power in South Asia..India and Pakistan are two regional powers..With one “Emerging” and other “Sub-merging”.
    And why we give money to Pakistan??This Question is the mirror of your Geo-Political Knowledge…Without Pakistan Nato/US soldiers will don’t even have Tissue Papers to clean their shit leave other things.Pakistan is the “ONLY” route to Afghanistan.So US has to be an ‘Friend’ of Pakistan.And If Pakistan get strong then It is their right to do whatever they want to do with money they have….How can we tell them not to Blow IAF off with their F-16 C/Ds???
    And talking of Wars,We invade Afghanistan because Osama was there and We invaded Iraq because Mr.Bush wanted to get his Country’s Ass Kicked Hardest …We killed Millions in Iraq ,thousands of Americans died,Trillions of dollars were flushed away and our Economy exhausted ….And dude why you people think that you can even Fight a war with Pakistan????US rightly interfers to stop a war b/w two Nuclear Monsters.By the way Indian Govt. would a bunch of Illiterate,suicidal Assholes before they even think of going on a war with a country like Pakistan.

  130. mohit

    auzer, power does not means to kill the terrorism as well as innocent people as your country did in afghanistan and iraq. i have read your articles. u guys never get ready to see any country that goes on rising. and the reasons u r explaning r good for listen but not practically. u people r giving money to such a nation who is spreading terrorism and u r favouring that. same if india will give money to afganistan , iraq or seria then u people will definitely going to start give warnings to india to stop that. if interference of us in india and pakistan is right but ur country dont want interference of some other countries in ur wars. and the reason for us interfering india and pakistan is other. if war starts between india and pakistan then pakistan will not able to help us to find out osama as they placed there soldiers on pakistan afganistan border . then they will use there power against india. and it will not good for us to find out osama. this is the perfect reason. to interfere in 2 countries. ur reason is good for listening.

  131. ricky

    and auzer if u r so knowlegable as u r showing, that i can seeing when u give a comment that pakistan is more powerful. may be u r right mr auzer , thats why pakistan has lost three battles against india. and hence there is no need to comment u also far away from truth.

  132. Auzer

    Well are you a moron????Dude I think I was wasting my time by talking with a Stupid Ass like you..WHERE IN THE HELL I HAVE SAID THAT PAKISTAN IS MORE POWERFUL??????MORE POWERFUL THAN WHOM??You are drunk buddy..just a 15 year old guy with no sense of writing or understanding things..May be there is a Language barrier..You can’t understand English very well..Just Quote me where I said this shit..!!Why you have said this..If you want to run away you can..I have no time to waste on explaining things to a child like you..When you will grow up ,you will learn automatically

  133. Auzer

    By the way you just prove that how “Great” Indians are ;-)lolxxx
    living in their own self-made wonder land..

  134. Mr C

    Dear Friend,

    Stop being racist. And having a superiority complex. Fact is Fact, you like it or not. My ranking still holds as:

    Here is the correct ranking..
    1)USA, 2)China, 3)Russia, 4) India, 5)UK, 6)France, 7) Germany, 8) Brazil, 9)Japan, 10)Turkey, 11)Israel, 12)South Korea, 13)Italy, 14)Indonesia, 15) Pakistan, 16)Taiwan, 17)Egypt, 18)Iran, 19)Mexico, 20) North Korea

    Source of this info is:
    USA is currently facing tough time in recession and with unemployment growing. If it continues for long, it wont be far for others to overtake.
    China looks very powerful to pip USA in future as a world power. Other potential candidates for #1 are a bit behind.

  135. Auzer

    Dude call me racist because I AM NOT..Right..and if you Indians stop being Stupid than I will not use any sang language to you guys..Just follow my last few posts and you will get that It’s you Indians that are being stupid .Just saying India is this n that,where as I am talking on the mere basis of logic and Facts.I never call India anything bad than why I am in “Superiority Complex”?????
    and again dude you are making me pissed off…Your list is based on “Global-Firepower” right..Moron it is a Millitary Website that also in far from reality because It just calculate the “Conventional Millitary strength” not the “Actual Millitary strength..And Powerful countries are not just based on Millitary power..If that was the case,North Korea would have been in top 6

  136. Auzer

    dude we are not jealous …well lets put in this way,I am not jealous right…Now I have accepted India as a IT Giant.A growing economy etc but why you boast as you contributed the hell alot in the progress of Mankind???In my previous posts,I showed you the actual scene..You did contribute but didn’t Shape the Planet Earth as you are not in the Category of “Martial Civilization” .Coming to your post,Dude Yeah US killed millions innocents but you think I am happy at this??? Hell far as I concerned US SUCKED in Iraq.And this is the one reason that Pakistan will pull his forces from Afghan-Bordered areas.We definately don’t want the best Army of coalition against talibans to pull off against them.But the actual reason of interfering in war b/w India and Pakistan is Nuclear threat..and well this is no topic..India will never fight a war against Pakistan(full-fledged) ..Dude Even US can’t attack Pakistan directly than who you guys you think you (Indians) are????Pakistan is a Nuclear capable state ,common Indians don’t be Assholes.

  137. no body

    if you still dont believe this why don’t you try lookin’ in in this site there are many huge info you can find

  138. Auzer

    oooooooooo Mr C your are from Cali right??So which city??Please Please don’t post here because you’re just giving bad name to Americans…Dude What in the hell made you thought that India is More powerful than ,say U.K or France or Even Germany to some extent ???????Because The “Global Firepower” gives Indian Millitary 4th Place…hahahaa Dumb ass…How in the heck you be a American??Look I Challenge you that Global Fire power ranking is just a Bullshit..!!Dude is Brazil is more powerful Than Pakistan???Or Turkey to Israel??In Conventional Mode ,may be yes but in Actual Mode Pakistan and Israel gonna Blow the head off of Brazil and Turkey because of their Nuclear Strike forces.

  139. Auzer

    Yeah I am a Barking dog that blew the lid off of your “Greatest India” hahahahaha..By the you invented Algebra,Trignometery and I was wondering May be Newton was also an “Indian” hahahahahahaha lol…You couldn’t refute me on any of the points …And you never could Because This is my favourite subject 🙂 and dude don’t get me wrong I once again say that India is great country but just stop making boasts and boasts …by the way..Your Airforce also beated USAF in Red Flag….LMAO hahahahaha IAF should first defeat PAF and PLAAF..!!

  140. ricky

    and last auzer, ur attitude is showing that pakistan is more powerful. but u want to concentrate on proper words written by u and me. thats why u r telling that u never written as “pakistan is more powerful”. u think i m like 15 yers old boy, but u looking like a foolish man. and u have problem with indians , but u r so proudy as anyone can see from ur comments the way u written. as well as my attitude is concerned. i always told that india give lot of things to world . i never told that india give all things to the world. as u r going to explain. america gives lot of things to the world. and a american writes that america give lot things to the world. then what is wrong in that. but u foolish man giving arguement on that. i m also mad who is talking with foolish and proudy man. so go away.

  141. Rumman

    This is Specially for all Indian & Pakistani,

    Indian’s says India more powerfull then Pakistan and Pakistani’s says that Pakistan more powerful then India.

    Powerful woh hai apne People ko FOOD, EDUCATION, HEALTH, HOME etc. provide kare. jis din India aur Pakistan main har Insaan ke pas yeh sab cheez aajanye to samajh lena ki Dono country powerful ho gayi hain.

    haan agar aapas main hi power show karte rahe to “KUWAIN KE MENDAK” ban kar reh jayenge dono mulk.

    so, please stop the Writing War and start a war Against the own weakness.

  142. Auzer

    Dude,Our whole talk was started when you claimed that India Invented Algebra,Trignometery,Chess etc etc…As this is the my subject,I feel a little uneasy and Show you the real picture..!!
    And dude it’s because You Indians has some problems with Pakistan,that’s why you are knocking your head when I say anything respectful to Pakistan.India is more powerful than Pakistan but YOU GUYS CAN NEVER THINK OF GOING ON WAR WITH PAKISTAN..PAKISTAN GONNA BLOW THE ASS OFF OF INDIAN this is what I’m saying and I am 100% right.

  143. Auzer

    Mr C you are a pissed off being…Go Fuck with your “Global Firepower” 😉 right…Just answer this question..Which country will destroy other country in a case of war b/w Pakistan and Brazil??????(Suppose they are neighbours)Actual Millitary power is not given in Global F.P…and JUST BY MILLITARY POWER YOU CAN’T RANK A COUNTRY POWERFUL…whereas your list of “Most Powerful Countries” is just based on “Conventional Millitary Power” of Countries ..SO Bottom line is YOU SUCK..!! hahahahahahahahahaha

  144. Auzer

    sorry to all
    i apologize to all indian
    for my rudeness over india .
    i know that india is powerful country and i praise it
    sorry if i have heart anyones feeling
    INDIA is great
    all countries are great

  145. Auzer

    hahahahha oooooooooooo your idiots Indian morons..go Fuck your self…I didn’t comment that I am sorry etc…soneone with pig head commented using my your desperation Indians 😉 ok Go hell with..India is 7th most powerful country,Pakistan is 9th most powerful but who USA is on no. 1 🙂

  146. pooja bhandari

    hey ppl let me tell u INDIA will br the most powerful country of the future. she will spread her immence values to the world and maintain harmony and peace through out. just wait and watch.

  147. mohit

    hahahaha auzer , u want to change your statement that u written in your last two comments. In your second last comment , you want to apologize from indian people and in your last comment u again start abusing indian people. That looks like same as americans change their husbands and wifes daily as soon as possible. Same , in case with your statements , as u people are not stable with your life partner,Same u are not stable with your statements. hahahahhahahhaha. as u people not loyale with ur life partners,same u r not loyale with your statements. hahahahhahahah. very funny.yes i can understand bacause u r from america.hahahahahhaha.

  148. Dost

    People leave auzer alone. He is a shame in the name of America. He is a sick man. He does not have any achievment of his own and is un-employed. He got fired from his job because of bad language and nonsence talks. He is a shame on world civilization.

  149. My C

    I haven’t seen anyone as foolish as Auzer. What a shame. He is spoiling America’s name.

    Brazil is a very large country and has nuclear reactors.. go and study in school you foolish. It can make weapon if required and pak does not have missile which can travel more than 2000km. Brazil is much more far from it. If pak tries to send it through planes, it can be shot down. Just having nuke does not make it in top 10. And if that is the case how come Germany is in this list as it is not a nuke power?

    Go and read about different countries.. and come and post.

  150. My C

    Mohit 🙂 it is not that bad friend. Yes there is cultural differences. Please don’t think Americans are like foolish Auzer.

  151. Dost

    Auzer only achivement is that his mom got …ed in US and he was born in US.
    And he always tries to proof that he is right.

  152. Auzer

    Hey you idiot Indian asses…I didn’t change my statements.Someone by name wrote the shit.And you people are not even worth talking to.And Mr Mr.Mohit don’t go on personal attacks..right..!! I can kick your ass in this kind of statements.Dude it is not of your FUCKED PROBLEM ,if Americans has problems with family system.Dude atleast we don’t get fucked by other nation’s men and then hide it from our parents like you Indians do.(My cousin’s girlfriend was a Indian(Sikh) and she never told her parents that she was dating the white guy) Now what you say Mr Mohit?India has the most Illiterate persons on Planet Earth(UNICEF).India has more poor than whole Africa(BBC)…Is this enough for you guys to see your dirty Ass Country called India..hahahahaah..I never dis-respected India but I am doing now because you disrespected Americans.

  153. Auzer

    Mr C
    I personally don’t see you as a American..Because you’re a Complete Piece of you wrote that Pakistani Missiles can’t reach Brazil..Agreed 100%…But please when your ass is kicked so hard,then don’t comment.Right..!! When I said about Pakistan/Brazil confrontation I wrote in Brackets that SUPPOSE THEY ARE NEIGHBOR ..So you had dick in your eyes when reading that comment of mine 😉 hahaha and Dude Brazil have nuclear Reactors and they can build nuke..hahahaha.Son go play Softball …Many countries have Nuclear Reactors so can they afford a war with a “Nuclear Power” because they can build Bombs..hahaha Dumb Ass ever heard the name of IAEA???IAEA will check whether nuclear reactors are civilian or Millitary..So Brazil can never make Bomb until they take their nuclear programme to next level.And this will take time idiot…atleast a by this very time world will be changed..So as we speak now…Pakistani millitary has an edge over Brazilian one and that is “Nuclear” factor..and this edge is Decisive

  154. Auzer

    Refrain from personal attack dude.When you guys can’t prove me wrong than you start abusing me..this is what we called “THIRD WORLD”..Thanks

  155. Dost

    You started it u piece of shit. Leave Auzer.. Iski screw dhila hein.

    He is born in a piece of shit. He seems to be a from Pakistani. Or maybe one of the pak nuke has pierced his … haha..

  156. Dost

    loji aaab ye sala bolta hein ki brazil pak neibour hein. Kya assumption hein. Poora pagal hein ye Auzer.

  157. Dost

    auzer, jake apna mu dho ke aa. badbu marta hein. naha ke bhi aa. Aur pak ke kutte to chatt

  158. Auzer

    LOL…You Indian pussy…You think I am a Pakistani?????Go and Fuck your self Urine Drinker hahaha….Pakistan is a Great Country..No Doubt..But Pakistanis SUCK..!! Give Pakistan to US ,it will be a super power

  159. Prashant

    According to this list

    i say that pakistan bad and poor country it is not deserve in this list and not have money for making misiles atom bomb they always defeated when they fight against india. india is a powerful country they always defeat pakistan india shows our power to all over the world.

  160. fz

    i tell you why pakistan,s economy is not stable becouse pak is managing so many enemies like usa ,israeel, ind….if it will happen to india…i m sure india will not exist any more….its only brave pakistani who are managing so many difficulties

  161. mohit

    Mr C, i feel apologize if i hurt u. i did not mean that. i just want to give answer to auzer. u r right mr c, some people like auzer spoils the name of their countries. i give such type of statement because auzer has given lot of statements against indian people instead of a single person to whom he/she is talking.but i feel apology from u. but i m still ready to kick auzer ass.

  162. mohit

    auzer , barking dogs seldom bite as like u.what r u? stupid , gay,, sale what u think that u r so superior, basturd people like u r my servants. u r challeging me . basturd . i m ready to accept ur challenge. so get ready if u want personally.idiot. gay.

  163. Auzer

    Dude where did say I am superior???But yeah I am not stupid OOOO you accepted my challenge but which one;-) Why you all people are opening their shit hole at me???Just refute my ONE statement that I had given in my all posts.You can not because simply you cannot..!!

  164. Auzer

    LOL…Mohit..I think the best list is by Prashant..India on top,hahahaha..and Pakistan don’t have money to Built atom bomb and Missiles..LMFAO..Pakistan owns India in Nuclear striking Mode(Source..FAS)…So Indians you are really good in…How funny .You guys just make your country, a joke.

  165. Auzer

    Dude if you accept the state of Israel ,they will be your best friend..and I don’t want to say anything on Indo/Pak standoff ,But US is not your enemy ,neither your friend..If our and your interests are same,we are good..Other wise we are against you.Whole world is like this..You should not complain,rather be strong yourself and protect you interests.And one more suggestion,Pakistan’s name should be Pakistan..Not Islamic Democratic Pakistan..Because you are not Islamic nor Democratic..So your country gives bad name to Democracy and Islam also.

  166. Nadeem

    @Auzer & all Indians…

    Auzer you are such a stupid man opening ur bloody shit ass in front of Pakistani dicks…and very soon you will see China will fucked your bloody shit ass…

    I have gone thourgh some of your articles above, where you said that Brazil, Japan,india and Korea is more strong than Pakistan…

    indians are strong economically but do u have knowledge that internally most of their people are hungry , while some of their people which they call neech zaat eating rats to survive , India has more poor people than entire African nations…
    and their missle tachnology is so weaker even weaker then Korea, and yes specially for american ya we ask for money but not begging, your bloody shit army cannot do anything in Afghanistan, all has ben done by Paksitan.

    Finally i want to again highlight to all the world that yes Pakistani economy is in trouble these days, we have to manage and utilize our reseources to strengthen our army despite of having huge enemies (America, Russia, Israil, India), I feel very proud that Pakistan is a nation strong enough to manage all that…. about india, i think there is no need to say anything about thier weakest nuclear capability. And for those idiots who think about war between Pakistan and india, they are just bastered and dont know about the disasters that they will caused..

    For democracy, if selling your sisters on just ten rupees (in India) is called democracy then we are happy to be non democratic nation. We want peace and the same is not possible withour power…

    Hence, here i proudly say that Pakistan is one of the strongest country on this universe…

    Pakistan Paindabad

  167. FZ

    @ auzer

    i m agree with some of your comments. if someone,s interests will be same to the others then then no one have enemy, but how is it possible.USA wants to invade pakistan as they invaded afghanstan and how thier interrest will come to same..this is the CIA, MOSADB and RAW who created terrorest in the pakistan then put the terrorism lable on pakistan they are treaning them and funding them..thas why i said in my previous comments that pakistan is managing these enmies.i accept that our own poeple(i ashame to call them muslim) are involved with enemies

    what……? we accept we accept Israeel(origional terrorist) who came from out side and occupied the phalstine,jeroshlm and they are killing our innocent muslm brothers and sisters daily…no way to accept.
    But i m agree with u that mostly pakistani are not following ISLAM properly.and pak is not a good democratic country becouse of our corrupt politicians.
    i hope and pray that pak will come out from these calamities.

  168. Dost

    Are ye pak wale kaise besaram hote hein. Khud to kangal hein..bhik mangate hein..

    bolte hein ki original terrorist koi aur hein…

    Hajar chuhe khake billi haj ko gai

  169. englishman1

    i think government has to much power, regardless of country. When did power become so important? What about peace?

    ‘no man should have power over another, no matter how influential or insignificant’ that quote is mine and i will always stand by that, we are all equal. thank you 🙂

  170. Auzer

    Mr Nadeem Can you quote me where did I say that Brazil and korea are stronger than Pakistan?????? Just a single line of mine that shows these words????
    And If you don’t find it,them please take your “Pakistani” dick into your own ass..Don’t just bark..I NEVER said that Pakistan is weak compared to Brazil etc.
    But Pakistan is Weak than Japan..Dude seriously,Why you guys don’t accept reality..Do you really think that Pakistan is stronger than Japan???????

  171. Auzer

    I also hope that Pakistan would came out from these trouble situation very soon.
    And one more thing,please don’t get offensive,But Democracy in Pakistan Sucks not due to corrupt politicians,but because of you Pakistanis.Because most of Pakistanis are Illiterate.So how can democracy work in country like Pakistan.Pakistanis should concenterate on Eduction.Your Prophet also commanded you to get yourself educated.

  172. Nadeem

    @ Auzer

    Yes Pakistan is stronger than Japan.

    We are talking about power. yes Japan’s economy is third or maybe second largest in globe. but this is something again if u say Brazil & India is strong than Pakistan. Even we accept that Brazil & India’s economy is also stronger than Pakistan but they are not strong in power game.

    Same as Japan is very strong in economy but lacking far behind in power. Even North Korea can erase Japan from world’s map.

    Pakistan Paindabad

  173. Nadeem

    @ Dost

    Mera dil kerta hai teri maa ki choot mai dhool bajaoon or bhanghray daloon salay bloody indian dust on earth…

    Salay dam hai tum 120 crore hijroon mai 18 crore Pakistani tigers say larnay ka….

    Saloo sudher jaoo werna phat kay hath aa jayy ghi tumari….

    Now stop barking….

  174. Nadeem

    @ Indian

    Teri maa kay boobs mai say milk nikal kay saaray Pakistan ki tea party kerwaoon salay hijray… phad don gha salay ma kay loooray…

    Salay tujay teri ma ki chut mai hi wapis ghusa doon gha jis gandi choot say tu nikla hai….ganga ka ganda paani peenay walu gandi indian qaum…

    Be in ur mother’s pussy and dont even try to mess with Pakistan.

  175. roy

    mr. nadeem gavti mad [mentally affected donkey] anpad r u a terrorist.
    usa ke samne bhik mangte hai. and stop joking. u call yourself tiger.
    tiger ka naam badnam mat karo. machhar ki bhi AUKAD NAHI HAI.

  176. INDIAN

    pakistan manufactures BORN terrorist
    sale nadeem teri ma ki choooot me pura pakistan ghoosa doonga
    teri maaa ki gaaand me maulanaaa ka lund
    sale land khapiss

  177. INDIAN

    Mr. auzer you must have adopted your moms behaviour
    just like she changed her fcukers, lovers and husbands
    you changed your statement

  178. Nadeem

    @ Roy & Indian

    Salay tum indian ho hi sab kay sab aik jesay….jab bi tum logon kay saamnay such bolo tumari phad kay hath mia aa jati hai …

    Tum sab aik baap ki ulaad ho hi nai…ma kay loray ho tum bharvay…
    Dunia ki dust ho tum… dunia ki sab say gandi qaum ho tum log….ganga mai peeshaap kertay ho or phir usi ko peetay ho or phir usi mai nahatay ho….uuhhaaa i am almost vomiting by saying that….

    Uloo ki ulaad ho tum…salay hijray…120 crore hijron ka mulk hai india…

    INDIAN maa ki chut mai Pakistan or Australia ka match kerwaoon, phir teri sister randi ka mujra kerwaoon or us kay baad chut ka band baja doon salay..

    Pakistan Paindabad

  179. FZ

    @ Brother Nadeem:

    May i advise you brother….i know mostly poeple here in this forume are using very bad language against each others…..i dont know thier religion & i dont that know thier religion allow them or not, to abusing their sisters & mothers and may be it does not matter for them….BUT…..We are muslim…we are not allowed to do like this…its strikly prohibitted in ISLAM to abusing each others even in the case of anger….i hope you will understad me

  180. FZ

    @ All Indians

    stop abusing…..if r so proud on your vast population…then…let me to challenge you all indians….just arrange a Ring Battle …call your all indians…then…call one pakistani and one indian and put them into the ring …and let them fight to the death….likewise all pakistanis will fight with all indians one by one and one to one….then you will recognize whom is called brave …..even we pakistanis are very less in population compare to india’s population…but..i m sure that you indians are not even dare to accept this challenge….i m not braging it is the truth…we dont want war..we want peace..but if someone challenge us…then we are ready to accept that.

  181. INDIAN

    sale bhadve ring battle ke moo ke
    ring battle koi biscuit he kya ki koi bhi khalega
    ja pehle tere president ki sign le ke aa phir humare prime minister ki sign le ke aa
    uske bad tumhare baap obama ki sign le ke aa

  182. Dost

    FZ all Maa mentioned by Nadeem is Nadeem’s own maa. We all call his maa as Maa Ji, so when he said your maa, he actually points to the one whom we call Maa Ji. Strange to see that Nadeem does all these ugly things to his own Maa. What a shame.

  183. Dost

    FZ instead of Ring Match, I have a better idea. Lets switch sides. You tell good things about India and we will tell good things about Pak. and be honest.

    1st One goes from me:
    1) Pak food is very good and is famous in the world.

  184. Nadeem

    @ FZ…

    I Know that our culture, our religion, does not allow us to be like that…belieive me i never started like that, you can read all my articles above since starts till end….

    I have been forced by these guys to be like that…being patriotic person, i cannot bear even a single word against my beloved Pakistan. or phir yay salay indian bharvay kuch kahin in ki maa ki chut mai ghus ker in ki sisters ka mujra kerwa doon gha mai…salay gandi tareen qaum mai yay hijray…

    Anyway promise mai tab tak kuch ghalat nai kahon gha jab tak koi ghalat baat nai keray gha…

    Pakistan Paindabad

  185. INDIAN

    saley madarchod Nadeem humari quam ko ganda kehta he bhadve apni quam ko dekh
    1 no. ki madarchod quam he tumhari pakistan ki
    randi ke ho tum sab log

  186. roy

    nadeem teri to jaat hi badnam hai. chhajoor. 5 paise ki aukad nahi hai.
    u r running from the truth ki teri country duniya me badnam hai BHIKARI.
    sabko,the whole world knows teri quam kitne ghatiya hai.
    bewde. when i think about your country the image comes to my mind is BHIKARIS.

  187. FZ

    @ ALL
    CAN YOU STOP GUYS?…abusing each others ..plz…why u r abusing your mothers and sisters….what did they do wrong with you??????????????????????
    stop it plz….anyway we all are common when it comes to human beings…ALLAH(GOD) has created all of us… when you abuse others remeber you are abusing ALLAH’s creation.
    All poeples by nature, love thier contries… and all have different views and opinions(it will never come to same)… but a good man always express his opinion in a good and respective manner(unlike you)….SO RESPECT OTHERS AND EXPECT THE RESPECT FROM OTHERS

    Being a PAKISTANI i respect you and expect the respect from you.

  188. Rumman

    All Indian & Pakistani

    yaar tum logon ne te is list ko JUNG ka MAIDAN bana diya hai.

    Agar India & Pakistan aaj powerful hain to yeh socho ki ismain tum logon ka apna kya role hai, ya kya ho sakta hai.

    kyonki jin logon ne India & Pakistan ko powerful banane ke liye kaam kiya hai, woh tum logon ki tarah ek dusre ko galiyan nahin dete the.

    aur tum log to ek dusre ko aise gali de rahe ho ke jaise India & Pakistan ko tum logon ne hi powerful banaya hai.

    so, please stop abusing.

    India & Pakistan ZINDABAD

  189. Dost

    Guys I would agree with NZ and Rumman. Please stop using vulgar language. This post is read across the world and it doesn’t look good.

  190. Nadeem

    @ FZ & Rumman

    Guys you both are right…from now onward i will not abuse anyone TILL anybody from other side will starts abusings about my beloved Pakistan.

    I am amazed to see that people living in both Pakistan and India, really loved thier countries and are ready to sacrifies whenever coutry needs arised…keep it up boys… Today Pakistan and India is strong because of thier people…

    I am proud of being Pakistani and South Asian…

    South Asia Zindabad & Pakistan Paindabad

  191. INDIAN

    I also agree with you guys
    but no badwords should be given to india
    else i will start it again

  192. FZ

    @ ALL


    Special thanx to…Nadeem….Romman…Dost

    with Best regards

  193. Rumman


    thanx for ur reply.

    main yehi to kehna chahta hun ki hum Indian aur Pakistani logon ke saath yehi to problem hai ki hum choti choti baton main aakar apne raste se bhatak jaate hain.

    aur ek dusre ko bura bhala kehne lagte hain.

    par yeh bhi yaad rakho ke hum logon ne milkar hi British Empire ko South Asia se Finish kiya tha. Aur second world war main hum jab ek they tab hum logon ne hi JAPAN ko BURMA main haraya tha.

    ab socho ki agar hum phir se ek saath mil jayen (As freind NOT country) to duniya ka koi mulk hamare against kuch nahin kar sakta.

    Ok, TC

  194. FZ

    @ ALL

    we can commentate eachothers as different poeple have different ideas and opinions…but in a good way of talking….so that if third person read our articals,immediately he realize that pakistani and indian are good commentators…here i would like to say that dont sit always on the defensive bench…..if threre is a truth we should accept it even it is said by our opposer

  195. Auzer

    Huh….surprise really…You south Asians also have brains 😉 heheheh JUST KIDDING….Abusing is not the way to go…give your point so strong that you don’t need abuses to back it up..!!


  196. mohit

    india aur pakistan ke logon ko saath mein dekh kar khush hoon. india aur pakistan ke log bure nahi hai, agar koi bura hai to woh log hain jo hamare dilon mein ek dusre ke liye nafrat peda karte hain. haan, kuch kamiyan hamari countries ki politics mein zaroor hai , jis wajah se hum log ek dusre ko dushman samajhne lagte hain.

  197. Nadeem

    @ Auzer

    You bloody bastered… if you will leave another comment in this article. agaisnt Pakistan surely i will fuck your sister’s bloody shit pussy and make you uncle of her childrens….who will calls you “MAMO”…lol..!!!

    You idiots just can not see Pakistan and india as friends… we have just exchanged our well wishes against each other and then sudden you basered jumped like a bloody pig…

    I agree with Ruman that if Pakistan and india would be freinds, then america will be like a peace of cake for us…

    Pakistan Paindabad

  198. mohit

    yaar nadeem, Is auzer se baat karne ka koi benifit nahi hai. aur waise bhi hum India wale is auzer ko pagal ka taj pehna chuke hain. Zara upar wale iske comments check karna. yeh bolta hai ki soch lo ki ‘pakistan aur brazil neibour hain’. kya jabardast assumption hai iski? hahahahaha.yeh apni statement bhi fta fat badel deta hai. Aur waise bhi in logo ko do countries ke beech mein taang adane ki aadat hai.Yeh sochta hai ki sirf ise hi sab kuch pata hai, baki sab galat hai. mr c, jo ki america se hai, unhonne bhi yeh bol diya hai ki auzer america ka naam kharab kar raha hai.yeh jab se comment kar raha hai, yeh apne desh ke baare mein to bola hi nahi , bus dusri countries ke baare mein hi comments dene mein laga hua hai.
    is liye iske saath dimag kharab karne ki zarurat nahi hai. so cool down my friend.

  199. FZ

    @ Naddem & Auzer

    i m not agree with brother Nadeem….what did Auzer ssy wrong?????…..i think every body have rights to give their comments as long as they are saying in a good way….it does not matter where they belong to.

    yar nadeem kisi ko galiyan mat do plz



  200. Auzer

    Mr Nadeem you are still a child in your approach..I just joked on South Asians that they also have brain to think and live together and respect each other.Because all the way long,you Indis/Pakis kept on abusing each other for no reason..But you took my joke in completely other way and promptly start abusing me..Well I had a better view of Pakistanis in my mind..May be I was wrong..!!
    And If India and Pakistan were together ,they would be top 3 world powers of the world..I accept it.

  201. zahid furqan

    MR.Nadeem, i m a Pakistani med student in Rawalpindi.Firstly Mr.auzer did his best to do justice with us and the India.And my Indian fellas ,if we continue fighting like this on every platform,we have ,then how can ever be peace that both the natios long?
    Just see yourself, my fellow Pakistani And Indian bros, this list is our mirror in reality.Every country has its problems and Pakistan is having a lot of them.But cant we see that because of this silly attitude by both Pakistan and indianz ,both the countries are among the top ten corrupt countries of the world.
    And why the hell are we fighting just to prove that one is more powerful than other.Its a known fact that India is stronger.But it doesn’t mean that India can just wipe Pakistan off.It is just not possible even with a nation like Afghanistan, U.S is not able to do that.India will have to think a thousand times before doing that coz it will bring its economy to haullt and the nuclear strike will just rubble both countries to ground.
    Mr.Auzer has been just.We must respect each other.WE must behave like grown ups.What we want To see may not be What actually is!
    Every one wants to see his country at the top.This is a natural instinct but we must keep our instincts in control and instead of bridling these instincts to blur the reality.
    And Auzer is also right that every country looks after its own Interests except my dear Pakistan.And just see that even with a single list which matters nothing to a lot of people,.the GORRA was able to spark a fight between us.Why we think each other as a threat and accept it or not both of us try to destabilize the fellow neighbor.Seriously disappointed by the behavior of my fellow south indians,if this practice continues ,Neither Pakistan Nor India will be able to leave a mark in the world.we will just waste our time tearing and muddlyng each others clothes.and pulling each others legs off.Shame on this Attitude.
    Long live all nations of the World.

  202. zahid furqan

    And please meray dosto! Don’t misquote Auzer or anybody.Y we people always think of Destroying each other?
    Thanks to Rumman,FZ,NAdeem,INdian,Mohit for finally understanding why South Asia is poor now.We were together in 1700 era and were regarded as superpower then.


    pakistan is the mother of terrorists only and nothing else.

    for pakistani’s:
    Listen very carefully

    When pakistanis are born…….oh yeah

    They have AK-47 in their hand…..

    then,Father says,my son will become a taliban,one day…….ok

    For education father send his child to school..

    Where he learn to operate AK-47…..

    When he turned 17…..

    The day come,when father’s dream come to be true……

    hey dude,which dream..

    you don’t understand my friend…..

    his child become a real taliban-terrorist

    then he send to INDIA ,for which purpose

    very sad to say that to kill innoscent people

    but one day he became a prey Indian Soldiers…….

  204. Dost

    Auzer, America is an aged country… it is now getting sick. It is our time now..

    We are poised!! to over take you. You sleep now and do some puja

  205. INDIAN

    just stop it mr. loveneet singh please
    dont abuse them
    please i erg u

  206. Auzer

    @Zahid Furqan
    Thanks buddy.I appreciate your rational thinking.I read your comment curiously,because at the start of your comment, you said that you are a medical student.So I wanted to know how a “Educated” Pakistani thinks and analyze things and You didn’t disappointed me.Accept the reality,so therefore you can change the reality ,if you don’t like it.But if you will live in self-denial ,then you are far away from reality and you will never able to change it.

    Best of luck for your medical class..!!


  207. Auzer

    huh…Aged country…That’s why we are super-power.You learned things as the time pass by,and America has done that and I hope it will learn from his mistakes in future too.I don’t know what is puja,but I sleep tight after I complete my duty at office honestly.When you will have this attitude, better than Americans, you will overtake us..So try it and best of luck too.

  208. Auzer

    @Indian Daku
    I agree with you 100%. You are 100% right.

    (Guys don’t say him anything and take his words,Because you can never win against Idiots that have no brain to think)

  209. mohit

    ZAHID FURQAN, i m agree with u. Hum logo ko aapas mein miljul ke rehna chahiye. , Jo kamiyan hum logo mein hain , unko commit karna chahiye.Par jo aap bol rahe ki auzer ki baatein thik hai. unke saath main sehmat nahi hun. Kya america mein koi kami nahi hai. Auzer india aur pakistan ki kamiyon ko batane mein to jute hue hain par agar america ke bare mein kuch bol do to yeh gussa kar jate hain aur ulta seedha bolna shuru kar dete hain. India aur Pakistan ke log apne desh ke baare mein kuch nahi sunhna chahte. Is liye ek doosre ko bolna shuru kar dete hain. Par auzer bhi kon sa america ke baare mein kuch sunhna chahte hain. Aur yeh bhi waisa hi behave shuru kar dete hain , jaise ki india aur pakistan ke log karte hain . Phir auzer kaise thik hue.
    auzer sirf tab tak thik hain , jab tak inse doosre deshon ki kamiyon ke bare me poochte raho, par jaise hi aap america ke baare mein baat karo to yeh hyper ho jaate hain aur galiyan dene lagte hain.
    mujhe yaad hai ki osama ko dundhne ke liye america ka kya statement tha
    ? jab osama ko dunhne mein pakistan ne apni land america ko use karne ko haan nahi ki thi to america ne yeh kaha tha ki agar pakistan apni land america ko use nahi karne dega to america aur pakistan ke rishtey kharab ho sakte hain. tab america ne pakistan par ek political pressure dala tha. tab america ne ye nahi socha tha ki osama ab pakistan par bhi humla kar sakta hai. america ko to sirf apne kaam se matlab tha. aur wo pakistan ki help se ho gya.


  210. Quraishi

    Dear Friends, how could you consider Turkey? above Pakistan, Pakistan having nuclear weapons and Turkey doesnot have. My list of most powerful nations are:

    1 – USA
    2 – China
    3 – India
    4 – France
    5 – UK
    6 – Germany
    7 – Russia
    8 – Japan
    9 – Pakistan
    10 – Brazil

  211. Nadeem

    @ Lovneet Singh Daku..

    Mind ur language… now if u will say anything about Pakistan then everyone knows what will happen here…

    So shut ur mouth and dont comment anything without having any information…

    Pakistan Paindabad

  212. Nadeem

    @ Mohit…

    America cannot be freind of India, Pakistan or any country in the world without thier benefit or interest,,,

    They captures entire arab world for Oil,
    They attacked on Iraq for Oil.
    They already starts threating China becoz China is a rising start and will surely be next super power very soon.

    They starts interferring in Indo-Paksitan peace mission, becoz they know that if india – Pakistan will be freinds then where they will sell thier heavy weapons?

    They create taliban against Russia and now the same are terrorist for them.

    But Inshallah very soon we all will see the erasement of Amercia & western. future of the world is China, Russia, India, Pakistan & Iran…

    Pakistan Paindabad

  213. K Mehta

    According to me:

    1. USA
    2. Russia
    3. China
    4. Great Britain
    5. France
    6. India
    7. Israel
    8. Pakistan/Iran

    just because they can nuke anyone they want…

    9. Germany
    10. Australia
    11. Turkey


    In terms of Air Force

    1. USA
    2. Russia
    3. Great Britain
    4. Israel
    5. France
    6. Germany
    7. India or Japan
    8. Japan or India
    9. China
    10. Australia

    In terms of logistics

    1. USA
    2. the rest of the world

    In terms of military intelligence

    1. Israel
    2. Great Britain
    3. Russia (interchangable with USA)
    4. USA (interchangable with Russia)
    5. France

    In terms of “spy” intelligence

    1. Israel
    2. Russia
    3. USA
    4. Great Britain
    5. China
    6. France
    7. India

    In terms of sheer numbers (power)

    1. USA (great weapons + 3rd largest country in the world)
    2. Russia (good weapons + very large country)
    3. China (fair weapons + 1st largest country in the world)
    4. India (good weapons + 2nd largest country in the world)
    5. Israel (citizen-soldier state, 5 million of very motivated individuals)
    5. Great Britain/France (great weapons + large population)

    In terms of military moral/willingness to fight and win

    1. Israel (necessaty for survival)
    2. Great Britain (very patriotic)
    3. India (very patriotic)
    4. Russia (very patriotic)
    4. Ireland (very patriotic)
    5. South Korea/North Korea
    6. USA/Germany
    7. Japan

    I am not saying this list is right.
    I am saying this is what I think of the world’s armies strength. Hopefully I am not very far in my calculations.

  214. K Mehta

    @Auzer Behave Properly… You seem to be most illiterate person here…
    Although your the most intelligent… Use your intelligence in good way rather than being a racist…

  215. FZ

    @ k mehta
    heheheheheh…….how israeel came in the top ten…its look like a joke….turkey iran are far more ppower ful than israeel

    and mr.k mehta…. be informed that ISI (PAKISTAN)is the no.1 in the list of top ten int. agen

    you can check at google top10intelligentagenciesintheworld

    and if u go to.. terms of military moral/willingness to fight and win

    then u can see that pakistan is always at the top

  216. FZ


    i would like to advise you my friend ….You have to go to school first…learn about around you….once you gain sufficient knowledge…then come here…we will wellcome you


  217. Auzer

    Guys please one Request….STOP GIVING YOUR OWN LISTS..!!
    This list is Perfect.This list is made by extensive analysis and in context of the present political situation in the world..!!

    All lists are made can be seen clearly as biased.
    If I made my own list,I would say,
    So,my list in absolutely USELESS ,same as all lists of yours ..!!


  218. K Mehta

    @FZ BROTHER IT’S JUST WHAT I THINK… As I already said I’m not saying this list is right… And yeah for me Israel has enough Nuke(more than pakistan and india) to start a war…and kick any country’s ass…
    @AUZER Oh.. You mean we are not supposed to give our opinion… Is anything wrong with you..?? Seriously man you’re the most stupid person in the whole world… :/

  219. Rumman

    @Auzer and all American :-

    If u think America very Peaceful??????

    Please read this :-


    During the final stages of World War II in 1945, the United States conducted two atomic bombings against the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Japan.

    Within the first two to four months of the bombings, the acute effects killed 90,000–166,000 people in Hiroshima and 60,000–80,000 in Nagasaki.


    Casualties in Afghanistan:-

    Total killed in Afghanistan 19,629
    Total injured in Afghanistan 48,644


    Casualties in Iraq :-

    Total killed in Iraq 900,338
    Total injured in Iraq 1,690,903

    America Peaceful?????????????????

    What a joke

  220. Peace Warrior

    I think Pakistan should be at 3rd position……..because of Highly technical Neuclear weapons……..and I admit that India is powerful country but technically they are facing toooooooooooooo much greater problems as compare to Pakistan. I know Pakistan is facing several problems…………… But I want to clear You all that these problems making Us more powerful and continously progressing our technique…………..and Peoples Of Pakistan coming closer and closer……Our generation are realizing that fact that as long we Unite we will survive………….There are few problems but I can see We as a nation can solve our problems and about Paki politicians ………..They are not valuable…Pakistani Peoples are not begger Becoz we know that we have the power to win in every condition……….

  221. Pak Bacha

    Americans think that they are peaceful and terrorist are in Afghanistan or Iraq or any muslim country but they are the worst or more than worst nation ever I can prove you ,you can see their terrorism in Iraq,Afghanistan and also in Hiroshima and Nagasaki,What was that ???didn’t people died in their attacks or people were born when they dropped atomic bomb in Nagasaki or Hiroshima and as far as I know USA will not be superpower for long because USA is going to fall too early

  222. Auzer

    Sorry friends for talking technically
    i must also talk foolish like you asian
    so Mr.Rumman fuck your ass
    K.Mehta you too
    america is grat rest all false

  223. mohit

    jab auzer ko america ki asliyat ke bare mein bataya jaye to yeh bokhla jata hai aur galiyan dene lagta hai ,jaise isne apne last comment mein kiya. jab yeh thik ko thik aur galat ko galat mannhne ke liye ready nahi hai to is se baat karne ka kya benifit? jo baatein aapne apne last comment mein likhi hain , woh bilkul thik hain aur saari duniye jaanti hai. par jab in logon ko asliyat batayi jaye to yeh galiyan dene lagte hain , jaisa isne kiya.

  224. mohit

    I m repeating some lines of ur comments in capital letters in which u r giving opinion to people of india and pakistan.
    These were your wordings . Now u tell me auzer , Why u r now abusing rumman?. Did rumman abused u? Now whats that mean? If i fit your above statement in this condition,then it means that u dont have any strong point to give answer to rumman. Thats why u started abusing rumman. Is it true? Yes it is.
    And i m telling all these according to your statement , not mine.
    As i have told earlier that u r not stable with your own statements. Then how u can give opinions to other people? Everyone present here can check that i m saying right or wrong?
    mr auzer if u want to give any opinion to anybody ,as u did in your above statement , then first apply that condition on yourself , only after then u r able to give opinion to anyone.

  225. FZ

    @k mehta

    hey mehta….mind your language….i also know how to abuse…but i dont want to do this ….

    and its for yoyr information…be careful…..israeel is under the target of iran…iranian can erase the israeel from the map of the world whenever they want…..and PAKISTAN is far strong than iran

  226. K Mehta

    @AUZER Hahahaha you’re the most stupid person…and you’re proving that again and again… Dumb ass… By the way how many times ur boss fucks in a day…?? And yeah where’s ur wife’s (a prostitute) boyfriend…?? Ask her that’s me…!! 🙂
    Teri ma ki chut (ur mother’s pussy)
    apni bahan chuda (go and get ur sister fucked) … Bahan k lode ( ??? Can anyone translate it for that dumb asshole…??? ) Tujh jaisa besharam nhi dekha ( never seen such a shameless ass…)… Seriously man… If i found u even by mistake…that’ll be the worst day for u… I’m will cut ur dick(doubt : u even hav it or not) and will make pakode of that bloody shit and make all american eat that… At last i’ll not fuck ur ass… Cuz that’s not worth my LUND (DICK) but yeah i’ll always be ready for ur wife… 🙂

  227. K Mehta

    @AZ yar problem kya h… itna serious kyun ho jate ho…
    Hindustan Zindabad
    Pakistan Zindabad…
    Is it okay..?? Yar IT’S JUST WHAT I THINK… Mere sochne se duniya thodi na badlegi… I’m sorry if u took that as an abuse… I apologize… 🙂
    @AUZER MAR JA “Randi k bachhe”

  228. K Mehta

    @AUZER There are some grammatical mistakes in that upper paragraph … Hope u’ll get it… Lol @auzer Don’t mess with an Indian, You lesbo… I’ll send niggas at ur home…who’ll not leave ur fucking shity pussy…even they’ll not fuck ur ass…hahahaha Go and get fucked… Cuz u can’t fuck urself…

    Hey i got an offer for u… Get fucked in 1 paise(1/100th of a Rupee) ….btw It’s not even worth that… Imao..


  229. Auzer

    cool down man
    i was just testing your (bloody asians) patience
    you bloody asses are very short tempered
    thats why you have not progressed yet

  230. FZ

    @k mehta

    shukriya….actually yar mujey galiyun se bohat nafarat he…..agar app kisi ke behan ko bura bhala kaheen gey to jawab mien woh bhi aap ke behan ko bura bhala kahee ga…bhala is mien aap ke maa behan ka kia kasoor he?????????????/????????

    any way we all are human ..we must respect eachothers as humanbeing

    @auzer…actually my name is faraz…….but you can call me fz600…..its for your pleasure

  231. K Mehta

    @auzer and this is the only reason why u (@auzer and people who have same thinking like auzer) get abused by us(not US)… 🙂

    i respect each and every country and it’s natural that everyone wants their country to be at the top… But you can’t see people giving their reviews.., wherever u see anyone putting US down in their list… You just try to get ur legs in between them (that’s the bloody problem with u)…
    And yeah my country’s has nothing to do wid my temper… Maybe ur countrymen test each citizen’s temper to see whether the country is progressing or not… Lol 🙂

  232. Auzer

    and FZ ,you think I am moron to object on your nick name??????
    In ALL my posts,you all guys can see the HUGE Difference of English linguistics when compared with the post made by the REAL LOOSER using my name…I’m not a fucking retard to abuse anyone etc

    1 thing, this is the reason US rules over world..You people (ALL DEVELOPING COUNTRY) always try to use your brain and come up with new innovations in negative manner and think you are a scientist…!! I can also use my brain in negative way to insult you all,but I will not because there is difference b/w me and you.

  233. Dost

    Auzer –> Drink your urine. Idiot, FAT, Foolish bluddy american. You are the
    No 1 Criminal in the world. It looks like he does not have any other work except coming to this post and posting his stupid ideas.

    America is the country which has killed most number of people. You all should be ashaimed. It invades countries (Iraq, Afganistan, ..). It supports countries where it sees benefits (e.g. Israel). It is a self proclaimed Law Binder. If you don’t use your power correctly, you are nothing but a loser.

    We are going to overtake you soon and end your bloody monopoly. You will soon be begging.. I already see un-employed people including you doing that.

  234. K Mehta

    US RULES..??
    Only a fucking retard can say this… LMAO wake up u foolish ass…

    And what u said ” I can also use my brain”

    @ALL ” AUZER IS HAVING A BRAIN..” hahahahaha…

    And u don’t have to think (can he even think..?? :/) what others are thinking and and how they use their brain…

    And I’m a Scientist… not a biologist or whatever u r who just keep on searching for people’s dick…

    Let me tell you your problem you want respect…but u can’t give…

    And at last the difference b/w u and me… You are the REAL LOOSER here…

  235. Nadeem

    @ Auzer…

    Now you must run away from here.. go and share all your stupid ideas with all other foolish americans so that they can prepare themselves to attack on Iran now. but let me advice all americans that dont ever even try to attack on Iran if you & your bloody boss israil really want to be on world’s map. Iran is not Iraq or Afghanistan, think 200 times before proceeding to attack on Iran.

    Pakistan Paindabad

  236. Rumman

    @ Auzer

    If, you think america is Very Secure and Technically Developed.

    read this :-

    On 11 Sep 2001 in America, Terrerist Hijack your Four Flight.

    11 September 2001; American Airlines 767 (Flight 11)
    (this flight crash on WTC)
    11 September 2001; United Airlines 767 (Flight 175)
    (this also Crash on WTC)
    11 September 2001; American Airlines 757 (Flight 77)
    (this Crash on Pantagon)
    11 September 2001; United Airlines 757 (Flight 93)

    In a Day 4 Flight Hijack.

    and u think America is Very Secure and Advanced Country.

    think again.

  237. Dost

    Rumman, I only told truth about these Americans. This Auzer is a shamless person. He will again come and poke his nose.

    They spend over $550+ billion in defence expenditure. They suck heavy tax from its own people and spend in all these war crimes.

    When millions of people were dying of hunder in Africa and other poor countries, they dumped millions of tons of grain in sea to contain price.

  238. Alex

    What is going on this thread .People placing Pakistan above USA .:D Well the two wars 1947 and 1965 there was kind of no win no lose situation as both the forces were not able to achieve what they tried for but 1971 was a clear victory for indian forces ..Remember bangladesh ..i think that neither pak nor india deserve to be in this list as they are still very behind the other armed forces in the world technically such as of turkey.And no doubt USA is the leader becoz not only technically but also exp. wise becoz when there was a major war US forces were always there in the feild.

  239. Nadeem

    Kind informaiton for all….

    Yesterday India once again failed to explode / experience its Prithvi missile…

    Pakistan Paindabad

  240. Dost

    Alex you seem to be another foolish similar to Auzer. You can join him and drink his urine

  241. hindustani

    Nadeem You aid That India once again failed to explode / experiment its Prithvi missile. This is minus point Of india but did you say the plus point of India Approximatly 3 Months ago
    India get succes In the Experiment of Brahamos Missile????????????????

  242. hindustani

    India is fouth leading producer of missiles in world After United States Of America,Russia and People’s Republic Of China

  243. M Karan

    Dear All Bull shit Pakistani,

    the whole world is suffering from the problem of Terrorism and the pakistan is the main land of terrorist.
    if you are thinkin that pakistan is powerful then why you are receiving relief funds from america and china?
    why you are not able to fight against taliban and al-qaida?
    why your cricketrs are getting involved in match fixing?
    why you are begging in front of china and america?
    why you are not able to take kashmir from India?
    why your currency is tatally down market?
    why there is much prostitution in pakistan?
    why there is less life expectancy in pakistan compare to India,china,russia and usa?

    now give me the answers from your side and then try to compare your Chhatbhar land(pakistan) with India.

    reply me soon guys…again dont run away becuase you pakistani has habit of giving up in front of India.

  244. Dost

    Good news and breaking news –> Lagata hein Auzer bhag gaya. Bahut pakata tha.

    M Karan –> For a change we have decided not to fight amongst ourselves (I mean India and Pak 🙂 ).

  245. Nadeem

    @ Dost…

    I have heared about Brahmoss…yes india succeded..
    but this is fifth or maybe 6th time that india failed to explode. that is the main point… did u ever heard that any country failed to explode its missile… 7 countries producing & experiencing but no one failed ever… i think we should accept indian aconomy’s boom possitively but to be very frank in missile technology india is far weeker than evern North Korea…

    @ M Karan…
    Mind ur language u bloody indian stupid…

    1 – Against terrorist all world’s army is failed and Pakistan’s army is only force that succeded agaisnt them.

    2 – We are receiving funds from america to fight agaisnt terrorist. not begging becoz bloody american and nato army cannot do anything.

    3 – No commets on match fixing…

    4 – If u barking that we are begging in front of america than why ur prime minister going to america to stregnthen ur amry agaisnt Pakistan, let me tell u why? becoz ur prime minitre cannot trust on ur bloody army which is huge only numbers with poor performance.

    5 – Our currency in going down..yes it is… reason being we are controling biggest enemies than any nation in the world… (USD, Russia, Israil India) so we have to spent out resources to strenghten our amry.. but we still can kick india’s bloody shit ass if india will ever try to mess with great nations like Pakistan.

    6 – Who know better than you bloody indian where a woman is a peace of cake for you… where womans are being burn immediately after thier births… first update ur information and then talk on that topic.

    be possitive and talk on facts….yes india is strong economically we accept that but nothing in power game & u should accept that…

    We have decided here not to fight on (INDO – PAK)…in any case you will find us ready to kick on anyone’s ass if anyone try to mess with Pakistan…

    Pakistan Paindabad

  246. Nadeem

    @ Alex..

    We respect Turkey as our Islamic brotherhood country and one of the major islamic powerhouse but my brother here we are talking about most powerfull countries in the world…. and in this case even Iran is far ahead of Turkey..

    But being Pakistani guy Turkey is our proud and every Pakistani loves Turkey..

    Pakistan Paindabad

  247. hindustani

    Nadeem Did you know Brahamos is fastest missile today and for kind your information now India Developing Anti-Sattelite Weapons.I sure that we will developed this very soon.

  248. hindustani

    Nadeem I want to tell you Indian Do not hate Pakistan but the Taliban in pakistan.
    You said than if India and Pakistan and China.The powerOf America In Asia And In World Will Be down so America do not want this. Future of world are China,India,Pakistan And Brazil

  249. Nadeem

    @ Hindustani…

    I hope india will successfully develope its badly needed nuclear weapons soon.

    I again admit that america will be nithing if india & pakistan will be freinds and thats what they dont want….

    Pakistan Paindabad

  250. mohit

    , How u know the psychology of indian prime minister as u r telling that indian prime minister dont trust indian army. And if u r thinking that indian prime minister is going to america to increase the strength of indian army against pakistan, then i want to make u clear that india still have sufficient nukes to destroy pakistan and india dont need support of any other country to destroy pakistan. U have to improve your knowledge regarding military strength .India has won all wars againsts pakistan. India has more number of weapons in any field i.e land , air , water. India is far ahead of pakistan in military power . Apart from that, this condition applies on ur country . Why pakistan always revolves around china for everything?

    U r telling that women in india being burn after their birth.
    I want to give u the answer for this comment. If one player of your country is involved in match fixing then i can,t blame whole pakistan for this act. I think u got my point that i m trying to say.

    And if pakistan is receiving funds from america to destroy the terrorism as u r saying. What means for that? That means, pakistan dont have enough money or sources to destroy the terrorism on behalf of itself. and if this is true, then i have to say that pakistan dont have enough sources to destroy terrorism but u r talking about a war with india as india never depends on any country for anything in free.

    U r telling that only pakistan got success to overcome the terrorism , other countries army forces are failed to destroy terrorism. If it is true then why the most wanted terrorists are living in pakistan instead of some other nations . The reason is clear . All these terrorists knows that they r not able to survive along with their groups in any other country instead of pakistan. Have u ever heard that taliban or some other terrorist group are giving training in india or some other nation? The answer is no. But u can heard lot of times that terrorist groups are giving training in pakistan or afganistan. Only pakistan has failed to overcome the terrorism instead of other nations.

  251. Nadeem

    @ Mohit…

    You are again behaving like a kid and i think you still need to update your information…

    Your minitre himself says that Pakistan is far ahead of india in nuclear devices and quality of nukes… was that wrong statement??? or he gives this statement in funky frame of mind?? or what??? fact is that india’s nuclear technology is soooo weak that being only state which failed to explode many times now…

    First of all stop dreaming that india can or will destroy Pakistan.
    If you say u dont need support from any other country…can you tell me what Israili fighters jet were doing on indian basis during 1998 when pakistan become nuclear power???? if your army is strong and you have enough strentgh then why u allow israili jets to come to ur basis and attack pakistan… and after that what happened??? they could not attack and run back like bloody pigs…do u know these things??? first get some information buddy?

    You also have lack of information when u say india have more nukes…
    want proof???? check below link of wikipedia for reference…Pakistan have more nukes with best of the best quality..

    If you say pakistan is looking help from China, yes we do.. as you are doing with USA.. if you are strong enough to fight with Pakistan then why u need civil nuclear deal with USA???

    Even forces like USA, UK, Nato, germany,etc… lack of funds to fight with terrorist, do u think u should ask us to why we are short of funds????

    USA creates Talibans against russia and now they are terrorist for them???
    And US accepts that without Pakistani armed forces, they cannot do anything and Pakistan is front line state agaisnt extremists…

    We had decided to stop fighting on (indo-pak)…but it seems not possible…
    what u say about it?? do u want all of us to start fight again???

    Pakistan Paindabad

  252. hindustani

    You are right my friend.I hope India and Pakistan Become Friends Very soon.Whole world knows All countries that have nukes are developed enough weapons to destroy Earth Multitimes.

  253. Aadesh

    Dear All

    I am Aadesh from mumbai india.

    I agree with all people commented above, we should not fight instead accept the realities that india and pakistan both are very very strong and both nations equiped with hihgtech nuclear devices.

    Mr. nadeem, yes our ministre says that pakistan is a head of india in quality of nuclear missiles but it does not mean that only pakistan can destroy india.
    india also a nuclear state and can destroy any nation any time. becoz there is no matter that how gud quality and how many u have, important is that f u have u can destroy anything

    we hope india and pakistan will become gud freinds becoz people of both sides just dot want war

  254. pakdiaman

    i am a pakistani…and what list i am showin you guys its a offcial list of world most powerful nations….trust me or not..but this is a latest and true rank…










    10.ranking was of only top 9 strongest countries…so i am guesing about this spot North korea or mabye Brazil….but i guess North korea should be at 10 becouse of Nuclear power..For Example if north korea and brazil had a war than north korea wil succesfuly won da war..but North korea economy is very low so mabye Brazil or any other nation should be at dis spot…hard to say…

  255. pakdiaman

    i dont read any comments of Indians And my Pakistanis brothers yet..i am givin my personal thought.mabye i am wrong…but i think Pakistan should not focus on India becouse for example if india throws a bomb at Pakistan den in reply Pakistan could 10 nuclear bombs…but what America fire a missile or throws any atomic,nuclear bomb…could we answer them like how we answer india….eye to eye…i guess not becouse our president chief of the army every member of goverment and army airforce is a agents of america…or you can say prisnors..and dogs..sorry my Pakistanis brothers..but dis is true…Today Pakistan is been calling terrorist no.1 nation…..except Pakistan should be calling terrorist fighting number one nation…our leaders have left no respect for Pakistan..sorry to say dis…and i guess we should think about our future instead of fighting wid Indians..dey r not happy nation but dey better dan us..but yeh stil we can talk to india eye to eye and head to head…no matter how much India gets stronger but for Pakistan India wil remain as they do before for Pakistan…bye

  256. hassan

    trust me or not but this offcial and latest true ranking..and yeh i am Pakistani..










    10.dis spot was not offcial listed on 2010 ranking of world most powerful nations so i guessing dis spot….North korea or Brazil…there could be any other nation…brazil and North korea could be at dis sport…Nort korea is da nuclear power…and Brazil have good economy but not dat wel economy yeh but dey r improving but its not sure dat brazil deserve to be at dis spot or not..brazil is a weak nation it doesnt have impressive economy and dere army is ok little bit updated and overall its ok rated nation…

  257. Nadeem

    @ Pakdiman & Hassan…

    What a foolish you are… let me tell you guys are one of those who are always trying to demorolate thier countries. Every nation in the world have some foolish people and you are one of the example….

    What the hell you are rating Pakistan below germany, Japan & india?? biggest rubbish.. this is the list of most powerfull countries my brother…
    First open ur eyes and see the title of this thread…

    Pakistan Paindabad

  258. hassan

    Man dis da world offcialy list however india is weak in da point view of weapons…but india is developing country dere economy is very good now..dere army is da 2nd largest army of da world….but yeh by nuclear power wise we got more advance nuclear bombs our missiles can hit every place of india…our airforce is very wel trained dey r very advance..but our economy is very low…we r da victim of terrorism..suiced bombin becomes routine in Pakistan….and we r on da frontline of fighting against terrorists…dis war against terrorism is costing us soo much…our goverment is very weak…Pakistan never become democratic nation…stil our goverment is elected goverment…but stil you cant call dis nation democratic..i am also a Pakistani like you and mabye your r concern more den me about Pakistan… but brother dis is true…but yeh we can become superpower we could be at 6th spot easily..if not atleast 7th spot…but our goverment and our sold army would never want dis to happen….in the eng i wont like to say to my Pakistani brother dont campare Pakistan to India Campare Pakistan to world…think about to become world super power…think about to be at one…

  259. pakdiaman

    man i readed this list from our own newspaper dawn..recently india becomes superpower of da world and this page ranking is outdated…thank you

  260. Diesel


    I am an proud Indian.

    I have seen the series of all the debate points and arguments that you had with all the people in here.

    God! I almost had quite good times at each comment that you got to each one of your point!

    Huh! Ricky, Mr.C, Nadeem and al lothers….Listen to this very carefully!
    Its a real waste of time if there is no point that refers to facts but to one’s own preferred list of the nations that you just keep giving.

    Each list has its own biassed characteristics to decide who are the contenders that take their positions! So please chill and sensibly use the web to mark the lists.

  261. Diesel


    As i can see, your knowledge about the fact that algebra and trignometry and other fields of sciences, saying that they were given by Arabs are quite right!

    But please make sure that all thos things like algebra and things travelled to Arabia from INDIA when the scholars from Arab who took their education in one of the most ancient universities in the world – Takshashila and Nalanda, returned to their countries! This is not a quote just like the other people are making. This is a hardcore fact!

  262. Diesel

    Please people! Everybody knows the goddamn fact that India stands a powerful nation with its huge and powerful army,navy and airforce.

    India stands @ 2 in terms of strength.
    And 7th in terms of collective aspects like weapons,strategies,cordination among its forces and other military stuffs!

    I bet that Pakistan wont come within 15(sorry Pakistanis, a fact is a fact!)

  263. Diesel

    USA stands at the first place, considering its strenghth,sophistication,technology,etc.
    Then follow UK,France,China,India,Israel,Turkey,Germany in random and varied numbers.

    Pakistan holds its place in some 20’s.

  264. Diesel

    I am really sorry for our Pakistani neighbours!

    What have they studied in school history?

    They say Pakistan defeated India in all the Indo-Pak wars.

    Goddamit! It was you people who sent in terrorists into our borders at nights and backstabbed us in the retext of being peaceful neighborers!

    Really shame on your citizens, you still want to cause distortion to the world peace by you army sponsored and trained terrorists!

    First learn to accept the world as a place of all religions to be respected and tolerated!

    Considering the present situations, its you peopls who always start the irk of fire and enemity first and want to always make us get to you and make your asses handed to you!

    Better stop it and change your attitudes, othrwise the whole idea of living in a civilized world is a shit!

  265. Diesel

    And India is not weak! We have never invaded a country in the history pages, ever since the world started!

    We show tolerance to everybody! All the invasions were made on us, by you to occupy Kashmir and Chinese did the same to take over Arunachal and China still has kept the nation of Tibet to herself!

    Is this your idea showing how great a nation is?

    India was the richest country untill Mughals, Ghazni and finally the British placed their hands on our wealth and slaved us!

    And you guys killed every hindu and took their wives, kidnapped their children and did barbaric things!

    Yet we people took all Mulims as our brothers and we are all living even today with the same idea.

  266. Diesel

    All the present day inventions and discoveries that man is undergoing today, had been known to us 5000-10,000years ago itself!

    I need to say this because, there is a rumour that man has discovered that there are 10 dimensions in real space, which we know only of 3!

    This too had been known to us as a form of knowledge in the subjects that were studied in the age of gods!

    Radio,aeroplane,telepathy,etc were few present day technologies that were known and were being usedto pre-ancient India!

    All the continents of the world were belonging to Indians!

    Australia- was called ASTHRAALAYA which means WEAPONS STORAGE(Sanskrit). Its been recorded that Australia was our place for testing weapons and things.

    Europe too got its name from AIROPYA, which i don’t know what it really was.

    American continents were known to us and the people there were called INDIANS too, since they were like us in every aspect of life including worshipping of nature,Sun etc..

    Africa got its name from APARATHAANA(Sanskrit) means THE OTHER PLACE(used as a place for studying the cases like biology,etc)

    Plastic surgery was known to us through AAYURVEDA.

    Modern day transplantations of biological organs of he human body too was known to us and had vast scope and respect and doctors were treated like Gods.

    Vedic mathematics r used by people all over the world for fastest calculations of big numbers with huge operations.

    Yoga is purely indian concept.

    The facts like these are countless to be said and known…..

    P.S. The facts above were referring to the Indians. Indians then referred to the Hindus. Because, Islam and Christianity came after 0th century, it is default consideration that Indians meant Hindus. And India meant the vast region including present day Pakistan,Afghanistan,Sri Lanka, Java,Sumatra,Singapore,Malaysia,Nepal,Bangladesh,etc.

  267. Diesel

    And all the things that I have scribbled in the form of facts about Inida are truly facts and all of you can accept them without any ambiguity..

    In the near future, considering the present the current state of affairs, economic growth, capability to withstand economic conditions during recessions, ect, India is bound to become a superpower in its own block!

    Since,now itself the army is a strong one, the future army may beat any other nation to clinch the number-1 spot!

  268. hindustani

    Nadeem If You Don’t mind. Almost 85% Of The peoples in the list Above said that Indian Is Most Powerful.Even India Won All The War with Pakistan.The above list of top ten Most powerful Countries Showing India Above Than Pakistan.You said That India Failed In Making Missile Properly This Is Not True Yes We Fail Sometimes But After Some Time We Achive Sucess In That for Evidence Visit said That Pakistan have more nukes than India But One Thing I tell You India Do not Declare the Number OF Nukes.Maybe You did not know that a survey in USA shows
    India Is 3rd Most Powerful Country Which Pakdiman & Hassan telling about.You said Every nation in the world have some foolish people and you are one of the example,the Ex Of this is You You YOu

  269. Nadeem

    @ Deisel…

    You seems another foolish ass like AUZER who run away from here…

    I have gone through all the stories you narreted above. Really make me laugh and force me to ask you at least once that are u real stupid or what???

    Comparing india with a natione like China something that i compare Pakistan with USA… just disgusting stuff…

    Buddy talk on today’s world, your all stories above really make this thread a dam sleepy place..

    If you say india is strong in power game then:

    why only india failed many times in exploiding its missile??

    why india is soooo weeker in nuclear devices alhtough india started producing
    way earlier than Pakistan & North Korea??

    why india needs nuclear deal with USA against Pakistan if india is strong enough to fight with Pakistan???

    why u idiots unable accepts that Pakistan is far ahead of india in nulcear game when your own people & your army accept that???

    Some indian idiots also needs to study who says india won all wars:

    what happened in 1965 when your bloody army run back to india although they had plan to occupy Lahore???

    what happened in 1999 ?? when Pakistan forces occupied almost all indian occupied kashmir ?? you primie ministre went to USA to puch Pakistan to get their forces back??

    when u say india in more civilized nation, i think there is no need to say anything that what is happening in Kashmir these days??

    Pakistan Paindabad

  270. Nadeem

    @ Hindustani..

    Yes you are right becoz here in this thread even 90% indians so we are not surprised to see that all are saying india is strong…

    this is due to may be indians nature or maybe misguided by who?? i dont know??
    you learnt only one think dont accept the reality and just talk about ur superiority…lol..!!! idiots..

    You also now behaing like AUZER…

    Pakistan Paindabad

  271. Diesel

    Nadeem, I really pity for your state of a mind, which can’t even understand simlple and silly things.

    I know that India has failed in some nuclear tests and that Pak boasts of having a nuclear sueriority over India! The fact is India is ready with its limited its nuclear weapons. Its following a policy of NOT FIRST, which means that my country, as a peace loving nation, possesses and uses these nuclear weapons only when a nation which attacks like yours using its all-time boasting nuclear bombs and stuffs!

    And my dear Pakistani, you really need to open up to broad thoughts and try stop curbing yourself like a frog inside its own well.!
    India’s attack of Lahore was a strategy was to make sure that the infiltrated Pak army, that had stabbed our backs by signing a peace treaty and immediately attacking our provinces the same night, would made to take back its forces from our soil!

    Because, India is not a country that intends to capture another country’s provinces like Pakistan! So, the operation of the Lahore attck by our Army was to push the Paki forces from our land and not to capture your places, like you people do to all countries!

    Too bad Nadeem, its time that you as a Pakistani started understanding the eye flashing simple things such as Kashmir issue. Its Pakistan who attacked our state of Kashire even though its king Raja Harisimha(also called Hari Singh) and all the citizens of Kashmir whole-heartedly voted to join the Indian Republic after the partition.

    Pakistan sent its army cunningly into Kashmir and captured it with wicked behaviour. And till today your army trains Taliban,Al Queda, Lashkar e Toiba and other banned Islamist Terrorist groups and forcefully kills the original Kashmiris that lives there and you take over the state by the most shameful act on earth and even for that you want to put the blame on India!

    What the hell do you think all the above things are included in the books of history for!??

    You need to learn to accept certain things and be a man, instead of acting like a kid who is growing up with barbarism and revenge in your blood! Atleast by doing that, you might earn some respect in the modern world!

  272. Diesel

    See Nadeem, its not the question of who is a stronger nation thanand who’s not. In a civilized world, its a part of the acts and works and decisions you take among the countries and you need to involve the international pressures to be put on the things which are really unjust and shamefully carried out!

    And I don’t know what your country tells in the history books. But if you don’t know the truth, just learn that India has won all the Indo-Pak wars.

    In 1999, your army entered most of our provinces which were vacated by the Indian army due to the fact that it was cold and the conditions with the climate were unfavourable. It was due to be occupied by the army again after 6 months.

    But your wicked and unjust and criminal army enterd the vacated places of Indian border. India inially faced many difficulties as your army had captured the high altitude places and that was helpful for Paki army in winning against Indian army. But our brave soldiers, who were always prepared to face the ill treatment of Pakistan, put in their efforts and got back the 90%places in the first phase. But some parts of the Kargil district was still under the Pakis. Then India won that too in the month of july.

    Coming to your point about our thing of involving the United States, it was a part of putting military and political pressure on your puppet presidents and make sure that your asses were saved by us. Otherwise, who knew, your army would have been tore into pieces by the Indian army and none of your criminal leaders would be living with respect.

    So, learn to thank us for saving you people!

    You always want to make yourself a joker of a circus or a stupid ass that doesn’t seem to know the real history or affairs or things like shit!

    What can I do if you want to put your own theories and facts?

    You people will only get some values if you are like normal human beings, instead of acting like there is no other real man in the universe!

  273. Diesel

    And Nadeem, if you are so aggressive and angry and things like that, why don’t you join the Pak army?
    So that Pak army is stronger than ever and you can really win some wwars on your neighbouring nations.

    Seriously dude!

  274. Diesel

    I really agree with Zaheed Furqan. India and Pakistan are both among top corrupted nations. Auzer never put a point on who’s the best among India and Pak. But both Indians and Pakistanis here want to just keep on fihting like a never ending issue has its value than any human’s life.

    It’s a very good thing that both Indians and Pakis started thinking in a rational way and share their views and thoughts towards a constructive united development of our nations. Nothing is achieved in indulging in abuses and boasts that decide who’s the best apparently. So, lets end this topic here in a manner that only gives way to fights.

    I know I have been n the arguments too. The only reaon for that was, to make everybody know that those facts about India losing the wars, or possessing a weak army was quite a good imagination by some shity liars and that was of course having just a contradiction from everybody! I really look forward to keep my pace on with marching forward in the lines of humanity,peace,brotherhood, and other valuable principles in life.

    Lets make this place a much more better place to live,interact and uphold brotherhood.

    Here, all the best to all the nations.

    Humanity comes first. Please let us allow that to prevail.

  275. Dost

    hassan and pakiman good to see some honest people from your country. People like you spread friendship.

    Most other just make their eye blind and keep running away from truth and they spread hatred. To them all that is important is my country is the best 🙂 even if everyone else or truth points otherwise.

    Diesel –> You seem to have good knowledge. But, I remember a small story from Panchatantra which we all studied in school. Monkey and the bird story. There was a money and a bird on a tree. It was raining and monkey was getting wet. Bird was in its nest safely. Bird told monkey why don’t you build your own nest and then…..haha…
    So do not try to coach a monkey 🙂 I have stopped doing that. Let him stay in his own world 🙂

  276. Diesel


    Thanks Dost. Being a Indian costs the thing that we should always take what everybody says we are. Otherwise Indians are liars,stupids,idiots.

    True, arguing with people in their own imaginative world and having the thing in mind which goes like – “I am the only real man with a real dick”, and don’t even possess a dick represents nothing! Ultimately, India rocks Dost.

  277. Nadeem

    @ Deisel & Dost…

    This is what we can expect from all of you idiots that whenever you have to accept truth you are barking like foolish dogs….

    Listen i never said Pakistan is the most powerfull country in the world but something needs to pointed out guys… and we accpt indian economy is strong but how we can accept india is more strong than Pakistan in power game when it is not the case and when you urself not accepting that…

    Try to be logical and make urself anough sensibale to accepts truths….

    Pakistan Paindabad…

  278. Nadeem


    For the time being stop abusing we mutually decided not to fight or abuse on (INDO-PAK)…

    @ Dost..

    If you say the abvoe number of nukes are not the real numbers… then you should also be informed that CIA & Mussad is trying to locate where Pakistan’s undergorund nulcear development is going on.. i am not saying i know the numbers but who knows??? so better stop talk about that even then if u wana talk than talk about only quality of weapons, for which india is soooooooooo weak…

    Pakistan Paindabad

  279. Diesel

    @ Nadeem

    Alright man. I agree with you now. From my part, I won’t abuse anyone here without a reason. But if someone doesn’t know about a well known fact that even a kindergarten kid would know, and still deny it, I wouldn’t mind arguing endlessly!

    So, its your part now. See to it that you are wise enough instead of acting as a moron. Diplomacy doesn’t work here.

    @ Dost

    Whoa Dost, lets see what this Nadeem has really got.

  280. Diesel


    Thanks for the back up Dost!

    Really tired now, at last!

    God save them..

  281. FZ

    @all indian

    who says that 80% ppl say that ind is most powerful?……i think these indian ppl have nothing to do except of commentating here….almost 95% are indian in this list… if 80% ppl say that india is most powerfull…its not surprising my frnds….i see here all indians r attcking and abusing at pakistan….and i see here Nadeem is only the person who is fighting with u by means of words war…..even u indians r huge in numbers u cant defeat pakistan ….as u r a lot of guys in this list & u r trying u r best to give false and foolish statments yet you cant defeat Mr.Nadeem .

    Pakistan Zindabad

  282. FZ

    and these tow person (hassan & pakdiamn)who r saying that thay are pakistan i think they r not pakistani ….some indian do that

  283. Dost

    FZ read this post:

    This has come from your country defence website.

    FZ — You could be true about Pakiman and Hassan, any one can post here in anyones name. I am not sure if they do not belong to pak, but looks like they can be possibly. Even I am not sure if you or Nadeem belong to Pak. I am just believing, since you two said so…

    FZ — If you want to know what other people think about pak, then I suggest you read news out side your country media and see pak repo. You can try indipendent news that are not from indo or pak. 🙂

  284. Nadeem

    @ Deisel..

    Buddy you dont need to worry about Pakistan, Yes Alhamdullilah GOD is with us.

    BTW thanks for praying…

    Pakistan Paindabad

  285. Nadeem

    @ FZ..

    Nice to see u after such long time on this thread..

    Dont worry about thier numbers brother…. u know what i believe every nation have some foolish people as well. I am not saying all indian on this thread are foolish there are some very gud people as well who beleive and accept truths but yes some people are real idiots… who they are?? u know very well who?? so you dont need to think about them.. barking on unlogical ideas is thier favorite hobbies i gues..???

    See u later brother…

    Pakistan Paindabad

  286. FZ

    @ Dost

    i hope so….but we have decided so many times not to fight/not to abuse but who breaks the rules?????????

  287. Nadeem

    @ FZ…

    Yes you are right all indians are not bad..

    I have some very gud indian freinds here in UAE, together we often play cricket, going on outing, hanging around, infact i will be visiting india during coming december to attend an Exhibition called CPHI.

    People of Pakistan and India dont want to fight with each other, but sometime we both often loose our tempers and starts doing foolish things, this is one area where we both (Ind – Pak)have to workout and as pointed out by AUZER. Trust me brother, people of of South Asia, the most talented, most hardworking, most relaiable, and most cooperative people on this universe…seriously..!!!

    Pakistan Paindabad

  288. Gajendra

    Pakistan is not powerful. But, they may be destructive. Because. they are having clandestine nuclear bomb. If India wants, it will not take much time to occupy entire Pakistan. Of course, there will be some bloodshed because they will use nuclear bomb in frustration. Of course, I still want to say that people of India and Pakistan are same in terms of size, shape, appearance and perhaps in terms of gene. Despite that, it is sad that they are fighting each other in the name of religion.

  289. Nadeem

    @ Gajendra…

    Listen KID its your bed time and make sure you take your feeder before you sleep. Be a nice little baby…lol..!!!

    What the hell you are saying that india will occupy enitre Pakistan.

    I dont know what is the problem with all u indian guys?? You never want to be in peace?? or what???

    Pakistan Paindabad

  290. Jhon Dukas

    This list is outdated…..Acoording to new US report Top 3 most powerful nations are USA,China and India.

  291. Shahzan

    I’m Indian but I do agree with Nadeem. India is one of the poorest countries of the world. Pakistan is far stronger than India. Honestly speaking,Pakistan has defeated India three times….in 1948, 1965 and 1999. I think Pakistan should be placed higher than India. No offence!!!

  292. mohit

    @ shahzan
    , u r saying that india is very poor country. what u think? pakistan is very rich country?
    according to me, u r not from india. u r one of the person among the people of pakistan present here who r giving comments.
    i also agree with u.

  293. Nadeem

    @ mohit…

    Who said Pakistan is very rich country

    Change yourself and stop blaming Pakistan for everything and accept what your fellow is saying…Pakistan should be placed ahead of India here in this list….

    Pakistan Paindabad

  294. mohit

    Tell me ur own acheivements as u r saying that pakistan is more powerful then india.
    In today,s era, economy , technology plays important role to get stronger and stronger and we can,t estimate the powers of countries on the befalf of nukes. even when india is far ahead of pakistan in terms of weapons. but i would like to say that military power is not a proper criteria to estimate the power of any nation.
    All nations who have the nuclear weapons are stronge in terms of military power. All these nations can destroy not only one country but all world lot of times. The nation who has 50 nuclear bombs can compete with nation with more then 500 nuclear bombs.because both these countries can destroy each other not only one time but lot of times. So its does not matters that who is more stronge than whom when both have nuclesr power. As america is number one in world not because of the most number nuclear weapons , nukes. but is number one by means of its economical strength, technology,its system to run the country. Today lot of countries are ready to compete america because these countries are increasing their economical power and america is getting weak because it is losing its economical strength but still america has most strong economic strength.
    So today the countries with stronge economy are happiest as well as gaining power and respect in whole world and today india is one of the nation who is getting stronger and stronger by means of its increasing economy.

  295. hindustani

    Nadeem Did You Heard Name Chandrayaan 1 and Chandrayan 2 These Are Two Spacesuttle Of Indian Chandrayaan 1 Get Sucess To found water In Moon and Our honble President Shrimati Pratibha Devisingh Patil Declare That INDIAN SPACE RESEARCH ORGANISATION [ISRO] will send Chandrayaan 2 on 2013 and she also declared that ISRO will send human spacecraft in 2014 0r in 2015.ISRO is fouth leading space agency in world after space agency of Russia,USA (NASA) and China.
    Pakistan do not have any type of space agency.

  296. Dost

    Are yaro.. tum log abhi bhi lad rahe ho… Take my advice. talk about something else other than ind and pak 🙂

  297. Nadeem

    @ Mohit…

    While appreciating your statement abvoe which seems OK and there is no question about that india is growing economically. Except one statement i.e.”India is far ahead of Pakistan in weapons” can you tell me what india have to be termed like this??? what superior weapons india have which Pakistan dont have???

    Are you sure?? that you are talking about NUCLEAR Weapons??? if so?? then i will say again i could have been wrong in my opinion about you.

    Listen KID, your own army and your own people accepting that india is soo weaker in nuclear devices and Pakistan is far superior in the same. People like you should not have any problem in accpeting this too…my sincere advice for you that once u should try to accpets truths…

    Anything will be acceptable on real facts and you people will appreciate that even being Pakistani guy i am accepting india’s economy boom but can never accpets that india is stronger in nuclear devices. And facts can only be changed without real results.If this list could have been named as “Top ten economies in the world” then Pakistan should have been no where in even top 20. As Pakistan is 22nd largest Economy in Globe.

    Hence, there is not doubt that:
    Pakistan is strong by Power
    India strong Economically

    Pakistan Paindabad

  298. Nadeem

    @ Hindutani..

    Yes i do heard about this..

    Infact i beleive this is plus point of indai and unlike you people we are accepting that…

    Pakistan Paindabad

  299. hindustani

    Thankyou Brother I Think If The Taliban and Al-queda Removed From Pakistan Than The Country Developed Fastly and become friend of INDIA

  300. joel

    I’m sorry but i agree with most of u …
    but …people will hate me because of this.
    but isn’t it so that one of the few country’s that has aan stable economy is the netherlands. we once were one of the richest country’s in the world even the richets around 1600 VOC/VIC time…. and all the missions lateley wich america and other europia country’s handle cause it cost to much. we dutch clear it out …even so people can’t go round our country even if we are so small …..

    think about it even our special forces handle the most difficult missons
    commando’s of holland are on a whole new level compared to the brittish sas and american seals

  301. bikash

    pakistani people are just like our brother.we are never againest pakistan.we feel happy if they will progress.see the example in commonwealth game the kind of attention u people get from us.its time for devlopment not for war.indian student regarded as one of the best gene pool in the china started its devlopment in 1992 era india started its devlopment from atal bihari vajpayee era and now india is booming in every,education,defence,infrastructure every thing.i thing by the end of 2014 india will be a super power.i wish if pakistan will also follow the same path.its time for devlopment dude not war any more.if u come to india now and ask any body in india right from child to old one they will only speak for devlopment.this is really a great change of mind frame work and this is the real reason for india devloping with a fast by 2013 my list will be
    1:usa(technology and economy)
    4:russia(not much devlopment in recent days)
    5:uk(slightly lagging behind idia and china)
    8:isral(technology wise very much advance)
    9:japan(very sound economy and a peace loving country)
    15:pakistan(still need anthor 10 year to come into top 10)
    its a true fact,first the mind set of people needs to be changed

  302. Manoj Kumar

    Nice list but i guess france and germany are better than britain….

    and how come india be in this list? its strange to see india where more than 500 million people dont have food to feed themselves……even the billionares of india is a shame for them it show nothing but un equality its disghusting for countries like india to even have one billionare when the people are dying due to hunger, more than dozen freedome fighting movements and the army is busy to tackle internal indian mess the situation in pakistan is not that worst like india but still both have to improve alot….Pakistan can be more powerful if the international media stop spreading false prpoganda against her…


  303. abheshik

    I am indian, Most of indians don’t know the reality, and i would like to say sorry for indians, that india did not respect Muslims that’s why Pakistan has been created. We were thinking that Pakistan will be ruined, but it could not, but rather it finished, it is rising day by day, We confess we lost two wars of three wars inspite of bieng big population and army, We lost 1965 War, and 1999, inspite of having 600,000 indian army in kashmir wally it could not be controlled by indian army, Kargil war was for two months. but we can not defeat Pakistan army, even we had to celebrate Kernal Sherkhan’s bravery who was Pakistan soldier. and We got USA involve in this matter, USA saved us from Pakistan, if we compare, india had major casualties than pakistan. So We had to stop war game, because we can not win war against Pakistan. Even USA could not get pakistan down in the Name of Taliban and Alqaeda. Pakistan should be at top list, Because Pakistan defeated Russia and india also,

  304. Zishan khan

    The face is what Abheshik said now, that indians can not win war against Pakistan. Pakistan proved in war it has much capability to defeat india and other countries. Long live Pakistan. Pakistan is a country where Every one is looking and taking interest, this is importance of Pakistan in the world. world recognize Pakistan is a Super power in future. thanx for Abheshik for having said reality.

  305. mohit

    i m very much sure that some people present here are now giving comments against india by using indian names. They are trying to prove that pakistan is stronge then india. but in reality, they are not from india.
    but i want to ask these people , “is it a fair game that u r trying to play now. Because of this type of attitute , u r big loosers in world”.

  306. mohit

    if u think that u have very superior nuclear weapons then i would like to make u clear one thing. if our prime minister is trying to give u the respect by giving the statement for ur nuclear weapons. but u people r taking this type of statement in a wrong way.
    And as u r talking about nuclear weapons. What will happen if u attacked a nuclear weapon on india. U will destroy one state or two states or three states or maximum of four states, as india is very big as compared to ur country. but just think , what will happen if india will attack a nuclear weapon on ur country as size of ur country is so small . the map of ur country will dissapear from the world and u will not able to use second bomb against india, as whole pakistan will no more to take any action against india.
    so dont try to give the statements on nuclear weapons. as ur country is so small to face a nuclear attack as compared to india.

  307. FZ


    i m agree w/u that pakistan is too small compare to ind….but i m not agree that pakistan cant destroy the whole ind….i think u r knowlege regarding neuclear weapons is very poor…pak could destroy ind for several times….u indian always having proud on u r numbers…what did u got from u r much numbers…poverty?….unequality?…..looses wars against pakistan?
    ….and stiil u r braging that..we have very big mililtary power…..heheheh…u r ignoring that u have lost 2 big wars against pakistan…where were u r soldires during there wars…

  308. FZ


    may be u r rght …may be u r wrong….every one can post thier comments…and he can use any country’s name
    BUT….if they belong to pakistan….i would like to tell them that its not fiar
    BUT …if they belong to ind…then i want to appreciate them coz yhey r telling the truth

  309. bader

    pakistan suppose to be on number 5 atleast and how come india is powerful then germany even india has been beaten up so many times from pakistan and always come to us for help bloody bullshit indians……can not even face pakistan llike a man
    pakistan zindabad…..

  310. Nadeem

    @ Mohit..

    KID its now time for you to leave feeder and go to school and get some infomation on high end issues…

    FZ rightly pointed out that Pakistan can destroy india multi times, as far as indian nuclear devices, i am not sure either india can do same to Pakistan or not reason being india’s multitimes failure in nuclear tests. You said what will happened if india will attack on Pakistan? I can bet india can never attack on Pakistan. If you really proud on ur army then let me remind you that it was indian army who seek help from israel during 1998 and allow israili fighter jets to come to basis and attack Pakistan’s nuclear facility becoz IAF really afraid of that PAF. Even both israeil & indian airforce (544 + 842 = 1386 aircrafts) could not attack on Pakistan having just 389 air crafts at that time. So now everyone should have an idea about the IAF strenght…lol…!!!

    @ Dost…
    Yes thats true Pakistan beat Russia during war with Afghanistan having shutdown many of russian aircrafts. But still we admit that Russia is strong not only than Pakistan but also all European countries.

    Pakistan Paindabad

  311. thestudonfire

    i think you people are far as your facts are concerned..

    get that straight and sound:)

  312. mohit

    @nadeem , FZ
    i m talking about using only a single nuclear bomb against each other. i know pakistan can destroy india if, only they use lot of nuclear bombs. Same india can destroy pakistan by use only single bomb as ur country is so small.

    As my previous statement was about using of single nuclear weapon against each other.But u people diverts the statement of any person according to urself. Just read my previous statement once again and then give the statement as u r far away from the actual meaning of my comment. if u r unable to understand me then dont post me.
    and FZ u r talikg about poverty in india. A person belonging to such a nation who depends on other nations for everything is talking about poverty in india. why u dont comments on thge things that u r begging from other nations.
    u depends on china and america for everything. tell me ur own acheivements instead of using money of america and technology of china.
    As far as the knowledge is concerned i can see it when u r going to prove that u beat india lot of times. in 1971war 90000 of ur soldiers got surrenders against indian army. And in 1999 kargil war, due to indian military advances, pakistan was forced to withdraw its forces back across the LoC. and ur president was telling that the people who r attacking india and got died in war not belongs to pakistan but they r militants.

  313. Nadeem

    @ Mohit…

    Who depend on China & USA???

    Infact all Europe & USA depend on us, selling thier high cost and huge amount of weapons. U know why in india 70% – 80% population helpless and spenting thier nights on footpaths and eating rats to survive, just becoz you people are wasting so much money in purchasing weapons rather helping those people in your country who even selling thier sisters on just 10 Rupees OR burning womens immediatly after thier births…

    IF today india & Pakistan stops buying weapons.. i can bet all weapons selling countries would convert into worse like those African nations….

    Pakistan Paindabad

  314. Dost

    Another thing:
    ~20-30% of people live below poverty line in India and Pakistan.

    It is not 80%. But I am still not proud that 20-30% of my country lives BPL.

  315. mohit

    one side u r saying that usa is selling weapons to pakistan because usa depends on ur country to sell the weapons, other side u r saying that india is wasting time to purchase weapons. Two different types of statements? very strange. u should be a politician.
    mr nadeem first pakistan wants to purchase the weapons from america. Then america sells the weapons to pakistan. America is not selling weapons to pakistan forcefully. Your country dont have sufficient funds or power to destroy terrorism but has sufficient funds to buy new weapons. very strange?

    And again u r telling one thing again and again because u dont have anything else to say about india. And again my answer is “if one player of ur country is involved in match fixing then i cant blame all pakistan for that”. Same if one person burns her daughter after her birth ,Then u cant blame all people for that. why r u repeating one thing again and again as u had got the answer for that before?

    And u r saying that all europe and usa depends on ur country. May be u r right? Thats why america is countinously giving u the money in free as there is no progress against terrororism?

    if some people in india are spending their nights on footpath, but they r living on behalf of theirself. They r not begging in front of any country for anything as ur ministers are begging in front of america on name of terrorism. If ur country is self dependable then ur ministers must say america ” THANKS AMERICA ,WE DONT NEED UR HELP. WE R ABLE TO FACE THE PROBLEMS ON BEHALF OF OURSELF”. but your ministers never says no.

  316. Mani

    hahaha………shoked to see pakistan in the list…i think all pakistanis needs to remember the 1972’s war when the great indian army kicked out pakistanis from eastern pakistan(now bangladesh)…they will automatically got the answer…

  317. Nadeem

    @ Mohit…

    First of all stop misguiding all the people on this format.

    Burning womans are not the exceptional case in india… there is a proper tradition / system in place named “Satta” since thousand of years. In most of indian stats people burning womens immediatly after births feel proud in doing that.

    There are four catagory of people in india as following:

    1 – Barhama
    2 – I forget..
    3 – Khashtri
    4 – Shooder

    Barhama & 2nd are called superior people….

    Khashtri & shooder are so called “NEECH ZAAT”… can you tell me this is way india is civilized???

    In addition to the abvoe, i would also take this oppurtunity to highlight one fact, hope you will enjoy…

    You people are relasing your urine in “GANGA” likewise a “River”…and the same water you are drinking and taking shower in that… isn’t that true?? you are the most dirtiest nation & real dust on this Universe…u know that??

    Concerning you other proints, i will diffinately revert to you shortly….

    Pakistan Paindabad

  318. Nadeem

    @ Mohit…

    Who knows?? that we are buying weapons or they want to sell forcefully??

    I hope you must be well aware that recently Hilery clinton visited india to press indian defence ministre to purchase pending deal weapons worthing 11 billlion USD. How can you say that nations like india & pakistan are willing to buy weapons rather helping huge amount of poor peoples in both our countries.

    They just dont want us to stop fighting and buying weapons….

    Pakistan Paindabad

  319. mohit

    This is clear now that u a really a foolishhhhhhhhh man. U dont know the proper means for sati and is going to give argue on that. Thousands of years ago , when a man got died. His wife dont want to live without him, and want to get burn along with the her husband after his death. This was known as sati pratha and was symbol of love of the wife towards her husband. This pratha is long no more. and u foolish man is giving statement on this made by u with ur own meaning.

    In india mainly people of all religions are living. such as hindu , muslims , sikh, isaye etc and all these r people of god. There is no discremination between the people on the behalf of castes. Thats why india is civilized . But because of u foolish people who beleives in castes , lot of people in india and pakistan hates with each other , but in past, they were living with universal brotherhood.
    U dont know anything correct about our country. just u heard the name, and make a arguement on that by urself.

    U should be shameful as u r giving that type of comment against the religious river named Ganga . Hum log ganga maa ki pooja karte hain aur tu inke liye aisi wording use kar raha hai. U should be shameful. Aisi baate likhne se pehle god se darr.

    i can write lot of things against ur religion but i know my limits. i m not like u.

    There is totally useless to talk to such a neech person who dont respects any other religion apart from ur religion. This was the limit that u comment . I never want to be people like u as my friend. So dont post any comment to me more. But as i know u now . U will post a last comment by ur side , But i will not answer u.

  320. Dost

    They are fighting so many enemies they say haha

    boa ge babul ka ped to aam kaha se paoge
    Jaise karne waise bharni

    Apne muh miya mithu ban baithe


    BTW: I am still Dost to all 🙂

  321. Nadeem

    @ Mohit….

    Your frastration clearly shows that my above comments are absolutly true….

    Concerning “GANGA”, i am sorry for that becoz i stated as i have heard about that and my intention was not to criticise any religion rather want to clear my concept, you say GANGA is your prime puja place, i just wana know that is it right that i heard and commented or otherwise???

    Mohit my freind, sincere applogy, as we are here only to share ideas and update our informations and to learn new things rather hurting anyone…

    @ Dost…

    Tu tu kuttay ki dum say bi ghaya ghuzra hai salay bharvay…tera kam hi sirf laraii kerwana hai between two peoples… meray kisi bi comment say wesay hi teri phatt kay hath mai aa jati hai…lol..!!!

    BTW: You can be gud barking joker DOG…must try it…

    Pakistan Paindabad

  322. roy

    nadeem have u consulted a doctor before if no then please because u pakistani actually need to cure your brains.

  323. Nadeem

    @ Pradep…

    You dont need to think about Pakistan’s power buddy…. just take a look at indian power…you will be pleased to know that although india’a defense budget is quite higher but still India is the most weakest and failed nuclear power…hahaha…lol..!!!

    @ Roy…

    I am absolutly OK why should i go to doctor and for whom??? do u think i am taking shower in GANGA??…lol…!!!

    Pakistan Paindabad

  324. ramani

    are yaar nadeem,ye tumhe kya hogaya hai yaar. A concerned man from a powerful nation do never use such worst words.see mere dost. pls thoda gaur karo. Both india & pakistan are third world nations.both have huge povertial problems.but as far as economy & power is concerned India is running far ahead than pakistan. india is going 2 b the third best superpower in next one or two a days there r a dramatic changes in employments in india. I m basically from a backward state from india.even in my village all the young generations are easily smoothly getting good jobs.during the last 10 years my village has been completely changed & modernised.there are no more poor people . all are having good money,building,mobiles, bikes,computers ete etc. the life style has been changed drastically.when this is happening in my village,what shall i say about the other parts of india. u must b knowwing india recently hosted the commonwealth games .how spectacular it was.the whole world was abacked surprised & praised must have known that how many medals india got & how many pakistan got.
    Now india is the IT giant in the globe. All most all the MNCs are trying 2 invest in india. u should know how far ahead indian women have gone now.they are highly educated & self dependent.
    have u ever heared about banglore,pune, noida ,gurgaon,hyderabad. these all are newly born high tech cities in india. u wll b surprised 2 see how modern & technical developed they are.
    india has already reached in science & technology pakistan no way nearer to very near future india is going to launch bullet trains.
    we have hightech metro trains in all the terrorist fear.
    the men & wemen are given same liberty in india.even in some of the cases wemen have dominated the men.even muslim women are very broad minded.they are loving 2 b in jeans & skirts instead of wearing burkhas. this is the symbol of a powerful nation.
    in india every year aroud 50 lacs doctors and engineers are coming out 2 the market.
    now a days there are lacs of millionares in india.because of them the employement problem in india has been erased up 2 a huge extent.
    wht u have seen regarding the hungry people its limited in very small areas.
    bcoz they are mostly tribal people. they even unaware about wht 2 eat or wht not 2 eat.thats their cultural problem. they never want 2 come into our main stream.
    after al india is growing very fast. after china india has bcom the new theat for america. iss liye mere dost sirf weapon banana at the cost of life of poor people ek powrful nation nahin kehla sakta.
    ek powerful desh ke pas jo bhi hona chahiye sab kuchh hai india ke paas.
    pakistan should learn something from india.
    plz nadeem buaa mat maan na.

  325. Aryana

    I think Afghanistan is the most powerfull country in the world ,if we look in history neither of countries couldnt occupy Afghanistan

  326. roy

    isiliye to tuje doctor ke pas jane bol raha hu nadeem. but i m sure no dr can cure your brain. coyle ko kitna bhi dholo kala ka kala.
    tere desh me jo rivers he wo tere jaise hi toxicated. dost use kuta mat bol,
    kute ka insult ho jayga.

  327. roy

    nadeem duniya ke kis kone me rehta hai. take a look at pakistan KHAJOOR.
    n stop joking everyone knows india’s nuclear power. u can’t praise pakistan, because they don’t have anything to be praised!!!! india tumhari aisi halat karegi na ki BHIKARI BHI BHIKK NAHI DEGA!!

  328. roy


  329. ramani


    thank u dear for this appreciation..Me too like all ur comments. after all we r Indian. My request to all pakis is that plz come out of the darkness like nuke weapons & see where the world moving upwards.

  330. Nadeem

    @ ramani…

    You seems another “Uloo” came here and people who following and appreciating you are also have lack of sense and really ill mannered…

    After reading your statement above, please allow me to laugh at least once…hahahahaha
    What the hell you are mentioning, bank, schools, etc , these are the things you can find every worse place in the world even in “Banana Republic”….

    Let me remind once again to all Indians that please I can understand your frustration but please don’t comment here other than your militry strengths as this is thread named “Most Powerfull Countries”. As I can see some foolish Indians are stating their achievements here which got nothing to do with those achievements here. Because they don’t have any achievement rather than failed nuclear state. For those Indians, I would sincerely request to the owner of this site, please start another thread named “Growing Economies in the World” so the frustration of Indians due to their weakest army and military strength can be stimulate……

    And by the way how do you think india is ahead of Pakistan in power, whereas we have more number of nukes than india with best of the best quality and we never failed in exploding our missiles where as india failed at least 6 times. Do you india is strong just because having huge number of troops??? Than why don’t you so called india is strong than USA, Russia & China???? One more thing, don’t even try to compare india with great nation like China, they cam into being after india & Pakistan in 1949, and see what they have achieved, almost rules the world. China is far far ahead of india, having more land, more money, strongest military, strongest economy, unmatchable infrastructure and best of best nuclear devices and at the moment China is a real super power…

    Not only india but all the world getting jealous of relation between the two great nuclear powers, i.e. Pakistan – China. That’s why you and USA are against the nuclear deal between Pakistan and China. You people always barking that you are independent nation…than why you need civil nuclear deal with USA??? Just becoz you are not enough power full to deal with great nation like Pakistan who bear 20 years of Americans sanctions but still existing as one of the most powerfull nation in the world….

    I hope now you understand and agree on the above..if so? Then reply me but don’t state any achievements other than your failed military and failed nuclear institutions.

    A guy with proud to be a Pakistani
    Pakistan Paindabad

  331. Nadeem

    @ roy, dost & all indians…

    If you dont have anything to reply…. dont start barking…

    Pakistan Paindabad

  332. ramani

    @ nadeem
    yaar tujhe itna kuchh samjhaya, phir bhi tu wahin ka wahin reh gaya. u r really a pakistani. you proved it.

  333. Girish

    Highlight of coming months..!!

    Head of top powerful nations are lined up to visit India to have strategic, economic & political dialogs with India as they all are fully aware of the potential of this country.

    * US President Barak Obama going to visit India in 5 November 2010 for 3 day long stay (highest for any US president, I suppose).

    * French president Nicholas Sarkozy coming India on December 6 2010.

    * Russian President Dmitry Medvedev also be visit India somewhere in December 2010.

    * Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao has also planned to visit India in December 2010 (dates are not confirmed).


    * British Prime Minister David Cameron came to India in July 28, 2010 with the biggest delegation ever.

    Indian Prime Minister has just met with Japanese Prime minister in Tokay last month.

    Which significant country is left???? :azn:

    What is happening is not a coincidence but rather a true reflection of India’s growing global clout which will keep on growing in coming years.

  334. Girish

    How can Pakistan be in 10 Ten (if we remove military strength).

    They can’t even have a functional government in place, just look that their history. They are only known to be terror factory of this World and a hug of Islamic fundamentalism.

    They are run by 3A’s i.e Army, America and Aid

    How they have been adopted by China (But Chinese only means their business and money so they will eat Pakistan slowly for their own benefit) and yes, please do not be under impression that China will ever involve if there is a war between India & Pakistan (if ever ignited by Pak Army in future). Indian economy is adding 135 Billion$ (in 2010) which is 80% of entire economy of Pakistan. Considering 9% GDP growth, we will be adding one Pakistan + more economy every year 🙂 and Indian, Chinese business will be more then entire economy of Pakistan by 2015 (currently is 60 billion $). Chinese will never f**k up their economic relation will India for Pakistan. oops India’s Reliance yesterday signed 10billion $ contract with Shanghai electrical for power equipments.

  335. Englishman

    Hi without going too far into the India/Pakistan and France/UK debate i’d like to put my own list:
    1: United States of America-World’s largest economy and highest military spender, However will insist on wasting it’s time on non-beneficial wars such as in Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, and almost anything that would threaten the US’s chances of losing influence.
    2: People’s(!) Republic of China-Has a very quickly growing economy and world’s largest land army (although the effectiveness and purpose for this is questionable)but is politically and socially backward.
    3: United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland-One of NATO’s largest military spenders and former ruler of other superpowers such as the USA, Canada, India, Pakistan, Australia, et cetera. Although the UK’s influence has diminished quite considerably it is still a major world power.

  336. Englishman

    I respect the proud nationalism that you have all shown, but i cannot agree that any nation at this moment in time is more powerful than the USA. For example, The USA has managed to reverse the colonialism that the UK once used and now the UK is the 51st state of the USA. American media has turned British citizens into Americans so I give them credit for that but as a proud Englishman I can say that the UK is definitely in the top five. I also believe that India and China are major contenders for the title of superpower.

  337. Colombian

    Lets get this straight, I’m not from any contry on this list. I’m from Colombia and this is my list:
    USA: It has the worlds largest economy at the moment. Also has the greatest military spending. It also has the biggest and best Navy in the world. And its technology.
    China: Has a good stable economy, and has a lot of manpower.
    Russia: Russian soilders have a lot of will power and always try to win the war. And russia also has a fair sized military and technology.
    England: It is the most powerful country in Europe (in my opinion), and face it England probably has the best military training.
    Those are my four most powerful countriesin my opinion.

  338. Agartha

    Turkey has nuclear weapons but they are not in Turkey they are in Kazakhistan

    rest of all not important

  339. Nadeem

    @ Girish…

    You said if you remove militry strength of Pakistan, why you said that????. you shouldn’t have said that on this thread named powerful countries. You also a foolish guy like all indians above….

    I tell you, if we remove economy than what will left with india??? only your most weekest army and ur failed nuclear institutes???

    I agree that what u say if you remove pakistan army than pakistan have left nothing…. if we remove economy than what india will be having???

    Pakistan Paindabad

  340. Nadeem

    @ Colombian…

    I totally agree with you dude..your list is absolutly in order…however we will see very soon that China will be ahead of USA…..

    Pakistan Paindabad

  341. Englishman

    My beloved England is not very powerful any more but it’s an interesting subject

  342. Englishman

    I also don’t agree that the US Navy is the best in the world. The US Navy said that a successful recapture of the Falkland Islands was a “Military impossibility” and i think we all know the outcome to that.

  343. Englishman

    I will also say that Russian “willpower” would not win a war if they were under fire from nuclear warheads.

  344. Englishman

    But i agree on the England note or UK as it should be, not forgetting the useless bastards we share our country with.

  345. Earth

    Hey mad people Stop fiting, I am Mother Earth… Listen carefully…..

    Work towards below else one day whole world will die

    1) control Population & reduce carbon emisstion

    2) No curruption & job availability to all

    3) Quality Food item at Lowest price ( innovation in Agreculture)

    4) Affordable Education/ Health treatment for all

    5) save forest

    6) Ban on neuclear weapon and dengorious chemical

    7) Accept the truth “No one is big, No one is small” Its nature most powerful ….when you see earthquakes, tsunami, Tornado, volcano and asteroid attack from space.. you realize who you are in front of nature a small bug who don’t know how to leave and how to behave …..

  346. rakesh

    My god, it is very interesting debate, however apart from some rough and abusing language of some of my Indian friend and as well as Pakistan Friend, every things Ok,but see, one things is sure its all about his own view imposing to each other
    The Truth is that : its not mine list but official list of U.N……..
    its a true fact, Not any one created….see website

  347. abhilash

    first of all, battles are not won on papers.
    now lets talk of power, india has decided to buy 125+(most probably f16) fighter planes and 40 war ships within 2 is developing a fifth generation fighter(sukhoi pak fa) along with russia which is considered to be even better than f22 raptor.we r planing to construct 15 nuclear submarines,2 aircraft terms of nuclear weapon we are far behind cause we do not belive in using them first.our economy is our biggest and strongest defence.we have just won a place in un security council which shows the growing power of india. their is no competition between india and pak.
    9.korea north

  348. roy

    hey is anyone taking a look at this comments. i mean it’s really crazy to put pak in top 10. israel can be there, frankly speaking turkey or cuba also deserve it.

  349. Nadeem

    @ Abilasha…

    You must be kidding right??

    How come israil, korea, canada & india in this list and not Pakistan??? In terms of power Pakistan is far far ahead of these above countries that i mentioned… How come india in this list being most weekest & failed nuclear state???

    Open ur eyes and stop spreading rumours by givig your foolish statements…

    @ Roy…
    Frankly speaking, india should not be on this list in terms of powers and should be replaced by korea being more powerfull than india…

    Pakistan Paindabad

  350. Zaheer! Indian

    To all Pakistanis..who claims to be powerful than India,First Read d facts about your own country then come and shit ova here…Top 10 powerful countries list is based on over all growth of a country..including power,economy,allies etc..not in this particular part of time but also in the near future..pakistan as issues going on right now with their economy and the only thing which keeps them going is their fucking relations with terrorists..Us president’s only visit their closest allies during their first term and Obama is here to make a point that it chooses India over Pakistan. They are gonna make 20 agreements which makes both countries economically stronger…As far the nuclear weapons is concerned India doesn’t show off as nuclear power..if u realize there is nuclear power researches going on the coast of both arabian and indian ocean…which makes no other countries can invade them through sea….And Economically we are arising with more than 8 GDP…that makes u guys to sweat! the only country which was less affected by global crisis is India…..wait for 5 more yrs to see which country is goona be the crucial player..and that is India…..As far as pakistan concerned go get a life!

  351. Iftekher Ahmed

    America has the world’s largest economy and strongest battle the world has ever seen. By the grace of almighty ALLAH, the little baby countries like China and India will never be able to reach even the foot of Great America, let alone Head. Don’t forget the world was always ruled by Christians, Jews and Muslims. And America is that place where these Super three religions got together and working hand in hand. So better day of America is YET to come. U foul people are too early to goodbye America. But fortunately it’s not gonna happen. Almighty ALLAH must save my America. AMERICA WON”T BACK DOWN. It knows well how to handle China, India And Others, just like America demolished the then so-called superpower RUSSIA.


  352. rakesh

    @ Nadeem
    Bhai Nadeem, you looks quite passionates with pakistan, no doubt should be, after all its about of country pride… but bhai unless you really don’t accept reality till than your r not going to progress because the way you behaving its looks not accepting reality….and accepting reality generate opportunity of opening door of success…but just being a passionates……sorry brother but i hope must try to understand my point….i fully respect your country. but as far as reality is concerned pakistan is still quite behind still need some time to overcome and compete other country which is top 10 list….just not in base of nuke weapon you gone powerful. its required other things like basic structure,per income of person,and most important stability in democracy and finally army and weapon…but weak point of pakistan per person income and stability in democracy…..and now i expecting a ideal answer from to u…

  353. Jose

    The world change every second, we know if something afect America like 2001 and 2007 afect the rest of the world, be the most democratic and most powerfull country in the world, take more than 50 years. Begin with you, your family and your community, I’m immigrant since 5 years ago and I have changed a lot of ideas since I’m here in America. Better for me and my family,
    America is America The best place for live.

  354. Nadeem

    Kind Informaiton for all,…..

    Just about to complete 4th Nuclear reacter, Pakistan stated the construction of its 5th nulcear reactor, which will be completed by the end of 2012 and will capable to produce more than 70 nuclear warheads per year….


    Pakistan Paindabad

  355. Nadeem

    @ Zaheer…

    Before 2030… world will see how Pakistna will wipe off india from world map….
    Enitre earth will see the destruction of india….

    Inshallah…Pakistan is preparing for Jihad-e-Hind….

    Pakistan Paindabad

  356. roy

    nadeem long live pakistan r u kidding . take a look pakistan is dying .
    this shows how illiterate u r. destruction of india. itni aukad bhi he kya pakistan ki. khud mar mar ke ji rahe he. nadeem before 2030 it’s really difficult to say that will pakistan be alive on world map. n r u a kid talking such foolish things. I MEAN R U TERRORIST. AL-QUEDA,TALIBAN ETC. AND THE CORRECT SPELLING IS ENTIRE NOT ENITRE. ANPAD. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!

  357. Mynameis

    people who say india shouldnt be there or pakistan over turkey or what not. You are either confusing military power over economic or just considering one of the various things that make a country a WORLD POWER. Its not only military and economic power but also population, government, influence in a international level and so on. And as far as i know, this is a very reliable source

  358. Mynameis

    @dost hey buddy, are you confusing America with soviet russia, or nazi germany? As far as i know we aren’t murderers and if you’re gonna put the U.S. on the spot for invading iraq, dont for got who our allies our and who also invaded iraq with us (Britain).Dont believe me because you’re so ignorant? go do some research then.

  359. Mynameis

    @xXtremeXx what do you mean if it was a weak country america would have taken over it? The only thing that would motivate america to invade another country would be if it had valuable resources. I think you’re jsut upset because they put it as number 1. thanks for making me laugh by putting iran in number 2. BAHAHA!

  360. Sir

    You guys keep fighting over which country is better. As everyone knows that USA is the strongest. Then should be China. Then India. People say India should not be on the list but it can beat most of the countries in the world. It’s one of the best countries in the world. Pakistan, I don’t think should be on the list, no offense, but Pakistan really needs more development. A lot of terrorism, crime, poverty. There’s at least 2 bomb blast in Pakistan each year. All the countries should be friendly with each other. Korea can be on the list.

  361. rehan

    What a ridiculous list…? where did pakistan come from? o.k..o.k so playing it funny i think the list should be like this……
    1. Pakistan
    2. All poverty ridden nations
    3. brazil, turkey
    4. france, italy, germany
    5. great britain
    6. India
    7. Russia
    8 China
    9. U.S.A

  362. Nadeem

    @ Roy…

    oh my GOD…!!! sorry for spelling mistakes…and you have done great job by correcting…hahhaa…lol…idiot…..

    yes there is poverty in Pakistan and we accept that but what %age of poverty in india do you know that??? india is far more worse that those african nations where people in most of the states eating rats to survive..isn’t roy??? you cannot hide truth and diplomacy dost not work here buddy….!!!

    if u can say there is progress going on in india in some states then the same things happening in Pakistan too. As i stated in my earlier post with regards to power, Pakistan is about to start construction of its 5th Nulclear reactor which will cost billions of dollars.

    can u tell me who will erase a great nation like Pakistan from the world map??? you indians?? hahahaha….day dreamers….i can bet if you ever try to mess with Pakistan, then whole earth will see the response. so my sincere advice to all indians stay in ur nest and dont come out…!!!

    Pakistan Paindabad

  363. roy

    y will any other country destroy pak. it’s geting destroyed on it’s own.
    secondly the nuclear reactor is not pakistan’s it’s the property of un n they r building it in pak for quick transport of weapons mr. nadeem. don’t know anything just barking like dogs. so i advice u to take a look at the real WOORLDD.

  364. roy

    EXCUSE ME NADEEM. for your kind information the nuclear reactor pak is setting up belong’s to UN. they r setting it up there because they need to fight against taliban, al-queida,LeT etc. n it’s the money of un mean’s of the whole world.

  365. Nadeem

    @ Roy….

    hahaha… your frustration and misguided reply shows that how you feeling jealous, in addition to this now you start barking as well. good work keep it up….

    Salay ma kay loray, real dust of earth listen!!!… UN will never ever want to setup a nuclear device in PK, we are setting up on our own with cooperation of China like india is having civil nuclear deal with US….

    Pakistan Paindabad

  366. Nadeem

    Dear All,

    Apart from our routine words war, trust me my intention is not to hurt anyone rather just to share ideas, others point of views to enhance our knowledge and to know what others thinks about you…nothing else.. beleive me guys..!!!!! i know and accept that sometime i lost our nerves whenever country’s pride jumps in conclustion. As i am patriotic guy as everyone should be…

    So today by forgetting all our previous unforseens, i just want to wish a very very happy EID mubarik to all my Pakistani fellows and indian freinds from the core of my heart with the message of love and care…

    Although the critical situation of our country does not allow us to celebrate the EID. As we believe religion is above all our identities so it is our religious obligation to greet each other a religious joyous event. We should adopt the minimum level of celebration i.e. to perform EID Salwat & to wish fellow muslims.

    May Allah bless you all on this Great event of EID UL AZHA….

    Pakistan Paindabad

  367. Lorran

    Brasil tem um ótimo pode militar , é o segundo maior poder militar da américa !

    Minha lista :











  368. Vinay

    Pakistani media and govt kept its citizens in dark. Many websites were blocked there. People are not fully connected to the outer world and therefore they are not fully aware of the real situation of their own country. They even dont know whts going on around the world. They only believe whatever pakistani media showing them… or whtever their govt allowing media to show.

    I would like to suggest pakistani visitors to plz try googling sometime and clear ur doubts before posting anything here..

    Thank you!..

  369. maria

    if it will war between pakistan and india both countries will destroy don’t think india can win beacause it is bigger than pakistan .this is not 1965 or 1971 both countries are atomic power is true that pakistan’s missile technolgy is much better than pakistan it was accepted by indian media.

  370. FZ


    pakistani media is more independent than Indian media is…..which websites are blockd??????????..dont utter without having any information…it is noticed that whenever indian feel to fail in debate, they start blaiming their opponent without having any evidence…..shame…shame…shame..
    and one thing you need to put in your little mind and i would like to advise you, to forward it to your new genration that india can never ever defeat pakistan in any way..and the reason is they are far ahead in willingness to fight than indian, they are very petrotic..(it is 100% truth you can ask your army they know very well)
    enen though the indian economy is booming nowadays but india is still weaker than pakistan in terms of army power

    But any way we dont want war until india ignite it if they do so then we are ready and we know how to erase india from the map of the earth…

    proud to be a pakistani

    Pakistan Zinda Bad

  371. yogesh ahuja

    In continuation of my above statement, if i would make list, i would go as following:

    1. USA
    2. Russia
    3. China
    4. India
    5. England
    6. Japan
    7. Germany
    8. France
    9. Brazil

    but india is no 1

  372. roy

    i really don’t understand that why pakistani’s have the misunderstanding that they have the power to erase india. i agree that pakistani’s r 100% patriotic but that doesn’t means that u talk whatever rubbish comes to your mind. u can’t solve the terrorist problem in your country. u need UN support. n indians just talk the truth. but it’s tuff for u pakistani’s to accept it.
    india has the third largest army.
    7th nuclear power.
    4th in defence power,pak somewhere in 20s
    india has 18 submarines while pak had one which was destroyed in 1971 war.
    india has 1 aircraft carier while pak has none.
    1 c-17,pak none. go n search JUST DON’T TALK RUBBISH.

  373. pratik

    how can u pakis say pakistan as a powerful nation.its one of the poorest country in the world where india is the 4th largest economy power. india is a memeber of G14 & G20.U pakis hav any idea about BRIC nations or not?means brazil,russia,india,china are the next drivers of world economy.Obama
    said ‘india is not an emerging,but an already emerged country.’. the main moto of obamas india visit was to create jobs in usa 4 the american people.americas economy is also affected by the booming of indian economy.

    very soon india is going 2 be the permenent member of UNSC.except china ,all 4 members r supporting india.once it happens pakistan will not b able 2 stand infront of india.

    pakistans deffence budget is $2 billion,where indias is $20 billion.pakistan even unable 2 host a cricket match on its territory.nobody agrees 2 go to that taliban country.everyday hundreds of people r dying in bombblasts.

    whenevr question arises for terrorism,the whole world fingers out two countries, only. 1st one afganistan,2nd pakistan. do u pakis watch international news or only poor pakistani urdu channels?

    where a single flood washes out the whole countrys economy,they r talking about weapon funny & shameful u guys are.

    i have seen ur television channels,movies,debates,functions. having seen them i could not resist myself laughing.all r so poorly perfomed.

    india is famous for I.T.= information technology.

    pakistan is also for I.T.=international terrorism.

  374. FZ

    who is talking rubbish it is very clear in yours staements…we are talking on the bases of fact unlike you,……
    yes we accept that pakistan is going through a biggest & terrible situation of his whole history and we r trying our best to overcome that situations, and i hope we will solve this problem very soon….
    dont think think that pak is not capable to contrl terrorist…but it is not an easy task and will take time….terrorism has a red alert for all mankind…and pakistan is doing his role as a hero to demolish it…terrors have very dangerous ideas and they brought these ideas from tamel tigers (like suicide bombing)
    furthermore..dnt be happy to see pakistan suffering in problems…thses are the calamities that can strike on any country/nation, it can take place in ind as well(we dont hope so)…
    and reason why UN giving fund to pakistan becouse they are failed to contrl terrsm in afghanistan and now they depending on pakitan in order to contrl terrorism

    Pakistan Zinda Bad

  375. roy

    EXCUSE ME WHOEVER U R. un is giving fund to pak cause they they don’t want pak to to become taliban 2. n stop joking pak is a zero. n it’s doing nothing. it’s there because of usa. tommorow even u can die under terrorist attack. or u can become a terrorist. this is the condition of pak. n secondly we indians r not like u. we don’t feel nice to see any country suffering. your pak is protected by un armies which include INDIA. india could have destroyed pak completely in 1971 when pak surrendered but we forgived you’ll in all 3 wars. i don’t want debate who won the 3 wars. evryone knows it n i don’t know why u r not accepting it. this is the difference between india n pak. no country is perfect we need to make it perfect.

  376. Nadeem

    @ Pratik…

    You still seems real stupid…

    What did you say?? indian defence budget is USD 20 billion??… hahaha… you know why i am laughing?? shame on you indians your 60% poppulation lying on footpaths due to not having homes and food to survive and being forced to eat rats, cats, or stuff like that and you are talking about your defence bedget?? budget for what?? what you have got with those budget?? except weekest army power presence in this world and increasing poverty in your country….

    You shamefull indians should learn from Pakistan that how to handle a country in difficult and worse conditions. We learn from the past when after partition in 1947, all industries were belongs to you and Pakistan was like the desert… We faced long period of american sanctions, during that time our economy was badly affected,but see how we arise and currently we stand as one of most powerfull countries in world and most powerfull nation in South Asia. All world should be proud on Pakistan having single handedly facing many of enemies (Russia, USA, Israil, india) and we proudly say that we have world’s no.1 itellegence agancy named ISI (Inter Services Intellegence), we can kick on any of our enemy if anyone will ever be try to mess with great nation like Pakistan. All global players accepts that Pakistan is front line player agaisnt terrorist and without Pakistan no one can win this war….

    To all indians…. Chullu bar pani lo or us mai doob maro sallu…. USD 20 billion deffence budget…my foot…lol…

    Pakistan Paindabad

  377. pratik

    wht wht wht wht r u saying? hahahahaha……..oooooooooooooooooo………………god….
    ya ya u said right.
    pakistan people raelly shoud be proud for single handedly exporting terrorists 2 the other countries. bcoz in ur country each family is producing world class terrorists.
    in each & every street of pakistan u can get a terrorist training centre.its really amazing. in india where a child is learned 2 ba doctor,engineer or scientist,at the same time in pakistan a kid is learned 2 b a great jihadi terrorist in future.
    now also pakistan is still a desert.nothing has been changed .no industry,no technical scools,colleges,.poor infrastructures etc,etc.

    kya yaar..america tumhe itna kuchh bhikh main deta hai,phir bhi tum log grow nehin kar pa rahe ho.. chu chu chu chu…ok ok.dont worry. india tumhe jald hi khana pina kapda sab kuch vejega. ab to sant ho jao…

  378. roy

    if isi was no. 1 then why these terrorist attacks. india ke bare me kuch pata bhi he kya. your don’t have jobs so people in pak join terrorist group. a go on google check military powers n then come. pata nahi duniya ke kis kone se chale ate ye bhikari pakistani.

  379. Nadeem

    @ Pratik

    hahaha… Pakistan is a desert?? really??

    1 – Pakistan stock exchange was announced best stock excgane in Asia 2 years in a row 2006 & 2007.

    2 – Despite of the fact that india is huge in area and population too.. but still not the only power in south asia instead Pakistan maintain a balance of power in south asia.

    3 – And you said bloody USD 20 billion defence budget?? why you are not strong as Pakistan is even having only 2 billion defence budget?? do your shamefull amry have any justification for that?? who making you people & your govt really fool since many years?? shame..shame shame…

    Why all indians are dying to come to Lahore, becoz you people does not know the meanig of beauty and your cities are sooo dirty and so called full of dust and world’s largest slums is located in bumbai where people are being forced to live in round shape plastic pipes?? is it right pratik??

    Come with your answer buddy, i have so many things to share with you about your so called india and i am sure you will be pleased to know…

    Pakistan Paindabad

  380. Nadeem

    @ Roy…

    Who knows better than us that what is india…salay peeth dikha ker baaghnay walay indians… salu abi bi waqt hai sudher jao werna phir america kay pass baghna paray gha tumay bachnay kay liyay….

    No one can stop sucide attacks, but over all competency level of ISI is recognizeed by the global players. And hence ISI is a real super power in world of intellegence….

    Pakistan Paindabad

  381. roy

    everyone knows that the most powerful nation in south asia is india n richest country in south asia is mumbai if u don’t believe go search on the net. just take a look at your country. india kaha nikal gayi aur pak kaha rhe gayi. go check the net n then tell who is at the top of int. agency. even a kid can tell it. but unfortunately your level is below a kid. hahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!! pak a stock exchange country. mumbai gets the greatest stock exchange in south asia. i know you will not agree because sach pakistaniyo ke liye hamesha kadva hota hai. lol hahahaha!!!! n 1 sincere request. STOP JOKING!!

  382. roy


  383. roy


  384. Nadeem

    @ Roy..

    Like all indians “Such sun ker mirchi laghi or sath hi teri phatt kay hath mai aa ghai”.. or tunay bhonkna bi shoro ker diya…hahahaha

    Regarding Intellegence Agencies, check out these links…

    india is most powerfull nation in south asia?? what a joke…hahahaha
    Mumbai is richest…my foot…. full of slums…

    Come on be a man and accpet truths…

    Pakistan Paindabad

  385. Nadeem

    @ Roy..

    Like all indians “Such sun ker mirchi laghi or sath hi teri phatt kay hath mai aa ghai”.. or tunay bhonkna bi shoro ker diya…hahahaha

    Regarding Intellegence Agencies, check out any site on google you will find ISI on top of the list….

    india is most powerfull nation in south asia?? what a joke…hahahaha… reality is that you are bloody dogs of bloody Israil who raising funds for you in order to fight with Pakistan but tum phir bi kuch nai ker sakay….chu chu chu….

    mumbai is richest…my foot…. full of slums…

    Come on be a man and accpet truths…

    Pakistan Paindabad

  386. Saurabh

    Hey Mr. Nadeem…
    if u r so keen to see your country in top 10,you must eliminate terrorism from your country .Your country’s present rank is 100+ according to experts like me.

  387. roy

    go check google. bhok kaun raha hai everyone knows.hahahahhah. shame shame puppy shame lol. ssach hamesha kadva hota hai nadeem hahahahahahaha.

  388. roy

    nadeem don’t tell me u don’t tell me u don’t know what’s GDP. kya kare akhir tu bhi to ek pakistani hahhhahahahaha!!!!!!

  389. Nadeem

    @ Mr. Saurabh

    Who the fuck you telling that and who care what you are thinking about Pakistan…

    Better you stay in your nest…!!!

    Pakistan Paindabad

  390. mohit

    If pakistan is more powerful than india, then why america,s president mr obama wants business deals with india but not with pakistan. America is giving lot of money to pakistan. but even then america needs help from india to raise its economy . america wants favour from india to give new job oppertunities for the people of america.

  391. Powerhungry

    why does everyone think that the USA is the most powerful? they are practically owned literally my China, Japan and many other countries! They may have weapons/army (that are funded by China) but it’s propaganda that America is on top. Pretty much America can’t lift a finger without the nod of approval from China. Did you know that Saudi Arabia owns most of the american hotels? That America is 2.7 trillion dollars in debt to China, Japan the UK and many other countries?

    Pretty much if those countries decide to stop giving money to the states they are totally broke.

  392. roy

    @ nadeem excuse me these r pakistani sights n they r just like u hahahaha!!
    saurabh ka sach sunke mirchi lagi. we can see your frustration. ooooooooooootututttutuutu. hota hai don’t worry some day you’ll come to know ki teri country kitni cheap he.

  393. FZ

    @ roy
    It make me laugh when I read
    Please tell me frankly, did you in your sense during writing these words?..or..this is your lack of information? You people mostly telling something that are far apart than reality…where is ind & UN armies protecting???????????? Indian army is not capable to defend themselves,even they are large in numbers and they have 20B USD budget (for nothing ), yet they are calling for US armies and Israeli intelligence for defense during common wealth games & Babri Masjid Case….it clarify that Indian Govt. cant trust on Indian army
    @roy….. you also said
    Really I can’t understand but I guess you want to say “ I don’t want to debate with those ppl who claim to win the 3 wars … first of all we are not claiming that we won 3 wars, we know that we loosed 1971 war…we are claiming victorious only 2 wars…which we won
    1971, actually it was not a war b/w pak and ind it was our personnel matter (East & West Pakistan), we are solving this problem, suddenly Indian army jumped into the battle like a monkey …and we didn’t have enough sources in East pak…this was the reason dude…warna inda me intna dam keh Brave Pakistan ka muqabla karsakay????

  394. FZ

    @ all Indian
    Aray tumare statements par k mujay kuch Sher yad aye….
    India k bare mein
    Jis des k koochay koochay mein aflaas awara phirta ho……
    Jo dharty bhook ugalty ho dukh dard falak se girta ho…..
    Jahaan bhokay nangay bachay bi aahoon pe palay jatay hoon….
    Jahan sachaaee k mujram bi zindan mein dalay jatay hoon…..
    Jahan majboroon k khoon se apnay paap bi dhye jatay hoon….
    jis des k log barsoon se yeh dukh jigar pe sehtay hoon…..
    us des k log dekho to aaj hamein kia kehtay hein….
    What do u thing about Pakistan?…we have brave soldier with great intelligence agency
    You Indian don’t know the hidden power of Pakistan….IF PAKISTAN WILL COUGH WHOLE WORLD WILL SHAKE…US and UN know the importance of Pakistan, that is why they are always seem to be fear from Pakistan…always begging for support from Pakistan..But Pakistan is not helping them sincerely…because they (US &UN) are not sincere with Pakistan and all Muslim world as well….
    You Indian having a huge population with full of poverty & slums and suffering from so many other problems….pointing finger on us, blaming Great Pakistan, ;;;;; look into your into your own….u r the nation where so many ppls dying for lack of foods, u r the one where ppl don’t have shelters & they are spending their nights on foot paths, under bridges/stairs, you are the one where …… (I don’t have time to write all of them)

  395. Nadeem

    @ FZ…

    My freind stop stop stop this is enough for the timebeing… other wise all indians will gonna cry….

    @ Dost…

    Kuttay tera locker kis nay khol diya phir say…. lol..!!!

    Pakistan Paindabad

  396. Dharmil


  397. roy

    fz’s comment’s r making me laugh. i know the things u have mentioned belong to your country n that’s the fact. n my sincere request is just check the wikipedia not your pakistani sites . i m really enjoying to see your frutration. hahahaahahhaaa!!!!

  398. Nadeem

    @ Roy…

    Stop crying and give answer logically…

    This is what indians are all about, when they dont have nothing to say, nothing to answer, they starts bulshitting…..

    My sincere advice to you bloody indians.. dont mess with an Pakistani..!!!

    Pakistan Paindabad

  399. FZ

    Nadeem bhaee.. un ko kia pata keh logic kia bala hoty hey…they know only criticism……..
    my sincere advise to indian…..DON’T sit on defenseiv bench always…you must accept the facts

    Pakistan Zinda Bad

  400. Nadeem

    @ FZ..

    You are right brother some indian guys on this thread are non sense and really ill mannered person who dont know what to write.

    Dont advise them Kuttay ki dum kabi seedhi nai hoti… “DOST” is one of the examples of this….lol..!!!

    Pakistan Paindabad

  401. roy

    seedhi en glish blone nahi aati aur upar se non sense. koyle ko kitne bar bhi dho who kala ka kala. koyla ko at least prize to hai kam ka toh hai hai. tu m pakistani to useless. kabhi kabhi na kabhi tum bhi sudhar jaoga

  402. Nadeem

    @ Roy…

    Abay salay pooray Pakistan kay…. pehlay bolna tu seekh salay teray comments per kay lagh raha hai teri phat kay hath mai aa chuki hai…

  403. FZ

    @ Alll people on this thread

    When SNAKE is alive it eats ANTS…..But when it dies….ANTS eat it…..Time can turn any time…… so dont neglect anyone in life..and respect every body

    Pakistan Zinda Bad

  404. crazyguys

    India have kamasutra as weapon hehhehhehe just joke btw WHERE THE F**K IS INDONESIA??????????

  405. Abhishek

    Guys…..Do you think it matters that India is on top or Pakistan? The fact of the matter is even though we know that where we are, we are still fighting for it. There is along way to go for both the nations. Our populations still dies with hunger and poverty. And thats what we should concern about.
    Everbody is claiming that we won the three unfortunate wars between India and pakistan. But did any of you bothered to condemn that the wars were quite quite unfortunate.
    Guys Lets mark the end of the long rubbish discussion on a common note that beyond the boundaries of Nation there something else called humanity which links all of us. And we are tied with that thread of humanity.

    So my friends, my brothers, lets post some innovative comments to strengthen this harmony.

  406. sarthak

    hey auzer
    pak military is nothing compare to indian military. india stands in top 5 strongest military power. where pakistan doesn’t also stand in top 20. India has strategic and technological superiority over the conventional forces of Pakistan. Indian Navy is larger in fleet and personnel size with a more varied range of ships including an aircraft carrier while Pakistan�s Navy is smaller and has no aircraft carriers. Indian�s IAF is equipped with highly capable fighters like 4.5th generation Su-30s and 4th gen Mirage 2000s which are technologically superior to Pakistan PAF�s F-16s and Mirage IIIs. Additionally Indian pilots are better trained and more capable in air combat than Pakistani forces as was demonstrated by its various wars with Pakistan or joint exercises with US and UK. In the area of conventional ground forces both the Indian as well as Pakistani Army is well equipped and highly trained to survive in extremities of topography and climate in combat condition.

  407. Nadeem

    @ Sarthak….

    oh my GOD… what a thinking… what an observation… real BULSHITs…..r u crazy or what??? india have technical superiority over PAKISTAN??…. indian air crafts are superior and indian pilots are better trained than PAKISTANI pilots??? i just wana ask you r u in ur sences while wirting foolish statement or not???? PAKISTAN is far more capable & superior in all factors that you mentioned above excepts india have more land nothing else… now i am 100% sure that all indians are only learning one thing i.e. “india is great all are falls”..hahaa… real idiots…

    You seems an early bird baby who dont knows what to write. I think we should not waste our time to respons to your comments… better you also be like ur foolish indian fellows…

    Pakistan Paindabad

  408. FZ


    i think Nadeem’s reply would make you no need for more dose;;; overdosing is not good :::::dont mind,you need U-TURN

    @ abhishek
    you are really seems to be a good indain guy…having a positive thoughts….keep it on….i m fully agree with you friend

  409. sarthak

    nadeem The only thing i can quote for you pakistanis is a old Hindi saying ” GAAND ME DAM NAHI HUM KISI SE KAM NAHI “.Baate karne me aur phekne mei tum pakistaniyo ka koi mukabla nahi kar are the people who like to live in their own make belief world far away from the we say in sanskrit ”KOOPA MANDUKS”.In english which means frogs of the well.

  410. roy

    @ nadeem try to accept ur truth. it makes me laugh while reading ur comments. how immature u can be. it’s not ur falt it happens with every pakistani. sach hamesha kadva hota hai. GET UP OPEN UR EYES, COME OUT OF THE DARKNESS. DEKHLE YE DUNIYA KAHA NIKAL GAYI. AUR PAK KAHA RHE GAYI. u r no great. u r geting the chinese support. otherwise u r no where. there r many countries who deserve the 9th position.

  411. Nadeem

    @ Sarthak…

    Bloody ass get your facts right before giving statment.

    India won all wars is a biggest joke, you kid even dont know what happened in 1965, when tashkent declaration hold your nerves otherwise you would have lost very badly… you dont know what happened in 1999, when Pak army occupied all indian occupied kashmir terrotory and your bloody PM runs to US like bloody pig to push Pakistan to pull thier forces back.. do you know this?? what do you say about it??

    Salay her baar tumari phat kay hath mai aati hai or tum bagh ker apnay boss US & Israil kay pass bagh jatay hon. reality is thar till to date you are not enough strong & capable to fight with Pakistan always looking for help from bloody Israil & USA. you know what happened in 1998 when Pakistan become nuclear power.. Israile fighter jets were on indian basis to attack Pakistan’s nuclear facility… but all knows what happened both indian and israili airforces could not attack just becoz they both timely realized the expected response from PAF. Hence Pakistan had been successfully conducted its nuclear tests and arrise as one of the few countries having nuclear devices & nukes….and what about your nuclear devices..hahah…india can be called as failed nuclear state who does not know how explode a missile… first ask you army learn how to explode and than compare ur army strentgh with GREAT Pakistani forces…

    Pakistan Paindabad

  412. Nadeem

    @ Roy…

    I beleive you are making this thread a damm sleepy place and now you dont have to anything logically to answer…so now onward…. YOU ARE IGNORED

    Pakistan Paindabad

  413. roy

    now see u pakistanis don’t understand logical thinks. so why not speak in ur language. if any indian talks logical tum logo ko mirchi lagti hai. then u start telling lies n all sort of bad words. my comments r ignorable to u because u can’t face the truth. so ignore my comments but i won’t ignore urs because they make me LAUGH! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA!!!!!!!!

  414. ohhhh

    first of all you guys do not know the real thing. india had reached almost till the lahore airport in 1965 war .india is brave , we do not send our troops secretlly to mountain tops.we do not cry for help during floods nor do we send our artists to perform in other’s country.

  415. sarthak

    my sweet nadeem give me the proof which says pakistan won the 1965 and kragil.
    you can’t becoz all knows how pakistan got raped in those war.
    you pakistani says thet you have the best army. let us see the truth a) 1947 war with India . Lost Kashmir. b) 1965 war with India. Lost war. c) 1971 war with India. Lost war. Lost East Pakistan. 90000 surrender. d) 1987 low intensity war with India . Lost Siachin. e) 1999 low intensity war with India . Lost war. Pakistan Army still says its saviour of Pakistan… time to check the illusion

    and yes last thing to roy jai hind brother

  416. Nadeem

    @ Sarthak…

    You are the only indian who dont get panic while replying i like that..!!!!

    But my freind you have great misunderstanding or i can say far lack of information about the facts.

    a) 1947 there was no war, and Kashmir dispute was not a result of this war.

    b) 1965 (No Resulat)India could have lost very badly if tashkent declaration would not have had in place.

    c) 1971, Pakistan Lost (Not becoz of your army but other internal blunders of our polititions)

    d) What proof you have that whole Siachin is a part of india, its partically divided and belongs to Pakistan, India & China too… so you cannot misguide and diplomacy does nto work here buddy…

    e) 1999, (No Result) all knows who run to USA or for what?? you should be thankful to Pak army to withdrawn from your occupied territory otherwise you would have lost 100 of thousands of your soldiers…

    What are you talking about your army, is the same army who themseves accepts the superiority of Pakistan over india and also admit that Pakistan’s nuclear capability is far more advanced than india?? as we never failed in any nuclear tests whereas india failed at least 6 times despite of having almost 10 times more budget than Pakistan. On behalf of your army do you have any justification for that sarthak??? i am sure NO??? except by being defensive you would say bla bla bla but truth cannot be changed….

    Pakistan Paindabad

  417. roy

    u don’t know the truth my friend nadeem. not ur fault. lack of knowlegde. i’ll tell u. it is true that pak never failed any nuclear test. but u don’t know the real fact. ur niclear weapons were imported from uae. n not officially. a gangster known as ‘the khan’ smuggled it . from the terrorist organisation from iran. his son was imprisoned because of this. u pakistanis held such smugglers as God. these weapons were used by u in the war against israel. but unfortunately FBI suspended them as a case was going on it . we indians r not like u who take smuggled weapons. n don’t speak if u don’t know. m not in offence against u pakistanis but i’ll correct u if u go wrong. N DON’T WORRY I NEVER LEAVE HANDS OF MY WEAK STUDENTS.HAHAHAHAAAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!!!!!

  418. sarthak

    nadeem its a totally joke you say that pak won (1965 and kargil) war. first remember one thing war is war it can’t differentiate ur are posing less technology or not . i know in pak school in history book this thing were taught that india attack on our back, but we still able to win.take the example of kargil ,in which we defeat u without crossing the LOC , ur pakistan army were refused to take the body of ur own soliders who shame is this for any army in this u say india doesn’t posing men to fight aganist pak voluntary ,that is again a joke . we r secular but when it comes to nation we all unit for it eg u have seen in kargil war.

  419. roy

    pak not only refused to take pakistani bodies but we buried them with full respect in our country . ur country returned our soldiers body which were cut into 100 pieces. this is the difference between pak n india. we have humanity. this comes cause our country have different religions which we accept unlike u. n i know @ nadeem u’ll still refuse this truth idon’t care. the population of muslims in our country r more than the middle east countries. our country has the 3rd largest population of christian. largest no. jews stay in our country. they don’t stay according to religion but as an indian. this is what makes INDIA SPECIAL.

  420. Dost

    Are ye ek kutte ka dum hein aur ek aur uska kutta hein..

    Saab logo ne enhe samjhaya paar sudherta nahi hein..

  421. Dost

    Ye sala pura fanatic hei, aur aab eska ek chela bhi ho gaya hein jo iske saath jai ho jai ho kaar raha hein


  422. mohit

    @sarthak and roy

    brothers, both u r absolutely right. but do not try to teach these pakistanis as they dont want to face the truth.

  423. Nadeem

    @ Sarthak…

    Who you are to ask or assign us what we are learning in our schools.

    What we have seen in Kargil War? show me proof that India win kargil war, india was badly defeated in this war, after ur PM visit to USA, Pakistani forces withdrawn from ur territory and this had been seen by all the world on international media too you cannot hide this or nither misguide.

    And 1965, although there was no result but in veiw of huge indian army highly equiped and supported by Israil & USA at that time overall performance of Pak army was far more better than indian army, in this was PAF’s Pilot had shutdown 5 indian aircrafts in less than one minute and safely landed back, and this world record is still existing, go on any website of google and check….

    Pakistan Paindabad

  424. Nadeem

    @ Dost…

    Salay mera dil kerta hai teri baji jan kay sath sirf 2 nights ghuzaroon or tujay us kay bachon ka uncle banaoon, who will call you “MAMO”…lol..!!!

    Ma kay loray answer nai hai kisi baat ka bhonkna band ker and come up with logical answer rather barking “india is great, india is great” my foot…

    Pakistan Paindabad

  425. roy

    dekhli teri mentallity nadeem. akhir pakistani he kya kare. n secondly u don’t understand logic nadeem. tujhe to kuta bhi nahi bula sakta use bhi batar chizz ki aulad he tu..

  426. Frankly

    USA is Most powerful country in this world and pakistan depending on the China and USA if pakistan alone the bangladesh also defeat the pakistani’s.

    Pakistan @ No Top !


    Pakistani’s not happy in pakistan.


  427. Dost

    Apni maa ka kyal kar par pahele…

    Choor ke dadhi nein tinka hei..
    Ye sala sudhere ga nahi.. isse iska parwarish ka paat chalta hein..chalta hein ki iski maa ne ise kya sikhaya hein..

    mujhe to ye harami lagata hein

  428. Dost

    roy mane try kiya tha 🙂 ye sudherta nahi haha
    bahut logon ne try kiya sale terist ke alawa koi aur achivment nahi hei
    nuke china se churaya
    missile china aur koria se chura
    pura khandan sala ese he hei
    gandagi phaila rakha hei en logo nei aur bolege ye sabse acche hei

    Mein jitna country me gaya, saab enhe gali dete hein..lekin ye sale paka raha hein yaha aake..

  429. Nadeem Ki Maa

    Please forgive my child. He does not know what he says. He is like that from birth. He is a curse on us. Please forgive me

  430. ghg

    think about it ireland is the most powerful we would send 2 people and a tent and before ya know it more irish in the country than natives.look at the usa for proof

  431. sathak

    nadeem is an ignorant fool.
    he simply dosen’t know about the past history of india and pak .
    a twit.
    he is a waste of time

  432. Nadeem

    @ stupid sarthak and harami dost..

    Good you see you all barking like harami foolish dogs and this is what we all can expect from all indian loosers.

    Salo iss terha bhonk rahay ho jesay sab kay sab abi abi mamo banay ho…aray meray saloo thora time tu do mujay aik time tum sab ki sisters kay sath tu mai nai soo sakta…so stay in ur que and wait….

    Pakistan Paindabad

  433. roy

    tututututu tuu itna frustrate ho gaya ki itni gandi bate bolne laga . sach hamesha kadva hota hai

  434. roy

    kyu re tera baap bhi ladkiyo ke saath sota tha. tera pura khandan prostitute he kya. nadeem prostitute pvt. ltd.

  435. FZ

    My request to all people here, we all here just for sharing our information …if someone from India says on this thread that India is most powerful on this earth…this saying does not make India most powerful…likewise if someone from Pakistan says that Pakistan is the most powerful on the earth it will not make Pakistan most powerful…there is something other than our discussion which effect and improve our power.
    So don’t slander each other….
    @roy & dost
    If you throw a basket of garbage on someone…then don’t expect that he will throw a basket of flower on you

    Pakistan Zinda Bad

  436. Powerful

    First of All I want to tell you guys that I am INDIAN and I love India, but Pakistan must be in top ten countries because

    1- The country has nuclear warhead.
    2- Country fighting with several problems.Such Taliban etc.
    3- The country is fighting with TERREROIST COMMUNITIES for World peace.
    Just think that If the terreroist occupy the nuclear warhead or nuclear weapons
    what wiil be the future of world,the Pakistani Millitary fighting for Peace In Pakistan as well as in South Asia and in world also.If the terreroist communities defeated by Millitary of Pakistan, then I surly say that INDIA AND PAKISTAN WILL BECOME GOOD FRIENDS.

  437. sathak

    This is the problem we Indians have underestimate ourselves. Pakistan has nuclear bomb.If they have nuclear bomb then they should clean it up,straighten it up & SHOVE IT UP THEIR ASS. Nuclear bomb.Do you really think in a war pakistan will use nuclear bomb.They know what will happen after that they will start it we will end it.ONCE & FORALL.I really want them to use nuclear bomb so that we can end all this nonsense and finish off pakistan in that excuse. Imagine if tomorrow pakistan attacks India then we should not fight back because Pakistan has nuclear bomb.NONSENSE.Nuclear weapon is just the HUUWA pakistan is showing us.We should never even take that into account.Dont underestimate your own country.

  438. mohit

    wat u think. if pakistan is facing taliban or terrorism , then this will helps pakistan to take place in top ten?
    same afganistan is also facing terrorism or taliban? Can we place afganistan in top ten for this ? As u r placing pakistan in this list with this reason?
    so ur statement is totally meaningless.

  439. Nadeem

    @ Sarthak….

    You are a real crazy and nonsense guy talking about use of nuclear bomb…
    Bloody ass do you know the outcome of the usage of nuclear bomb??? And what did you said if we will use nuclear bomb than you will off Pakistan?? Dont think only india will wipe off Pakistan..i can bet you indian can not do anything if you are strong you could have done something when there was attack in bumbai?? you are bloody looser and you and your army have fear of Pakistan. if this is not the case then why dont india even try to attack on Pakistan?? keep in mind this is not 1965 or 1971. You are talking about use of nuclear bomb, you are not in position to even open a conventional war with Pakistan at the moment and talking about usage of nukes?? my foot…

    Pakistan Paindabad

  440. Nadeem

    @ Mohit…

    Can you tell me why india deserve to be in this list… what equipment india have whcih are superior than Pakistan or how many nukes you have or do you know how many Pakistan posessing?? When your army, your establishment knows and accepts the superiority of Pakistani armed forces over india, i am unable to usderstand why you guys are frustrating and unable to accepting the same???

    Pakistan Paindabad

  441. roy

    india has 13,25,000 personnel active troops. 21,35,000 reserved troops. india has 150 ships while pak has 11. pak doesn’t has a aircraft carrier. india has 1300 aircraft in indian airforce while pak has just 40. pak 1 minsweeper which was destroyed in 1971 war. india is on 5th rank on nuclear weapons while pak’s on 7th. if any pakistani doesn’t believe i request them to check the WIKIPEDIA.

  442. sathak

    pakistan army itself says that they are not in a positon to tackle indian army.
    you presidents also admits that if india want it can destroy some parts and can punish pakistan.
    but can’t invade pakistan.
    becoz of lack source.
    by reading such type of information i realize that thank god pakistan ne yeh accept toh kiya.

  443. jess

    1 USA
    2 japan
    3 china
    4 south korea
    5 canada
    6 india
    7 russia
    8 germany
    9 uk
    10 philippines

    this are the powerful countries in the world……………….. but in the year 2001 philippines was not included……………

  444. Even

    Dear people that put dumb comments. USA is number 1 evan though that spot might not last. China completely sucks. They may have a powerful economy but when the standard of living is in the shitter why does that matter. China could probably take over the world with all its population but thats about it. Communism in reality blows. All china can really do is nock out america by shutting down trade with them. Russia in my oppinion is not 2nd but probably 7th or 8th depending on Economy, daily life of people and population. Russia’s military still rivals america. India blows ass also. Who honestly cares who won more wars India or pakistan they both recieve all military equipment from Russia. The out dated T-90 is still being sold to India to fight useless wars. Britain is rich thats about it. they have little to no resources and relly on oversea shipments. All of Europe relies on Russia to send them natural gas and oil. France is also useless. They have no military and influence in the world. To be honest the only influencial countries right now are Britain, not UK, US, Russia, China, and North Korea. This list is absolutly terrible and inacurate. Russia has the most powerful and most nukes in the world. Will they use them? no will they sell them? mabye They are only being used for “protection”. Probably not. Any list ranking countries by best is impossible because of many different statistics and ideaologies. Personally Im from Russia but live in America because of economic instability. Communism in the 70’s-90’s fucked Russia completely. They are quickly moving up in the world but are defininatly not number 2-5. Next time commentors have a country battle think about what your saying and facts because the hundred posts about how one nation is far supior than other nations is a load of crap. It lies in the eyes of the beholder. I have friends in brazil that are leading normal lives that dont suck compared to others. Sometimes the poorest people are the happiest….Except in Africa or China.

  445. Nadeem Ki Maa

    mera beta pagal hein. use mental retarded samajke maaf kar do. uske andar ek pak nuke chala gaya tha jab wo paida hua tha. 100000000 harami mare the to ye paida hua tha.

    powerful bhi pakastini hei. mei use janti hu


  446. kajul

    hi all
    it is very intersting site why you indian and paki fighting we have same culture and we lived together for hundreds of years pakistani are good poeple but right now they have some problems (terrorism)i m very sincere with pakistani poeple I M LIVING IN UK NOW i have so many pakistani friends pakistani guy are very handsom and i m involving with one boy we will soon get married


  447. sarthak

    that’s ur thinking and u r entiteled to it but in real pakistan doesn’t deserve it.