Top 10 Most Adorable Animals As Pets

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6. Mice

Like guinea pigs, mice are used in labs as well. However, if you do not find them revolting, they can be quite adorable with their large ears and whiskers. They do not live as long as most pets and will pass away after about 2 years of their birth. These creatures can adapt themselves to any environment which is why they are so popular amongst human beings.


7. Squirrels

Squirrels look like rats but have wide tails that are very furry. They are able to do tricks as well as dogs as long as they are raised by the same owner from the time they are born. These pets should not be confined to narrow cages as this will hamper their growth.


8. Puffer Fish

A puffer fish will seem adorable at first and will make great pets as long as you are careful about not startling them too often. A puffer fish has the ability to swallow water and change their shape so much so that they become spherical.


9. African Pygmy Hedgehog

These mammals belong to the rodent family and are extremely adorable. They have sharp spines on their back but over time, you will get used to them and be able to avoid injury. When they feel that they are in danger they will roll up into a ball. This particular breed of hedgehogs is domesticated which is why you can keep them as pets.


10. Silk Anteater

The silk anteater is similar to other members of its family and the only difference is that they are slightly smaller and prefer to camp out in trees. They are cute but their claws are very sharp, so be careful.

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