Top Ten Extinct Animals

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6. Caspian Tiger


Known to be extinct in recent times as late as the 1970s, this tiger was found in Iran, Iraq, Mongolia, Turkey and most eastern countries before it became extinct in 1970s. This was the third largest tiger and had long legs with big paws and distinctive large claws. The males weighed at 169 to 240 kg and the females were of 85 to 135kg.


7. Aurochs: Large Cattle


Famous in Europe but evolved in India two million years ago, they migrated to Asia and Europe some 250,000 years ago. The hunts conducted by Royals to test their skills proved detrimental for this animal and eventually brought it to extinction.


8. Great Auk: Largest of Auks


A genetic relation to the penguins, this creature was also called the garefowl or penguin. Having a height of 75 centimeters and weighing about 5 kg, this was the largest of all auks. Found mostly in Canada, Iceland and Greenland, this Auk was extinct by the 14th century.


9. Cave Lion: Largest Lion Ever Lived


Also called the European or Eurasia cave lion, it was found in the Balkans and reports from fossils prove that the cave lion was 10% bigger than the regular size lions of today and existed on earth until 2,000 years ago.


10. Dodo: The Archetype of extinct species


A flightless bird that lived in Mauritius, related to doves and pigeons; the Dodo was extinct from the 17th century. It had a height of 1 meter and lived on fruits and built nests on the land. It was easy targets for most predators since this bird could not fly and defend itself.

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