Top Ten Modern Pop Divas

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6. Reba McEntire


Referred as the “Queen of Country” Reba is the most likable and friendly country girls on the lost of pop divas. She has a nice girl next door look which has made her a diva even in other areas apart from music. She continues to produce chart-toppers even today.


7. Britney Spears


Despite all the controversies surrounding her, Britney is truly a pop diva and modern icon who has laid the foundation for many new and upcoming contemporary artists. She can be rightly called the Madonna of our generation. This 90’s sex icon is truly a pop star.


8. Alanis Morissette


She has won seven Grammy Awards and has sold forty million copies worldwide in album sales. Yet she is still the most honest and down to earth woman who is known for her soulful voice and blunt lyrics more than anything else. Her most famous album “Jagged Little Pill” still stands as one of the most famous pop albums of all time.


9. Dolly Parton


Dolly Parton is one another iconic figure who is known for her great music and singing. This pop diva has her own fan following till this day.


10. Kelly Clarkson


Kelly remains one of the most successful alumni of American Idol. She can be called the “Queen of Idol”. She has sold nearly 20 million albums and nine top ten hits apart from earning two Grammy awards.

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