Top Ten Famous Mummies

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In the past when people died, their corpses were wrapped up for the purpose of preserving their bodies forever. Let us look at some of the most famous mummies of all time.


1. Elmer McCurdy

This man died in 1911 after a gunfight in Oklahoma. Because his body was not claimed, the undertaker decided to mummify him. However, a few years later, his brother came back and claimed it. Despite this fact, Elmer’s mummy was sold to a number of museums, haunted houses and carnivals.


2. Vladimir Lenin

Vladimir Lenin was born in 1870 and died in 1924. He was a significant political figure during the 20th century and was an architect as well. He was shot at but managed to survive in 1918 but over time, his health was hampered and he had a stroke in 1922. His body was mummified after his third stroke killed him. It can be viewed at the Lenin Mausoleum.


3. Saint Bernadette

Maria Bernadette was born in 1844 in France. Even though she was not officially mummified, she definitely deserves a mention. Her body is said to be incorrupt and can be viewed in Nevers at the Chapel of Saint Bernadette.


4. Juanita

Juanita is often referred to as The Ice Maiden and was discovered in 1995. She died 500 years ago after being frozen to death. However, her hair, her organs, blood as well as skin were perfectly preserved which helped scientists look into her life and those who lived around her. The mummy is beautiful and can be viewed at a museum in Peru.


5. Otzi the Iceman

This is a well preserved mummy of a many who lived over 53 centuries into the past during 3300 BC. The preserved body was found about 19 years ago within the Otztal Alps. He died due to severe internal bleeding and the mummy can be viewed at a museum in Italy.


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