Top 10 Police Cruisers of Today

We sleep peacefully at night, walk safely in the streets because of the policemen in their patrol cars are there all day and night. Here is a list of the current best vehicles used all over the world.


1. Ford Crown Victoria

It is the most widely used police Interceptor in North America. The V8 engine, rear-wheel drive and body-to-frame chassis makes it suitable for the job. Easily the most recognizable police car, it combines raw power and strength to chase down and ram the cars of fleeing suspects.


2. BMW 5 Series

This mid-size executive car with its status and price is widely used by Diplomatic Protection Group. The 3.0l diesel engine gives it a high-performance compared to the civilian versions. The Germans use it in both sedan and station wagon designs. Along with its cousins in the previous series, it finds use among the forces in the Low Countries, France and UK.


3. Toyota Land Cruiser

Product of precise Japanese technology, this 4WD jeep can be seen all over the world serving with various law enforcement agencies, from Japan itself to third-world countries. It is the simple outlook, easy maintenance and cost that make it the first choice for many budget-restrained countries wanting a good vehicle for its forces. It has been in duty since the earliest of its model.


4. Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution

It is the high-performance version of the Lancer since 1992. Its 2.0L engine gives more than 300 horsepower. This large-engine sedan has been chosen by the forces of UK, Malaysia and Australia. It is ideal for sustained car chases and patrols because of its endurance.


5. Alfa Romeo 159

Alfa Romeos stand for quality and that’s what the Italians want from their cruisers too. The ‘Gazella’ as all Italian carabinieri cars are called, heavily modified for the task is roaming the highways of the country. With newer generations of vehicles being inducted by the various agencies in Italy this one has been in service since 2006. It is pleasant to look at and not easy to shake off.


6. Land Rover

This British heavyweight has served throughout its empires and continues to serve with the police of its former colonies. This 4WD off-road vehicle with a Spartan design was ideal in the regions with limited roads and mountains. Many European countries also use’s it.


7. Dodge Charger

With more powerful and faster cars coming on the road, the police in many states in US chose the Charger. It is highly modified from the civilian version. With an upgraded V8 Hemi engine of 368 horsepower, this mean machine proved to be better in acceleration, turning and braking than all the other pursuit vehicles.


8. Porsche 911

This customised version of the famous Porsche is used by the German. It can go 0-60 mph in 4.5 seconds. It is portrayed as a concept car by the Germans to spread awareness of the safety in such fast cars. Also useful in catching the racers in the autobahn.


9. Smart Car

The narrow lanes and tight turns of its cities doesn’t allow much room, so the Italian Police simply got a smaller car. The smart car is very useful for patrolling crowded shopping avenues, plazas etc. Makes it easier for the officers by avoiding walking too much and pollution is very negligible.


10.  Volkswagen GT1

This compact hatchback is the choice of many police forces with a mixed-bag of cars to use. It is ideal for streets with regular demand. The cramped side roads of the European medieval cities call for a compact car. With a top speed of 245kmph, it packs the punch for a ugly chase.

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