Top 10 Fastest Animals On Land

No matter where in the world you go it is always an astonishment to find diversity of incredible wildlife species that exist there and how unique they are in their own way. Some are common in many countries and others are indigenous only to certain areas, but what defines them distinctively is their speed. The wild is a world where speed means survival; some animals possess seemingly exceptional levels of speed. Whatever the reason may be, it is their only way to hold out and live another day. Here is a list of worlds 10 fastest animals on land and how fast they really reach!


1. Cheetah

Cheetah, a member of the cat family (Felidae) that lives in the African savanna is the fastest animal on record. With an average speed of 70 mph it can reach to a speed as high as 80mph. Unlike most big cats, cheetah doesn’t use brute force neither does it possess stalking abilities to catch their prey; instead the cheetah will rush toward an animal at staggering speeds.


2. Pronghorn

The pronghorn is a type of hoofed mammal and is found in the grasslands of western North America. Compared to other mammals of its family, the pronghorn cannot jump effectively, so it compensates by running very fast. The pronghorn runs with a speed averaging 61 mph. It can maintain its top speed for a long period, helping it to outlast and outrun its predators.


3. Quarter Horse

One of the most popular breed of horse is the American Quarter Horse, or simply the Quarter Horse which is primarily known to be used in racing. The horse gets its name because of its tendency to run very fast for a quarter mile or so. Its average speed is 55mph. Apart from racing they are also used in ranches, horse shows, and rodeos as well.


4. Wildebeest

The gnu or commonly known as the wildebeest, is a type of antelope native to African grasslands. It can grow up to 4 ½ feet at the shoulders and weigh up to 500 pounds. In order to survive in the grasslands which is also inhabited by predators like lions and cheetahs, wildebeest run fast and in clusters. A running wildebeest can reach speeds of up to 50 mph.


5. Lion

The so-called king of the big cats, the lion is one of the most powerful as well as one the fastest creatures in the jungle. They live in groups called prides which is usually led by a large male. The lion is a large feline, weighing up to 550 lbs., but it can rush after its prey quickly, with spurts reaching 50 mph. It mainly feeds on smaller creatures like Thomson’s gazelle.


6. Thomson’s Gazelle

The Thomson’s gazelle is a hoofed animal commonly found in African grasslands. When threatened by predators, a Thomson’s gazelle makes high, powerful jumps, an activity known as pronking, to intimidate the enemy. Moreover, it can run as fast as 50 mph.


7. Elk

One of the largest species of deer in the world, the elk or wapiti, are found in eastern Asia and North America. The elk is a very fast runner, reaching 45 mph. It has the ability to maintain this high speed for over long periods of time. Elks are also domesticated and bred for their meat and hide.


8. African Wild Dog

The African Wild Dog, also known as the Cape Hunting Dog, is a type of wild canine found only in Africa. The wild dog is about 30 inches high in the shoulder, weighs around 70 lbs and can run as fast as 45 mph. The African Wild Dog has become an endangered species with only 3,000 of the remaining.


9. Coyote

The coyote which is considered to be a persistent hunter can be found scattered through most of North and Central America, from Panama to Canada. It grows up to 40 inches and weighs 40 lbs. When running, the coyote’s average speed is about 43 mph. Its diet consists mostly of small animals, like mice and rabbits.


10. Gray Fox

The gray fox is found in North and Central America and is considered to be an agile hunter. It is a relatively small canine which weighs almost 10 lbs. The gray fox can be a very fast runner if it needs to be, reaching speeds up to 42 mph. It is a solitary animal, preferring to hunt alone.

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    Hey! What about the Tiger? I saw in a website that they can reach 50 mph which is the same as Wildebeest, Lion and Gazelle and Quicker than Elk, African wild dog, Coyote and Grey Fox and also Leopard’s are also coming in at 55 mph. Can you please rewrite this list nicely. And tiger is ought to be put on no. 5, leopard at 4 and quarter horse at 3


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