Top 10 Most Unconventional Romantic Movies

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Romantic and clichéd movies like “When Harry Met Sally” and “The Notebook” will continue to be watched till the end of time. This is a list of the top 10 most unconventional romantic movies. These movies, while unconventional, are definitely as good.


1. Girl Next Door

A very powerful quote in this movie explains how you should go after the one you love and even if the things you do aren’t completely clean- it will all be worth it in the end. The movie is definitely a love story, albeit a strange one. The fairytale-like elements are taken to another level and made outrageous.


2. Serendipity

Even though this movie can be hopelessly romantic and is definitely sappy- the message that they are trying to portray is slightly different. Serendipity is based on two lovers who believe in chances, destiny, fate and of course, love. The viewer is made to understand that even a seemingly minute happening can trigger off a series of events that can change your life forever.


3. Loving Annabelle

This movie focuses on Annabelle, a rebellious teenager who is new to an elite Catholic all-girls boarding school. She falls in love with Simone Bradley, her English teacher. Single-minded till the point of recklessness, Annabelle manages to woo the young teacher who, unfortunately, cannot escape the law in the end.


4. Before Sunrise and Before Sunset

Both these movies are equally brilliant and if you do decide to watch one of these, it is essential that you watch the other as well. Even though the movie was not too successful because it was felt that it did not have a definite plot, it has been said that the movie will pull you into the screen and make you feel as though you are a part of the discussions that take place between the witty characters.


5. City of Angels

City of Angels talks about Seth and Maggie’s love story. Seth is an angel who decides to become a human being just so that he can breathe the air she breathes and touch her. A definite tear-jerker and a must-watch.


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