Top 10 Assault Rifles

An assault rifle is a rifle used for combat where exchange of fire takes place over short distances (i.e. <300m) and is capable of selective fire, which is the ability to switch from single fire to semi automatic or automatic fire.

An assault rifle has the following characteristics:-

a)      It must have a buttstock for firing from the shoulder

b)      Must be capable of selective fire

c)      Must use a cartridge stronger than that of a pistol but less than one of a battle rifle.

d)      Must have a detachable magazine



1.AK-47 series of rifles


This is without question the most widely used and popular assault rifle in the world.  The AK-47 was developed by Mikhail Kalashnikov for the Soviet Army for the Soviet armed forces. It has a kickback gas action for ejecting the cartridge. The standard AK 47 fire a 7.62×39 mm cartridge has a muzzle velocity of 2300 ft\sec and a range of 1300 ft.



The SOF Combat Assault Rifle or SCAR-L of US and Belgium parentage was made primarily for the US Special Forces and fires a 5.56x45mm NATO cartridge. It has a rate of fire between 600-650 rounds per minute and an effective range of 500-600—meters.


3. Steyr AUG

The Steyr AUG is designed by Steyr Mannlicher GmbH & Co KG of Austria. The rifle features a two stage trigger and is fed from double column box magazines with a 30 round capacity It fires a 5.56x 45mm NATO cartridge, has a rate of fire of 680-850 rounds per minute, an effective range of 300m and is fed by a 30 or 42 round box magazine.


4. M-16

The M-16 is the standard rifle for the US armed forces.  The M-16 is a 5.56 calibers lightweight, air cooled, magazine fed, gas operated rifle with a rotating bolt driven by a direct impingement gas operation. The M-16 is effective within a range of 550m and a rate of fire of 700-950 rounds a minute.


5. M-4

The M-4 5.56mm assault is of US origin, it is produced by Colt Defense. It fires a 5.56x45mm NATO cartridge, has a gas operated rotating bolt action and has a rate of fire of 700-950 rounds per minute. It has an effective range of 300m.


6. Heckler & Koch HK-416

The HK 416 is an assault rifle manufactured by Heckler & Koch. It is of mixed German and American parentage.  It is the standard weapon for the American Delta Force. It has a rate of fire of 850 rounds per minute and fires a 5.56 x 45 NATO cartridge.


7. Barret REC7

The REC7 is of American origin and is manufactured by the Barret Firearms Company. The REC7 uses the new 6.8mm Remington RPC cartridge. It has a gas operated rotating bolt action and has a muzzle velocity of 2650 ft per second. It has an effective range of 600m and a cyclic fire rate of 750 rounds per minute.



The FAMAS  is manufactured I n France by the MAS located in Saint Etienne  It was designed by Paul Tellie  It has an effective range of 300m and a rate of fire of 1000 rounds per minute.


9. L85A2

This assault rifle is in the British Army frontline service… It is an Enfield rifle and.  Has a magazine capacity of 30 rounds, fires 650 rounds a minute and has an effective range 0f 500ms.


10. G36

The G36 is of German origin and is manufactured by Heckler &Koch  It fires a 5.56x45mm NATO cartridge, has got a gas operated rotating bolt action fires 750 rounds per minute and has an effective range of 600m

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  1. Wow

    Im sorry but the AK47 is not one of the best rifles in the world, though most widley used the design is old, and is becoming out dated in the futuristic world we live in.

  2. mm

    the famas has no right to be ahead of g36c as for the ak 47 I sure you mean ak varents because there is alot more better aks out their the ak 101 for example you also forgot the bushmaster acr still this just my opinon and I respect this list and the time you took for it.

  3. Rebel

    I think both of you missed the point here…these are the most popular assault rifles in the world, not necessarily the best. And the list is pretty accurate in those terms.

  4. Dan

    I’m surprised that there was the “AK-47 series of rifles”, but not an “M-16 series of rifles”. Numbers 4-7 are all related with the H&K 416 being the best. I guess they needed filler.

    Notable missing firearms are the SIG SG-550, and the FN F2000.

    The AK-47 series should not be in the #1 spot. Yes, they are reliable; and yes anyone can use them. Remember that anyone and his life are soon departed on the battlefield. The H&K 416 and the Sig 550 series rifles (my favorites)are also as reliable and are more accurate.

  5. Dan

    You should not modify my words. It becomes your post, not mine. Idiot does not equal anyone.

  6. Richard Carpenter

    For most of us, full auto is out of reach. Since we cannot fire several small, light 5.56 rounds perhaps we should consider firing one large, heavy 7.62 (.308) round. American civilians need to look outside this list.

  7. u dont know shit

    u guys dont know sh*t. U think because you play modern warfare suddenly your the gun experts. I bet most of you haven’t fired a REAL gun in your life.

  8. Weapon Historian

    This list (or any list for that matter) is purely based on opinion unless proven by field test statistics. The Sturmgewehr 44 belongs on this list because it was the very first assault rifle ever engineered (hence the name ‘sturm-assault’ ‘gewehr-rifle) and yes the Avtomat Kalashnikova 47 was developed by Mikhail Kalashnikov with help from Hugo Schmiesser.At the end of the day, which would you choose, a spear or a gun.

  9. U R Dumb

    U chose way to many of the m16 family yet you just say ak47 family…. There are many Ak rifles such as Ak47, AKM , Mac-90, ak74u, Ak 74, Ak 101, Ak 104, aks74 etc etc…r-tard

  10. ur face

    haha u guys are idiots do u know why the ak-47 is at the top of the list and no other aks r mentioned. it is because the ak-47 is a gun that could be left in a swamp for 5 years picked up and fired as if new it does not jam and the other aks r shakey ammo expensing pussies to the ak-47

  11. mf


    Yes the AK-47 does sit atop the list of the best battle tested assault rifles of all time. If I had to choose one single rifle for use in any situation, anywhere on the face of the planet that would be it. Ammo and spare parts (in the slim chance something actually does break) for them can be found en-mass any place you’d need an assault rifle.

    The entire AK family of weapons in general are some of the most reliable, but they don’t belong lumped together while the M-16 patterned rifles are broken out.

    There are others like the FN-FAL, HK G3, M-14, and Galil all belong on the top 10 list. All are tried and true designs that have seen 30+ years of service, multiple wars, repeated retirements and re-issues to armed forces around the world. These rifles are accurate enough to even be issued as intermediary sniper rifles to this day.

    The styer, FAMAS, HK, Barret, and SCAR all lack any wide spread acceptance to even make a top 20 list. Considering the HK and Barret are M-16 patterned rifles anyway.

  12. No one knows more about guns than a german

    **** ALL OF YOU! There can only be one! You think that M16 even deserves to live? Its a 5h17! And you think the SturmGewehr 44 is the first assault rifle? ! Its something lost and forgotten buried in the trenches of Europe. FEDOROV AVTOMAT. Look your 5h17 up before you say something about it. Video games will never show the true reality of guns because graphic developers are 455holes and don’t look it up either! The. List should go like this:
    FN FAL
    Steyr Aug

  13. Justin R. Bruner

    Okay, first of all, it’s ASSAULT rifles. that means it fires an intermediate round which is smaller than a rifle round but is bigger than a pistol catridge. no carbines, rifle, or machine guns.

    Second of all, you can not use an entire family of guns because that adds up all of the features available creating an invalid vote.

    Thirdly, Sturmgewehr 44 (its german pronounced shterm-guvare and is german for storm rifle or assault rifle) is not the first assault rifle ever built. The first one was in WWI and it was the russian Fedorov Avtomat.

    Fourthly, you will never gain any knowledge of firearms from a video game because:
    -recoil is too miniscule
    -hip fire looks way off, as if it were arm-pit fire
    -weapons never overheat
    -features, details, effects are incorrect
    -and finally, the name of the weapon is usually incorrect
    -everything fourthly above also goes for airsoft guns

    Fithly, most of you are recoilaky, which means you are too scared to fire a rifle because of it’s recoil (recoil means the kick, jolt and thrust going into your shoulder) and probably none of you have even fired a real gun.

    Finally, here is the real version of the list:

    -HK416;the AKS-103 and the HK416 both are the same equivalence of reliability of not jamming, but the HK416 shoots at a higher fire rate and does’nt overheat.

    -AKS-103; this is the AK103 (Full metal except for reciever AKM) with a folding stock. It is the modern and best version of the Kalashnikov Automatic family.

    -Gewehr36 Compact; the G36C is the master of all weapons that deserve carrying handles. It also can equip the Trijicon ACOG.

    -Fusil Automatique Leger; the FN FAL is the rifle that mastered the world during the falklands war. It was literally called”the f.a.l. war.

    -Steyr Mannlicher Armee Universal Gewehr: my favorite rifle the AUG, is the king of bulpup, the interchangable barrel thang, the uber weapon. Rip it, or lick it.

    -FAMAS F1: I’d say, the first FAMAS were fully auto while the F2 is a peice of crap 3 round burst thing. I like it.

    -SCAR L: you are all dummkopfs if you think h is better than l. L=light.h=heavy. that’s how it works.

    -IMI Galil: you guess it has a 30 round magazine. you were wrong. it is the only weapon to hold 35 rounds as a standard magazine.

    -SIG 550: it is da swiss bombe. It’s awesome, suaer.



  14. Juan Sam

    You forgot TAR-21 of Israel which outmatched M16, I’ve try to fire a real TAR-21 one and it was more comfortable than M16 or AKs…

  15. jimmy c.c.

    Justin R Bribery, you’ve never handled a rifle before, have you? However, you’be been.doing a lot of research, and play Call of Duty, right?

  16. Old Grunt

    Strange ranking, would have liked some pointing out why the gun made the list at it’s respective place instead of plain information anyone can find easily.
    If the list is based on service time and manufacture, AK 47 and M 16 surely belong in there, but then SCAR, HK 416 and RAC 7 surely don’t belong in there or, in case of SCAR, further down.
    If based on reliability, precision and allround perfomance, kick the AR 15 family straight out of there, rate AK 47 down a lot and put HK 416/417, G36 much higher, and add the TAR-21 in there! I’m pretty sure the Bushmaster ACR (Magpul Masada) also deserves a high ranking among modern combat rifles, but I have yet to meet someone who actually fired that rifle, nor have I ever seen one myself, so I can’t say anything for sure about it.

  17. Young Killa

    The Ak-47 is NOT one of the best assault weapons even though it’s easy to handle and idiot-proof. The M-16 is way better.

  18. David P.Curcione

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  19. Medic Wise

    This list is based on opinion just like every list. A top 10 for assault rifles cannot literally be accurate because one is better than the other in some ways yet another is better than another in other ways. Its based on what you value; Firepower, RPM(Rounds per minute), Mag capacity, accuracy, Effective range capabilities, reliability and more that I’ll save you the time of reading. Not saying whomever posted this list is dumb or anything but this their opinion on it. If you disagree with that then tell me what about the ACR, TAR-21, Howa Type 89, Sar-21, F2000, XM-8, AK-5(Not an AK frame btw in case you thought just because it had AK in the name), FX-05 and more. But leave the poster of the list alone because Nobody can make a perfect list. Nobody told you that you had to agree.

  20. I'm not giving my name stalker.

    The M4 Carbine is technically not an assault rifle, but a carbine. I’m not a gun expert but I know that.

  21. someone

    I admire that you know the differences between the M16 M4 M416 and Rec7 but the AK47 is not the best rifles in the world. people only use them because there cheap. hell Russia isnt using AK47s that much any more. if you ask me the M16/AR15 is the greatest weapon of current times because of that the ammo is the second most common in the world, you can find parts ANYWERE, its accurate, it has a medium stopping power, and you cn configure it nto a pistol, Assault rifle and even a sniper rifle with the correct parts

  22. James Smith

    First of, AK should be at 5, max! And secondly, M4 and M16 SUCKS. G36C is way better than M16

  23. Stewart Pidashole

    Looks like somebody plays alot of Modern Warfare, and picked his favorites from the game.

  24. Michael K Smith

    The AR-15 / M-16 is the best weapon. It placed 4th on here but notice that places 5,6,and 7 are all the same type rifle a AR-15 / M-16 just called by another name. Like someone said the AK-47 is just cheap and that is why Russia and China give them away.


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