Top Ten Spa Towns

A spa town, also known as a spa, is a kind of town located around a mineral spring that has been developed for tourist activities and to provide a clean hygienic area for health care. People come to spa towns with the purpose of taking the water for good health and rejuvenation. The top 10 spa towns in the world have been compiled in this list.


1. Bath in the United Kingdom


Bath has been very aptly named since it was constructed from the bottom up with the money made from its hot waters. It is considered to be the best spa town in the world. By the year 1978, the Bath had to be shut down due to some health concerns.


2. Baden Baden in Germany


Baden Baden is one of Europe’s best spa towns. The Baden Baden’s hot springs were first explored and used by the Romans but, that did not actually happen till the 19th century. The best part about being at the Baden Baden is that the hot waters in the pump room are absolutely free of cost for use. Facilities for a modern spa have been provided as well. They have steam rooms, hot as well as cold baths and saunas.


3. Montecatini in Italy


This swanky Italian spa town has the design of a palace and they even have formal gardens. This spa town had nine exclusive spas. The oldest spa was built in the 14th century. It was given a complete make-over in the 18th century.


4. Heviz in Hungary


This is one of the most famous spa towns in Europe. It is built on the biggest warm water lake in the world. It is believed that the mud at the bottom of the water has therapeutic and healing abilities and is used all across the country.


5. Marianske Lazne in the Czech Republic


This town in the Czech Republic has 40 natural mineral springs in a very small area. The water from these springs is believed to have medicinal properties as well and helps people suffering from diseases like kidney infections, back pain etc.


6. Hot Springs in Arkansas


This is America’s most well-known spa town. The temperature at which the water flows here is around 147 degrees Fahrenheit. This spa town has a total of 47 warm springs. The best feature of this spa town is the pricing. By paying only $40, visitors can use a sitz bath, the marble tub, a steam box, a needle shower etc.


7. Kusatsu in Japan


This is undoubtedly Japan’s most famous spa town. The location of this spa town is in the shadow of the Mount Shirane volcano. The water here is completely pure and natural and people come here to soothe diabetes, pains and gynaecological problems.


8. Royal Leamington Spa in the United Kingdom


They have numerous pools here, all filled with salt water. This spa town was opened in the year 1814. Wealthy people come here to find relief from their ailments. The Royal Pump Rooms and Baths have been changed into a museum and cultural centre now, though the spa waters are still available.


9. Saratoga Springs in New York


They have some of the best springs found anywhere on the American east coast. Roosevelt Baths and Spa are the most famous of these spring spas. It was opened in 1935 and had a makeover in the year 2004. The bath here is also considered therapeutic in nature and people come here to decrease their stress levels. The water temperature is 95 degree Fahrenheit.


10. Bagni Di Tivoli in Italy


This spa town is located right outside of Rome and is very famous for its therapeutic springs. People dip in these waters to cure themselves of various ailments.

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