Top 10 Mysterious Natural Phenomena

Although we, as a species, have made tremendous progress in unearthing the laws that govern this universe we live in, there are certain murky areas of our experience that remain unexplained by science. The following represent the most baffling ten of these mysterious phenomena.


1. Crop Circles

Crop circles are patterns that are found in fields of rye and corn in certain parts of the world that do not have any explanation as regards to their creation. The crops are bent near the root to create strange patterns in the field. There is a lot of debater of ‘non-human’ creation versus ‘pranksters’ – but there still does not seem to be any consensus.


2. Nazca Lines

These are a series of geolyphs – a drawing on the ground – found in the Nazca Desert of Peru, in South America. There are no known records in human history of their creation though it is well established that they are of ancient origin. Present day science is silent on this strange patterns that stretch for over more than 80 kilometers between the Peruvian towns of Nazca and Palpa.


3. The Klerksdorp Spheres

These small, smooth and polished spheres found in a mining region in South Africa, are remarkably regular with well-defined grooves that run along their surface, suggestive of non-natural genesis. Although some scientists offer natural (geological) explanations for their origin, they have not been widely accepted.


4. Déjà vu

This is the popular and all too familiar phenomena of getting the feeling that you have ‘already lived’ a particular moment in your life. Déjà vu has been the topic of heavy scientific research in the 20th century but there is still a coherent theory explaining it to come forward.


5. Ghosts

Proponents of alternative science put forward several theories to explain the occurrence of ghosts and apparitions and all other paranormal phenomena that go along with it but most of it is bogus. Actual research tries to psychologically analyze the ‘sightings’ but has not made any significant progress.


6. Spontaneous Human Combustion

Again, in the case of spontaneous human combustion, the theories that seek to explain the phenomena have very flimsy scientific foundations and the ones that are based on scientific method cannot explain them. The cause is often attributed to ‘misreporting’.


7. The Taos / Bristol / Big Island Hum

The Taos Hum is one of the many different types of Hum that occur at various locations around the world. This is generally the phenomenon of a barely audible humming sound heard by people at certain spots over the globe, such as Big Island, Hawaii; or Taos, New Mexico.


8. Near Death Experiences

These refer to the spectrum of experiences reported by people who claim to have experienced detachment from the body and then return into the body – always in situations of impending death. Reports of a ‘tunnel’, ‘white light at its end’, ‘extreme joy’, ‘lightness’, and ‘sadness on reentering the body’ are the common patterns. Scientific theory has no explanation on this phenomenon.


9. Bigfoot

Also known as the Yeti or the Sasquatch, this is supposed to be a creature resembling half-man, half-gorilla, and of a great height. There are numerous incidents of sightings of this creature but none of them has ever been validated by the scientific community – who regard it as somewhat of a joke.


10. Human mind

This had to figure in this list. This is the most widely spread natural phenomena in the world today and has tremendous impact on this planet. Yet, today’s science cannot entirely explain how human cognition works. Simple tasks like the memory, language, and dreams remain unexplained until date.

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    The first two aren’t natural phenomena and don’t get me started on people who believe in ghosts.


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