Top 10 Beauty Products That You Are Better off Not Using

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People in general and women specifically go through pain and use odd products as they wish to look younger or hide some blemishes. While it is perfectly normal to cleanse, exfoliate and moisturize on a daily basis, people should realize that they have a problem when they start using the following beauty products.


1. Human-derived collagen injections

Collagen is injected into the face in order to smooth our wrinkles and lines that appear with age. This chemical is also used to plump up one’s lips. This particular kind of collagen injections contain fluid from placentas and such fetuses that have been aborted. If that does not disgust you enough, you should go through a few botched up plastic surgery attempts to convince yourself to stay away from these injections.


2. Botox injections

The botox injections that are used to smooth out worry lines and crows feet contains a particular protein which is said to be the most toxic of its kind. If you were to consume this protein, death would follow almost instantly. Even though the amount is limited in such injections, the fact that it is poisonous should scare you off for good.


3. Snake Venom Cream

The cobra family has the ability to produce a particular kind of venom which contains such neurotoxins that can block nerve impulses. The beauty industry was smart enough to pick up on this fact and realized that the venom could have an effect that is similar to that of the above mentioned injections.


4. Placenta Wrinkle Cream

This cream is manufactured from a cow’s placenta. It can slow down the natural process of aging and keep wrinkles at bay for many years. The placenta contains a particular category of nutrients which allows the cells to grow at a faster rate.


5. Bull Semen

If you do not find the idea disgusting and foul, you should go through a certain hair treatment which will leave you with smoother, shinier hair. The hairdresser will rub bull semen into your scalp and through your hair.


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