Top 10 Most Read Comic Novels

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Comic novels used to very popular during World War II when they were used as agents of Propaganda by the Government. Even though the lost glory has never been regained, the following are considered to be the top 10 most read comic novels:


1. Watchmen

Watchmen has been created by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons takes care of the art. When this comic novel was first released, it gained instant popularity due to the new style of humor that laced the dialogues. The characters are compelling and the creators make sure that every detail of the plot is clearly explained.


2. Maus

Maus is created by Art Spiegelman and is the only comic novel to have won a Pultizer Prize Special Award. A number of courses around the world including those that focus on History and Literature include Maus in the compulsory reading lists.


3. Batman: The Dark Knight Returns

This comic novel is considered to be at par with Watchmen as it changed all the ideas that surrounded Batman. The character became edgier and the climax of the plot was always nail-biting. It is definitely a must-read.


4. Sandman

The plot of this comic novel revolves around a simple query- what if the individual, known as the Sandman, had greater capabilities that surpassed his abilities to help humans sleep by sprinkling sand into their eyes? This comic novel satisfies an intelligent mind, will tickle your funny bone and will keep you gripped till you turn the last page.


5. Preacher

Preacher is written by Garth Ennis and the art has been created by Steve Dillon. This comic novel is considered to be quite controversial as it looks into elements that focus on religious aspects. The protagonist of the book is called “Arseface” who is considered to be the most unfortunate looking and pathetic character in comic novel history.


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