Top 10 Bowlers in Cricket History

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6. Sir Richard Hadlee

New Zealand’s first few years in cricket were undoubtedly tough. However, Sir Richard Hadlee played the game well even during these years. At 22 he had taken over 430 wickets. It has been said that he could have won a game single-handedly any day.


7. Jeff Thompson

Along with Dennis Lillee, his team-mate, Jeff Thompson is said to have ‘terrorized’ the opposing team’s batsmen when it was his chance to bowl. Because of injuries, he could not take more than 200 wickets. However, he is still among the best and a few have been able to match his speed and precision.


8. Dennis Lillee

This bowler had a short temper and was fearsome when it came to bowling, to say the least. During the 1980’s, he set a record by taking over 350 test wickets and along with an average of 23.92, he was definitely among the best. Batsmen that were faced with Lillee knew that they would not walk away unscathed!


9. Michael Holding

This bowler was aggressive and single-minded when it came to bowling. He was passionate about taking wickets and took 248 during his career. While these statistics are impressive, what is even more remarkable is his nickname. “Whispering Death” is what his team-mates called him which explains more than enough about his abilities!


10. Malcolm Marshall

It has been said that Marshall had the ability to make batsmen very nervous. His pace was fast, his swing was ‘deadly’ and his accuracy was radar-like. He took over 370 Test wickets and is among the most phenomenal bowlers in cricket history.

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