Top 10 Haunted Places Around The World

Visit these haunted places even if you do not believe in ghosts. If you do- you won’t be disappointed!


1. Changi Beach

The legend that surrounds this haunted place in Singapore is that those people who were deemed as being against the Japanese were tortured and consequently murdered when the Sook Ching Operation was in motion. People say that loud screaming and crying can be heard from the beach and that heads can be seen in the air while the bodies walk around during night-time. The scariest part- these ghosts are splattered with blood.


2. Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery

This cemetery in Illinois holds corpses of only men, according to a legend. It has been noted that powerful, black magic has been occurring around the area as well as in the graveyard. Sightings and voices of strange creatures have been seen and heard by the locals.


3. Monte Cristo

This haunted mansion is in New South Wales and according to legend, houses Mrs.Crawley’s ghost who stayed inside the mansion for 23 years after her husband died.
People say that they can see ghost-like faces in the windows and hear unusual voices coming from the mansion.


4. Bhangarh Fort

This fort is located in India. People say that a ‘tantrik’ carried out some black magic in the area which would ensure that whoever entered that area would die and their souls would wander about without respite. It has been said that whoever visits this fort will become restless almost instantly and disappear without a trace.


5. The Screaming Bridge of Maud Hughes Road

Legend says that a couple and their baby were stuck on this bridge in Ohio. When the man got out to get help, he came back to find that his wife died and soon after, died too. A second legend says that a woman hung herself after throwing her child off the bridge. People have reported hearing conversations and screams.


6. The George Stickney House

Now the Police House, The George Stickney House can be found in Illinois. According to rumors, George Stickney wanted to speak with his dead children which is why he built the house in a way that would allow the spirits to roam freely. The police today say that the lights turn off on their own, doors open and close by themselves and objects move freely.


7. 50 Berkeley Square

While one legend says that a mentally disturbed servant murdered a little girl, another says that an abused girl jumped off the window sill. The top most storey of this house is haunted and ghosts with strange voices are heard quite frequently. A bookshop has now been opened in this house and the salespeople are told to stay away from this floor.


8. Babenhausen Museum

According to legends, ghosts of the dead soldiers who fought during the war wander around this place. People say that if soldiers today visit the museum and use the telephone, they will hear a woman’s voice talking in English or German- but backwards.


9. Screaming Tunnel

This tunnel is located in Ontario and according to legend, a sadistic father burn his little girl alive. People say that if you as much as light a single match in that tunnel, the spirit of the girl will start screaming hysterically.


10. Dominican Hill

Dominican Hill is in Philippines and people say that the ghosts of those patients of war who died there after being told that there was hope haunt the place. Doors, dishes and windows open and clatter on their own and voices are heard screaming.

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  1. joe

    how can aokigahara forest and the whaley house not be on this list? how about the waverly sanitarium? this list is wack and was done in haste.

  2. annese

    why is bachelor’s grove cemetery only on the second place? In fact it is the most haunted cemetery in the world!


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