Top 10 Most Unusual Phobias

A phobia is a consistent fear of a particular object, situation or person. While some are afraid of heights, others are scared of men in top hats. Let us look at the 10 most unusual phobias.


1. Ithyphallophobia

Also known as Phallophobia and Medorthophobia, this is the fear of erection. Surprisingly, it is a very common phobia and creates unimaginable stress for those who are scared of an erect penis. It can make people want to hide from their friends, family and colleagues. Those who suffer have this phobia need to be exposed to their fear in order to get over it.


2. Ephebophobia

This is the fear of youth and can impact the person psychologically and socially. It has been proposed that if a large chunk of the society has this phobia, it can damage the economic health of the country. Those who have this phobia tend to avoid and loath teenagers.


3. Coulrophobia

People who have this phobia have an irritational fear of clowns. While it is considered to be normal amongst children as it is felt that they may grow out of it, a good number of adults and teenagers have the phobia as well. They find the mere appearance of the clown treacherous and even though they know that the fear is illogical, they cannot shake it off without consistent therapy.


4. Ergasiophobia

Ergasiophobia is the fear of work and can lead to severe psychological problems. Those individuals who have this phobia generally suffer from an additional health problem like depression.


5. Gymnophobia

This is the fear of nudity and those who have this phobia are scared about either seeing others in the nude or having someone see them naked. The cause of this phobia may be low self-esteem related to the individual’s inferior opinion about his own body. They also feel that if somebody sees them naked once, they will continue picturing them the same way every time they meet them.


6. Neophobia

Neophobia is the name given to the fear of new experiences of new things. Those who have this phobia are completely against trying any thing new, visiting new places or breaking their set routine. They become angry, irritated and frustrated if they are asked to carry out any of these activities. A majority of the neophobics just want to preserve their traditions and pass them on to their children.


7. Paraskavedekatriaphobia

Paraskavedekatriaphobia is fear of Friday the 13th as this day is considered to be unlucky in almost every part of the world.


8. Panphobia

Also known as Pantophobia and Omniphobia, Panphobia is the fear of everything. A panphobic will be scared all the time but will not know why. They are always waiting for something bad to happen and are therefore, extremely cautious. Those who have this fear usually go on to become schizophrenic. Out of all the phobias mentioned in this list, Panphobia is the hardest to recover from because the fear is so vague.


9. Taphophobia

Taphophobia is the fear of being buried alive. It was considered to be perfectly normal many years back as technology was not as developed as it is today. Those who have this phobia are scared that they will be incorrectly pronounced dead and hence, buried alive.


10. Pteronophobia

Pteronophobia is the fear of being tickled by feathers. Some babies are constantly tickled by feathers and hence, grow up feeling trapped. Those who are scared of being tickled suffer from the same irrational fear.

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