Top Ten Notable Diamonds

Many celebrities today show off their engagement rings which weigh several carats in weight and dazzle thereby catching everyone’s attention. But when compared to the following gems, these diamond rings are nothing. The following are some of the news stories about the rarest and largest diamonds that have been found.


1. The Eugénie Blue


This valuable deep blue diamond weighs about 30.82 carats. There is an old story that this gem belonged to the consort of Napolean III, queen Eugénie de Montijo. It is also referred to as the “The Blue Heart”. This diamond was given its unique shape in 1909 or 1910 and later was purchased by Cartier.


2. The Centenary Diamond


This was De Beers’ unique diamond with a fine color and initially weighing 599 carats. Though it was discovered much earlier the company flaunted it only during their centenary celebrations. For several years it was loaned to the Tower of London. It is claimed that the gem is sold but the owner’s anonymity is maintained by De Beers.


3. The Cullinan Diamond


The Cullinan is the biggest diamond ever found and weighs 3,106.75 carats. It was however cut into 96 small portions, nine big portions and unpolished pieces weighing 9.5 carats. The nine big chunks now can be found as a part of the private collection of the royal family:


4. The Golden Eye Diamond


This is the world’s most beautiful flawless and biggest Canary Yellow diamond. It weighed over 124.5-carats for several years when it was uncut earlier. After it was cut to about 43.51 carats the gem became embroiled in a drug scandal group in Ohio. It was later brought under the ownership of the U.S. government. The government stated that it would place the diamond under auction!


5. The Koh-i-noor


The Koh-i-noor has an old history and some say it is over 5,000 years old. It was installed in the peacock throne of Shah Jahan, the Mughal emperor and also under the possession of various other Indian emperors. Later Queen Victoria showcased it at the Crystal Palace Exhibition. After being cut down to its present 108.93 size, the diamond was placed in Queen Elizabeth’s crown in 1936. Now it is locked up in the Tower of London.


6. Spirit of de Grisogono


It weighs 312.24 carats and also is the biggest cut black diamond in the world. It weighed 587 carats before it was cut. This diamond is set in a ring which also has several white diamonds and its sale was made to a private collector.


7. The Earth Star


This gem weighed around 248.9 carats when it was discovered at a De Beers mine in South Africa in 1967. It was of a unique brown hue and Baumgold Bros. jewelers bought the gem and gave it its unique pear shape which weighed 111.59 carats after the cut. Its name was also given by Baumgold.


8. The Golden Jubilee


The Golden Jubilee is a rare and biggest faceted diamond in the world. It was found in 1985, but it was not very attractive. Jeweler Gabriel Tolkowsky transformed the ordinary diamond into a yellow hued diamond of large proportions. It was presented to the King of Thailand in 1997.


9. The Ocean Dream Diamond


Although this is a tiny gem weighing about 5.51 carats, it is one of a kind. The diamond has a rare blue-green hue which has resulted owing to its exposure to natural radiation in Central Africa for several years. It’s under the ownership of Cora Diamond Corporation currently.


10. The Hope Diamond


The Hope is a really unique diamond which weighs 45.52 carats and has a nice deep blue color. It was originally of triangular shape weighing about 115 carats. It was sold to King Louis XIV in 1669. Noted jeweler Pierre Cartier bought this rare gem in 1910 and made the sale of it to American socialite Evalyn Walsh McLean. She wore the stone for 37 years.

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