Top 10 Largest Cinema Halls In The US

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Here is our unique list of the largest cinema halls across the US. Because these cinema halls are large, they are also very comfortable. The auditoriums are largest, the concession stands are large- even their restrooms are large!


1. AMC Empire 25

This cinema hall is among the largest in Manhattan. The exterior of the theater is flashy and merges with the bright and glamorous surroundings. AMC Empire 25 has about 25 screens and showcases all the popular movies as and when they release. The seating is extremely comfortable, even for those who sit in the front row.


2. AMC Loews Kips Bay 15

AMC Loews Kips Bay 15 is not only among the largest but also one of the most beautiful movie theaters. The lobby of the cinema hall resembles that of a palace and the murals on the wall are movie-themed and absolutely stunning. It showcases a wide variety of movies and is extremely spacious. However, it has been noticed that it tends to get very quiet, which is why people tend to avoid it.


3. AMC Lincoln Square 13

This cinema hall has murals of those New York cinemas that existed in the past and therefore, makes the entire experience very nostalgic. Unlike other movie halls which assign numbers to each auditorium, this cinema hall allots cinema namesakes and the main lobby has been designed with a retro theme. This cinema hall is among the most comfortable and modern cinema halls.


4. BAM Rose Cinemas

The BAM Rose cinema hall was founded in 1998 and its structure and architecture is similar to that of an opera hall. The entryway is vast and the ceilings are extremely high. What’s more, even the wooden banisters are massive! This movie theater is extremely popular amongst actors, screenwriters and directors.


5. City Cinemas Angelika Film Center

The Angelika Film Center showcases some of the best and most popular independent films in the United States. The main lobby is large and holds the Angelika Café which is beautiful and trendy.


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