Top 10 Sci Fi Books

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A majority of Science Fiction books are aimed at a particular kind of audience. However, the following books will be enjoyed even by those who are not hard-core fans of the genre.


1. Dune

This book written by Frank Herbert focuses on issues like politics, drug trafficking, religion and desert ecology. When it was released, the story was considered to be a little confusing as the threads were all interwoven. However, television shows like The West Wing and The X-Files allowed people to adapt themselves to this new style, allowing Herbert to gain success in the field.


2. Earth

This book written by David Brin and the plot revolves around scientists who create a black hole after which it sinks into the core of the Earth. As they try to dig it out, they find a new black hole in the core, the origin of which is unknown. This mystery soon loses its charm and turns into a problem.


3. Ender’s Game

The plot of this book written by Orson Scott Card revolves around child-warriors hired by the military for the purpose of fighting against aliens. Ender is the protagonist who struggles to stay grounded and keep a check on his humanity as he realizes that he is turning into an emotionless killing machine.


4. Grass

Elements like nobility, politics and the ultimate destiny of the human race find mention in this book written by Sheri Tepper. Marjorie Westriding is the protagonist of the story who is sent to a new planet for the purpose of finding a cure for a particular disease. However, instead, she questions the aliens about different issues- the most significant of which is original sin.


5. Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

In order to make a bypass through the galaxy, the Earth is destroyed and the book tells the story of Arthur Dent- an extremely confused and ordinary human being. You will find yourself laughing till the last page.


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