Top 10 Beauty Products That You Are Better off Not Using

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6. Bird Droppings

In Japan, skin experts are known collect the droppings of a particular kind of nightingale. The enzyme found in the droppings can exfoliate the skin, remove dead cells and make the complexion clearer. The product is quite expensive and if you do not want to touch it, you can enter any Spa in the country and walk out with baby soft skin.


7. Fish Pedicure

Unlike a regular pedicure wherein you are required to keep your feet in a large bowl of hot water while an expert scrubs off the dead skin, a fish pedicure will require you to do the same but a school of fish will take it upon themselves to remove the dead skin from your feet instead.


8. Leech Therapy

Experts attach these parasites onto willing individuals who are looking for a relaxing detox treatment. Leech Therapy is also used for medical purposes as they can stimulate the blood circulation when the situation is critical.


9. Pig’s Foot Diet

No, a pig’s foot will not be attached to your face. Instead, you will be asked to eat it as the meat has a high level of collagen. However, if you find the idea revolting, you should just exercise, eat well and slather yourself with sun scream.


10. Snail Slime Cream

The slime that is left behind by snails contains certain enzymes which can remove acne and lighten stretch marks permanently.

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