Top 10 Common Superstitions People Believe

The term ‘superstitions’ is used to describe those beliefs that are not rational and have been passed on from generation to generation.


1. Friday the 13th

Almost everybody believes this superstition- that Friday the 13th of any month means bad luck. This superstition is so common that a number of hotels are known to have been built without the 13th floor and airlines don’t give tickets for the 13th row. It has been believed that the 13th guest during the Last Supper was Judas and Friday was the day that Christ got crucified. Basically- quite an unlucky day all in all.


2. An Itchy Palm

It is believed that if your left palm itches, it means that you will lose money but if your right one does, you will earn, inherit or receive money. However, you must let it itch because if you go ahead and scratch it, you may end up countering the effect.


3. Walking Under a Ladder

Most rational people don’t walk under ladders lying about because they feel that something may fall on their heads and leave them unconscious. However, those who like to go along with the herd believe that walking under a ladder is equal to bad luck. The “logic” behind this belief is that you will end up awakening evil spirits when you walk through the triangle that the ladder makes with the wall.


4. Breaking a Mirror

This superstition hardly needs an explanation. Basically, if you break a mirror, bad luck will get attached to you for seven years. In the past, it was believed that a mirror reflects the person’s soul and if you smash it, the soul will get hampered as well. In case you break a mirror, you can take the broken mirror outside, dig a hole and throw the pieces inside. Don’t forget to cover it with mud or the bad luck will come after you for sure!


5. Finding a Horseshoe

If you find a horseshoe in an open field- you should consider yourself to be extremely lucky. When you find it, you are required to use your right hand to pick it up, cover one end with your spit, wish for something spectacular and then throw it over your shoulder- make sure it is the left one because otherwise, all that activity will bear no fruit.


6. Opening an Umbrella Indoors

Why should one open an Umbrella indoors? However, in case you are feeling particularly warm inside the house and wish to protect yourself from the sun rays outside, do not open your umbrella as you and your family will be on the receiving end of some bad luck.


7. Knocking on Wood

When you say something that may signify doom or anything that might change somebody else’s lucky- For example- telling somebody how lucky they are or that they will definitely ace their exams- you should immediately knock on wood and say “touch wood”.


8. Tossing Spilled Salt Over Shoulder

If you spill some salt, pick all of it carefully and toss it over the left shoulders as this will bring you good luck and help to get rid of evil spirits that are obviously lurking around.


9. Black Cats

If a black cat crosses your path, try not to follow it as you will then take the same path as the cat. Bad luck will follow immediately.


10. Mongoose

If you see a mongoose, drop everything that you are doing and follow the same path that it is taking as it will bring you good luck.

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  1. frankie smales

    top 1o superstitions

    here is my top 1o superstitions enjoy

    10. believe that the house is haunted
    by ghosts.

    9. spinning yarns around the campfire
    about the boogyman

    8. believe that they’re are werewolfs
    about in the forest

    7. believe in tales about nosferatu
    is real

    6. warning people about an alien attack
    on earth

    5. telling your classmates that you’ve
    being mauled by an wolf at school

    4. convincing everyone that you’ve being
    hypnotised by your tv

    3. thinking of seeing objets flying
    around your house

    2. everytime you get a brown envelope in the mail
    you think it is bad news

    1. making up stories about being possessed
    by elvis

    those was my top ten superstitions.

    frankie smales

    (frankie smales movie and tv review uk)

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