Top Ten Worst Trends

It is perfectly normal for fashion trends to change every year, maybe even every month. But some of these trends should have never reared their ugly heads at all!


1. Backwards Clothing

This trend came up during the 1990s and was set by “Kiss Kross”, a Hip-Hop group. What they did was turn their clothes backwards and wear them like nothing was wrong. Even though it was unique and different, it was definitely ridiculous.


2. Baggy Jeans

Baggy jeans have been popular since the 1990s. Fortunately, the jeans do not sit as low as they used to. Boys today continue to buy pants that are two sizes too big and walk around looking uncomfortable. The girls would definitely agree with one fact- this trend should have never come about.


3. Middle hair parting

During the 1990s, almost every male would wet his hair and comb it right through the centre. The result would be that a large scalp line would be visible. It looked extremely bad and made decent looking boys appear ugly. This trend ended soon after- thank god for small mercies!


4. Ugg Boots/Fluffy Snow Boots

While a few women continue to wear these today, they were extremely popular about 4 years back. Almost every female in the country owned a pair and wore them with everything- even skirts. Looking back, one would say that it made them look like abominable snowmen.


5. Mom Pants or High Waisted Jeans

These jeans are a far cry from the ultra trendy low waisted jeans available today. High-waisted pants were extremely popular during the 1980s and were worn well into the 1990s. The reason why they look bad- they close in around your mid-section and needless to say, make your rear end look humungous. One of the worst trends till date, undoubtedly.


6. Belt around the mid-section

This trend was very popular only about two years back. Women would purchase broad belts and tie them below their breasts as they felt that it would make their waists look smaller. Unfortunately, it didn’t. On the contrary, it would pinch all the fat around that area and make the body look slightly disproportionate- nothing trendy about that!


7. Shoulder Pads

Shoulder pads were extremely trendy amongst women during the 1980s. It made their shoulders look big and made them look awful. However, it is still the most fondly remembered trend till date. Women usually go through their photographs and wonder what they were thinking.


8. Belly Shirts

This trend was very popular amongst those men in the 80s who had toned stomachs and who were eager to show it off. They would take their t-shirts and a pair of scissors and cut off a good chunk of the material. Instead of throwing this absurd piece of cloth away, they would wear it all over the city and feel proud.


9. The Mullet

The Mullet was a very popular trend during the 80s. While it is definitely the ugliest hairstyle to have been introduced till date, it was quite fashionable back in the day. Fortunately, men and women soon grew out of it and started looking normal again.


10. The Emo

This look is popular today and teenagers, who feel that they are different and usually misunderstood, tend to wear lots of black eye-make up and cover their eyes with long bangs. Their jeans are painfully tight and their shoes are equally ugly. While the gothic look can look trendy, “The Emo” look is definitely too awful too continue.

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