Top Ten Most Unusual Mental Disorders

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6. Jerusalem Syndrome

Those who suffer from this mental disorder feel compelled to visit Jerusalem. They have such ideas that are religious and obsessive at the same time and are laced with delusions as well. This disorder is not exclusive to a single denomination and is known to affect Christians and Jews that belong to diverse backgrounds. It may even strike those who have visited Jerusalem and were completely normal before entering the city.

7. Capgras Delusion

This is a rare disorder and those suffering from it believe that either an acquaintance, family member or spouse has gone missing and an imposter who looks exactly like the person has taken his place. Capgras Delusion is common among those who have been diagnosed with schizophrenia or those who are recovering from brain surgery.


8. Fregoli Delusion

This disorder is the opposite of the above mentioned disorder and those who suffer from it feel that different people they meet are not different but in fact that same person. The patient believes that this one person continuously changes his appearance.


9. Cotard Delusion

This disorder is quite rare and those who suffer from it believe themselves to be dead. They are sure that they do not exist and that their veins run dry. Some may even think that they are immortal.


10. Reduplicative Paramnesia

Those who suffer from Reduplicative Paramnesia believe that a particular area, location or place is either duplicated or has the ability to exist in more than two places at the same time. They may also believe that that one site has been shifted to another location. For example, a patient who is standing in a restaurant will convince himself that he is in fact at a another restaurant which is located in some other part of the country.

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