Top Ten Rain Forests

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6. The Mount Kinabalu National Park, Malaysia

These forests are home to some of the rarest species of birds and flowers, you can see varieties of orchids, pitcher plants, biggest flower namely rafflesias etc here. You can also see sky touching tress with rare animal and plant life in this rain forest belt. The noted of these include Kinabalu red leech, several carnivorous plants and the Giant Earthworm.


7. The Monteverde Forest, Costa Rica

The Monteverde rainforest is another notable rainforest which is also called a cloud forest because of the mist that leaves dew on plants and leaves. There are more than hundreds species if insects, birds and plants here. This place is home to the shiny Quetzal, Jaguars, Tapirs, snakes, Macaws, butterflies etc.


8. Montecristo Cloud Forest, El Salvador

Great biodiversity of the region includes beautiful ferns, orchids, laurels, spider monkeys, pumas, toucans which are all found in abundance in this region.


9. Sinharaja Forest, Srilanka

To the south of the central mountains of Sinharaja, lie the well known lowland wet forests of the same name. Though it is infested with leeches every wildlife and plant lover will like to visit the place.


10. Emas national park and Chapada Dos Veadeiros, Brazil

‘These two sites in Peru are known for their rich vegetation and wild life. It helps in maintaining the Cerrado region’s bio diversity because it is home to several species of plant and animal life.

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