Top Ten Ice Cream Flavors

To think about the summers without any ice cream must seem like a punishment and bad flavors add to our discomfort. The summer heat will just seem worse. So if you are looking for the guide to some of the best ice cream flavors that are available, the list below should be something that is almost godsend. So here are the top 10 ice cream flavors of the times:


1. Chocolate

Chocolate ice creams can be of a number of types like dark chocolate, sweet chocolate, milk chocolate or sweet chocolate and comes in varying shades of brown. The various countries across the world tend to have their own chocolate flavors like dark Belgian chocolate. These flavors are made with the use of varying percentage of chocolate powder, milk and many other side ingredients.


2. Vanilla

A rich and creamy vanilla ice cream that is generally whitish in color is another popular flavor of the times. The main ingredients of this flavor are egg yolk, milk, cream, sugar and vanilla pod. This ice cream is used in a number of dishes like sandwiches and sundae.


3. Cookies N cream

There is a lot of debate regarding the invention of this popular ice cream flavor. This flavor can be dated back to the late 1970s. Cookies n cream is a wonderful mixture of ice cream, milkshakes and Oreo type cookies flavor. Crushed chocolate cookies sandwich a cream filling in the dessert to form this flavor.


4. Cookie Dough

Cookie dough is the flavor that usually means vanilla but can otherwise mean many other types like cheesecake and peanut butter. The cookie dough flavor is used in various ways like desserts, freezer or baked. This flavor can be made by mixing flour, brown sugar, white sugar, butter, vanilla extract and water in an appropriate manner. The mixture is usually cut into small chunks and then frozen.


5. Mint

A mint flavored ice cream is quite a popular one. It has ingredients like sprigs of fresh mint, caster sugar, egg white and crème fraise. This flavor is an all time kids’ favorite. This flavor is extremely subtle and clean tasting ice cream and serves best when it is used to end a meal.


6. Strawberry

Strawberry flavored ice cream can be said to be the best looking and one of the tastiest flavors that can be found. The pink shade to strawberry flavor often makes the taste buds active. Egg yolks, milk, strawberries, heavy cream, sugar and vanilla essence helps in creating this wonderful ice cream. An all time favorite of all generations, strawberry flavored ice cream is used in various dishes. It helps in making sundaes, cakes, pies or dessert.


7. Rocky road

Rocky road ice cream flavored ice cream is a chocolate flavored ice cream that was invented by William Dreyer of California. He used nuts and marshmallows and mixed it in the chocolate ice cream in such a way that it turned out to be something extremely tasty and different. The original rocky road ice cream contained no chocolate chips and nowadays even vanilla ice cream is used to make this.


8. Coffee

Coffee flavored ice cream is a very simple and is easy to make one which is in demand. The various food outlets of almost all the cities across the world serve coffee ice cream. The ingredients like light cream, sugar, beaten eggs, salt, vanilla, chilled cup of coffee and whipping cream can give rise to the wonderfully tasty flavored ice cream. The coffee beans do the magic to this light brown colored delicacy.


9. Lemon

The yellow colored lemon flavored ice cream is another tasty one which is quite popular because of its sour taste that ultimately gives rise to a sweet flavor after finishing it off. The ingredients for making this ice cream are sugar, milk, grated lemon rind, fresh lemon juice, yellow liquid food coloring and mint garnishing. It has often been described as having a divine taste.


10. Mango

The usually green or yellow colored mango flavored ice cream is a favorite among children. This flavor reminds us of the green mangoes and can be eating at any point of the day. The flavor is usually found to be local but has a worldwide fame because of its lovely taste.

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