Top 10 Most Popular Wrestling Techniques

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6. Catch Wrestling

It is a folk style of wrestling with its origin from the 19th century England. This style has a varied influence mainly from the Indian subcontinent’s style of pehelwani and Iranian style of Verzesh ePahalwani. In this style, the player is free to hold or catch its opponent in a manner he likes. Unlike Greco Roman style, there are no restrictions in this style of wrestling. This art of wrestling is considered more about playing than fighting.


7. Luta Livre

Luta Livre is actually the Portuguese term for freestyle wrestling and if directly translated means “fight and free”. It was during the time when Royce Garcie, the Brazilian fighter dominated the Ultimate Fighting Championship as a result of which many English publications hurried to translate Brazilian articles related to Garcie Jiu Jitsu.


8. Professional Wrestling (U.S)

It is often referred to as sport entertainment. This is actually a mock wrestling match with pre determined outcomes and is popular among the television audience. It is more about entertainment than about real sport. Mostly Anglo-American techniques are used by the performers in their fights. In spite of being a mock wresting, it has developed into a high grossing entertainment business.


9. Puroresu

This is another wrestling technique from Japan.  It is a professional wrestling style which is treated more as a sport rather than entertainment as a contrast to the North American culture. The matches mostly deal with athleticism and skill which is accompanied by some submission moves and shoot style moves. This complexity makes this sport a little more injury prone.


10. Folk Wrestling

This is the local versions of the ancient sport which has been molded according to different cultures and countries. Different countries have developed their own techniques to play this sport. The main types of the folk wrestling technique are Pehelwani and Kushti from India, Jiu Jitsu from Japan etc. these wrestling techniques are limited to the geography of different countries.

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