Top 10 Reasons Not To Buy iPad

The web technology is an endless sea of new and old entrants. Leading companies across the globe keep launching newer products every year. But they have to understand that the user is in touch with all these technological advancements and need them together. So any product that supports only one out of the lot, cannot be successful as compared to those that support all sorts of software, irrespective of their makers.

A new entry in the league is the iPad, an Apple tablet. Recently, the company has launched it on a very large scale in a press conference. At first glance, the product seems to be quite attractive, but on second thoughts, it not worth spending your precious dollars on. Given here are the top ten reasons for not buying an iPad.



If you check out its features carefully, primarily it only supports the applications meant for the iPhones. Its functions are, therefore, quite restricted. Mainly you can use it to watch YouTube videos, play iTunes, check your emails and read some short eBooks. All these are only good for entertainment purposes, so if you are considering any commercial functions, this product is just not the right buy.



Then another disappointment that Apple’s iPad has given is that it can not operate OS X or for that matter any of the Intel processors. This is again a big limitation as most of the computer users use these operating systems. Though, Apple processors are also used by some people but they are not so common as yet. So this product is not at all helpful for those who use processors besides Apple.



Though the product offers a battery back up of only 10 hours. It is quite less as compared to some other things in the market. So, there also the consumers would not get full benefit in lieu of the money spent.



The backside of the iPad has no rubber plugs or sheets. This makes it extremely uncomfortable and tedious type on a flat screen. This makes it difficult to operate and slow in utility.



YouTube is a relatively new entry in the filed and it is simply not the ‘only’ video playing application. There are several others as well. The most famous out of the lot is Flash. But all Apple devices seem to despise Flash. That stands for another limitation of this new gadget.



One of the key functions that people look for in all these fun gadgets is a web camera. And iPad does not have a camera! This is a sheer disappointment for even those buyers who are simply considering this product for entertainment, forget the commercial viability!



Those who have a laptop or a palmtop or a smart phone, they can get all the features of an iPad along with several other fun and utility factors on the list. For them spending on an iPad is nothing but a waste of money.



Some of you might think that iPad’s size is an advantage. But you must know the fact that to make it fully functional you have to accessorize it with some additional gadgets. That accounts to more expenditure and consumption of more space in your bag.



Some Nokia phones such as the N Series offer all the functions of the iPad. Users who have been using this model of the mobile phones are quite contended and can’t stop praising the gadget. On the other hand, the iPad is restricted to a handful of features (many of which one can find on an iPhone too). Again, one can make the comparison as a rational client.



Last but not the least , its screen space is merely 1028 pixels by 768 pixels in terms of the resolution. This is absolutely negligible when it comes to surfing the internet for fun or for work purpose.


Apple is a leading brand in the world of technology but their products always stay a step behind because the company has never supported the other operating systems properly. We can only hope that the next model of iPad that they launch will be worth a buy. For now save your hard earned money for some other gadgets!

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