Top 10 All Time Best Selling Cars

Even though the auto industry is facing problems and struggling all over the world, there are some cars which will never go out of style and are considered to be the best selling of all time.

1. Toyota Corolla

This car has sold 32 million units till date and bags the number one spot on this list. The style is unbeatable, the price is affordable and it is reliable and trustworthy. According to statistics, the company sells this car every 40 seconds. Even though the design has changed consistently over the years, it has remained a favorite among the regulars.


2. Fiat Punto

The car was initially known as “Project 176” and was launched in 1994. It replaced the Fiat Uno and received a number of awards during 1995. It gained instant popularity due to its clean-cut look and gave companies like Volkswagen and Opel a run for their money.


3. VW Golf

This car replaced the above-mentioned Beetle and was also known as the “Rabbit”. The engineering is above-average, the price is low and the car is nothing if not dependable. It has sold 25 million units till date.


4. Volkswagen Beetle

This car is said to be a “People’s Car” and was funded by Hitler very aggressively. Production began in 1938 and ended in 1979. This car was very popular during the post-war period. It was durable, powerful and very comfortable. The Beetle sold 2.3 million units.


5. Ford Escort

The Ford Escort was introduced in 1967 and production was stopped in 2003. This “world car” was visually appealing and low-priced. The car gained immense popularity all over the world fairly fast. The sales were estimated at 20 million units.


6. Honda Civic

This vehicle is often referred to as the “economy car” and has been a best-seller for over 35 years. The price of the car is reasonable, it is comfortable to drive and the best part is that it is fuel efficient. It was introduced in 1972 and has sold 17.7 million units till date.


7. Ford Model T

This car was introduced in 1908 and production was stopped in 1927. The Ford Model T was the most popular card during the 20th century. This car was produced with the help of the newly introduced assembly line system and was purchased mostly by the middle-class. The Ford Model T has been said to put the United States of America on wheels and has sold 16.5 million units till date.


8. Honda Accord

This car was introduced in 1976 and was extremely popular in the United States during 1982 till 1997. The car is reliable, efficient and of the best quality. Sales are estimated at 15.8 million units till date. The Japanese sure know how to make their automobiles!


9. VW Passat

The VW Passat saved the company after the Beetle’s popularity went down during the later half of the 1960s. This car was introduced in 1973 and is an average-sized car for the family. The company made this car’s engine water-cooled and has sold 14.1 million unit till date.


10. Chevrolet Impala

This car was introduced during the last 1950s and the marketing tag line appealed to the middle-class car owners. It was said that this luxury car had been created especially for them. The Impala was unique as it had 1 extra pair of taillights and a two-door coupe. The sales have been estimated at 14 million till date.

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