Top Ten Movie Posters

A film becomes a cult classic not only because of the story, dialogues or characters – but because of each and every details associated with the movie. A movie’s poster plays an important role in attracting attention to the movie.


1. Reservoir Dogs

Even though this poster has been made fun of several times, it manages to capture the true essence of the entire film. It shows 6 dangerous men who will end up killing each other. The poster is simple, graceful and fresh.


2. The Thing

The poster of this movie shows the silhouette of a man standing against a blue background and instead of a face, he has bright light shooting out of his face. It does not reveal any aspect of this remake to those who have not seen it and for those who have; it reminds them what is in store for them.


3. A Clockwork Orange

The poster of this film shows a man inside a triangle, holding up a dagger. A scared-looking is painted white and sits inside another triangle. The poster also holds the tagline of this movie- “Being the adventures of a young man whose principal interests are rape, extreme violence and Beethoven”.


4. Rocky

Rocky’s poster features Sylvester Stallone’s silhouette against a serene landscape. He has his arms up in a manner that suggests pure victory and the minute you see the poster, you will hear that one song that will give you Goosebumps. An iconic poster, no doubt.


5. Pulp Fiction

The poster of this film is not related to the plot of the movie at all but it manages to capture the theme of the film perfectly. It shows a woman dressed entirely in black with a revolver in front of her. She is lying on her stomach and smoking. Any student who was doing a filmmaking course in the 1990s owned this poster and attached it to the wall of his dorm room.


6. The Seven Year Itch

This movie shows Marilyn Monroe on the left in a white dress and Tom Ewell standing in the background looking at her. Her dress is flying up and she’s laughing and holding it down. This image continues to be associated with her and is copied by actresses around the world.


7. Rosemary’s Baby

The poster of this movie is as unusual as the plot. It shows the silhouette of a baby stroller against a dark green background. The innocent object is made to look ominous and creepy. Mia Farrow’s blank face in the background only adds to this factor and compels the viewer to watch the film.


8. Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom

Even though this movie did not do as well as the other two, the post was definitely impressive and will not be forgotten for years to come. It features Indian Jones simply standing and practically beckoning to the audience, promising them that they are in for an adventurous ride- as always. One almost wants to go through the door he is standing against and become a part of that adventure.


9. Big Trouble in Little China

This movie poster is said to be a parody of those that were popular during that particular period. It is exciting, full of promise and fun to look at. The poster is a mish-mash of guys using magic, ninjas, a beautiful woman and a larger than life image of a smiling Jack Burton holding a gun and a CB.


10. Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Any movie poster that features the gorgeous Audrey Hepburn is bound to be captivating. It shows Hepburn standing in a simple black dress with a long cigarette dangling from her mouth. This image will be associated with the legendary actress and go down in history as one of the best posters of all time.

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