Top 10 Most Popular Wrestling Techniques

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Wrestling is known to be one of the oldest sports in human history having references in different epics and cultures. It was also a well known sporting event in ancient Greek Olympics. In due course of time, its techniques have changed and evolved due to the effects of varied cultures and countries, therefore evolving into different styles of wrestling. However, different they may be in their techniques but the basic idea behind this sport remains the same. Here is a list of top ten most popular wrestling techniques.


1. Freestyle Wrestling

This style stands on the first place as the most popular wrestling technique in the world and is widely present in amateur wrestling and is indulged into by many people as their interest. This sport is for both men and women. Wrestlers’ or opponents’ legs can be used as an offense as well as defense in this style. The main victory condition in this style comprises of pinning the opponent on mat.


2. Greco-Roman

It is the second most popular style of wrestling and is the oldest too. It is also an Olympic sport. But, unlike freestyle wrestling, in this style it is strictly not allowed to hold the opponent below the belt, trip over and actively use legs. Similar to freestyle, pinning down the opponent is a way of winning. Recent amendments in the rules have made provisions for high amplitude throws.


3. Beach Wrestling

This was an attempt made to popularize wrestling among television audiences. It was in 2004 that FILA adopted it as official discipline. This style is actually practiced on a sand filled circle measuring 6 meters in diameter. The criterion to win is to throw out the opponent or take the opponent on their back. This sport is practiced by both men and women. This style has only two categories comprising of heavy and light.


4. Sambo

This style of martial art has its origin in Russia in the early 20th century. It was basically used to train armed forces of Soviet Army and stands as an acronym for the Russian translation of “self-defense without weapons”. Now, it has gained a huge popularity of a sport. The main influences of this technique are from ancient martial arts disciplines such as jujitsu, judo and Greco-roman wrestling.


5. Sumo

This wrestling technique comes from the land of Japan. In this style of wrestling a rikishi or a wrestler tries to force the opponent out of a circular ring called dyoho or to touch the ground by anything other than the soles of his feet. Tokyo organizes three grand world Sumo tournaments each year. It has also become one of the highest profits making sport with one the wrestlers getting paid as high as $30,500 USD.


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