Top 10 Celebrities Who Ruined Their Careers

These celebrities managed to make it big single-handedly but ruined it almost as easily. While some are trying to bounce back, others have faded away.


1. David Hasselhoff

This Baywatch star had been suffering with alcoholism for a few years and about 3 years back a video was released which marred his career forever. It was sent to the media by his daughter and it showed a drunken Hasslehoff arguing with the girl while trying to stuff a burger in his mouth.


2. Kathleen Battle

This singer was said to be difficult and known to throw tantrums during recordings and performances. She was asked to leave the New York Metropolitan Opera after which she took part in small-scale recitals and concerts.


3. Boy George

Boy George was a part of Culture Club and was doing quite well till he broke up with Jon Moss- his lover and fellow band member. Soon after, he got addicted to heroin and his reputation was tarnished for good.


4. Pee-wee Herman

Pee-wee Herman was born Paul Reubens and was an extremely popular television presenter for a number of years. In 1991, he was seen masturbating in a theater after which he was arrested. The media had a field day and destroyed whatever was left of this man. He was arrested a second time because he was allegedly involved with child pornography.


5. Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise was heartthrob only a few years back but his reputation began to dwindle when he started a campaign in favor of the Church of Scientology. He also made a fool of himself on Oprah and embarrassed the host as well as himself. While he is still as good looking and as charming, nobody is going to forget these incidents in a hurry.


6. Britney Spears

This pop princess shot to stardom after the release of her debut album. She managed to win the hearts of teenagers all over the world with her Louisiana accent and squeaky clean image. Her albums bagged impressive spots on the Billboard charts year after year and she was hounded by the Paparazzi constantly. This and her marriage to Kevin Federline lead to her downward spiral. One night she decided to shave off her head and get several tattoos. She ruined her budding movie career and her sparkling music career in no time but hopefully, she will build it all back.


7. George Michael

George Michael was initially a part of Wham but soon after decided to leave the band. He did not come out of the closet for many years until 1998 when he had a brush with the law after being found in a public toilet in California.


8. Whitney Houston

After this talented singer got married to Bobby Brown, her life took an ugly turn. The man beat her up and she started taking drugs soon after. Even though she is sober today, she has left her career far behind.


9. Jennifer Grey

Jennifer Grey was a part of the widely successful film Dirty Dancing. She underwent rhinoplasty as she felt that her nose was too big. However, people failed to recognize her and her goodwill was lost. She remained on the outskirts of Hollywood and recently said that she does not regret anything more than that nose job.


10. Michael Jackson

The King of Pop passed away in 2009. He will be missed for years to come but one cannot ignore the fact that he ruined his career when it was at its height. He allegedly molested young boys and changed his looks completely due to severe self-esteem problems.

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    if i recall it wasnt kiddy porn that pee wee had but old victorian prints or pics and it wasnt of a sexual nature, lol George Michael has a very successful career. Whitney Houston was a crack head, drugs is far too general a term here, anf michael the child abuser jackson well good riddence no he wont be missed by everyone


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